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Chapter 968 Reformation Technique

\'Be right back.\' Felix said to Anastasia before flying away from the game zone.

Prince Arentis and the rest weren\'t pleased one bit by Felix\'s departure, but they didn\'t want to lose focus and miss out on a chance to catch the ancestral wine jar.

After Felix arrived at an empty and spacious area, he extended his arm forward and summoned more than a hundred gemstone golems.

All of them were made out of a pink shimmering gemstones, leaving the viewers at loss for words at the uncanny sight.

Pink color truly didn\'t match with giant buff golems.

Nevertheless, a hundred of them gathered in one place.

Felix wasn\'t done.

\'Gemstone Concentration.\'

The moment he used this passive, the giant golems began to shrink in size at a noticeable speed while also turning much thinner.

In a few seconds at best, the dreadful giant golems\' army was turned into a non-threatening pink smurf\'s camp.

The viewers didn\'t know whether to laugh or cry at such funny scene.

Who could blame them The golems barely reached one meter in height.

Though, the pink color got noticeably darker, making it seem like the gemstone were murky.

Felix didn\'t care about any of this...He was still not done.

He moved his white hair stalk to the side, exposing his transparent purplish Root Gemstone.

Then, he mumured, Root Gemstone, bestow life to my subjects.

The Root Gemstone abruptly started brightening up akin to a neon stick until Felix\'s forehead started emitting purplish light in front of him.

The moment the light touched the surface of those dumb-looking small golems, two spherical gemstones emerge in their eyes\' position and start shimmering with the same light.

After the root gemstone\'s light touched the entire army, it dimmed out and disappeared in a brief moment.

\'Sh*t, even with my insane mental energy capacity, I am still this exhausted.\'

Light-headed, Felix massaged his eyelids, feeling like the world was spinning around him.

Lady Sphinx didn\'t lie at all...The root gemstone was truly the best mutation he had gotten from Carbuncle.

It was capable of controlling all living gemstones without an exception...At the same time, it was capable of bestowing life temporary to them.

Life simply implied remarkable intelligence and the ability to think for oneself.

With Carbuncle being around, he showed Felix the ropes of his mutation without any requests.

Though, the side effect was the terrifying reliance on the owner\'s mental energy.

If Felix hadn\'t enhanced it inside the fairies dimensional pocket, he wouldn\'t be able to bring to life even two gemstone golems!

Thud! Thud!...

Abruptly, all the pink gemstone golems took a knee before Felix in a unified fashion, confusing the viewers even more about what\'s going on.

Alas, Felix was strapped for time to bother clarifying his abilities for them.

\'I only have ten minutes before the life bestowal effect expire.\' He ordered swiftly, \'Follow me.\'

Felix flew back to the game zone and was chased closely by his army, shocking the viewers with their fine movement and extraordinary speed!

[How the f*ck are they that fast]

[The question is how are they capable of jumping from building to building in that fine manner]

[Aren\'t they made out of gemstones They are even more flexible than me!]

Unlike the slow and dumb giant golems, this army resembled a unit of assassins!

This ought to make the viewers feel astounded as they had never expected to see gemstone golems this quick and flexible!

This was only possible by using a technique called Reformation that Felix created after combining three abilities with the right attributed gemstone.

The chosen attributed gemstone was called Coltnel.

It was considered the lightest gemstone ever discovered in the universe.

It was almost as light as a feather but at the same time, it possessed a normal level of hardness!

With the gemstone concentration passive, the golems didn\'t just get their sizes reduced, but their speed enhanced even more.

That\'s because the passive was capable of boosting the attribute depending on how much the gemstone get concentrated.

The only drawback was the size reduction, turning the gemstone into an easily breakable stone.

\'I am here.\' Felix announced the moment he returned to his spot on the top of the tower.

The moment everyone turned to look at him, they were left shocked by the sight of his army, situated behind him on many buildings.

\'Felix, what are those\' Anastasia asked what was in everyone\'s minds.

\'You will find out soon.\' Felix replied while spreading out his army on the entire game zone.

There were pink thin golems on windows, next to rubble, on roofs, on the roads, literally everywhere in a one-kilometer radius.

The moment they had gotten in their positions, Felix ordered calmly, \'Catch it when it enters your area.\'

Every gemstone golem gave a single nod with their shimmering eyes affixed on the ancestral wine akin to hawks.

How will those stupid rocks even help us Prince Arentis scoffed, By the time they react, the ancestral wine jar would have already teleported to somewhere else.

Just mind your area. Felix eyed him coldly.

Who the hell you think you are to spea..

That\'s enough...The black clan team is just around the corner.

Before prince Arentis could finish his curse, princess Anastasia shut him down.

Prince Arentis decided to drop it after being reminded of the approaching black clan team.

The ancestral wine jar started to teleporting around the place after seeing that everyone was getting active in their hunt.

As prince Arentis mentioned, the pink golems were still too slow to catch the ancestral wine jar even when it teleported next to them.

However, they were still fast enough to push it to teleport away from them, acting as a point checker.

This had actually alleviated some stress on the teams since they had their zones get shrank significantly with their addition.

Unfortunately, it merely put everyone even more in despair at the notion that catching the ancestral wine jar with this strategy was close to impossible.

\'I think it\'s time to change the strategy.\' Anastasia proposed.

\'If only we had the other teams as well, we can defintely catch it.\' Prince Arentis was still convinced that the problem wasn\'t with his plan.

That\'s because he had seen it succeeded in a previous cycle that occurred hundreds of years ago.

Though, it worked well because they were above surface, making them go all out without worrying about the environment.

\'I will give it another minute.\' Anastasia said firmly, \'You better start thinking of a new plan like me.\'


While the captains were discussing the change of the plan, Felix was completely zoned on the teleporting ancestral wine jar.

His eyes were like tracers as they kept following the ancestral wine jar wherever it went.

After spending more than thirty seconds like this, Felix grinned faintly, \'I knew it.\'

He finally saw what he wanted!

\'Railgun Rings.\' Felix extended his palm and manifested three sets of five rings in front of him.

The first set was aiming at building, the second one was targeting a statue, and the last one was directly aligned with a window.

The appearence of those rings made his teammates excited a bit as they had seen what he could do with them unlike the green clan team.

Felix ignored everyone\'s looks and started counting in his mind, \'Ten, nine, eight, seven....Three, two...

The moment he reached two, Felix tightened his legs muscles while bending his knee as much as he could.


Whooshh!!! Booom!!!

With a brilliant flash of electricity, Felix flew through the middle set of the Railgun rings and emerged behind a building after piercing through it akin to a spear!

His abrupt actions had shocked prince Arentis and his teammates, forcing them to break out of their concentration and focus on the dusty cloud, rising from the building.

Can you stop f*cking around already and just hold your damn zone!!

Prince Arentis cursed out loud with murderous eyes, finally losing his patience with Felix\'s useless antics.

The only person f*cking around here is you. Felix emerged from the dust cloud with a nonchalant expression and his white hair completely electrified, resembling white spikes.

Yet, no one bothered to look at it as their eyes were fully captured by a brown wine jar caught in his right hand!!!

You..Huh How...How!

Prince Arentis\' eyes were almost popping out of their sockets in disbelief at the captured wine jar.




At least he managed to voice out his confusion and shock as the rest of his teammates and viewers were left absolutely dumbfounded.

They were just watching the ancestral wine jar making a fool out of everyone before it got caught a split second later in the most bizarre way possible!

\'Hahaha! That was a fantastic catch, boy! How did you do it\' Ancestor Imyr said with a joyful tone in everyone\'s minds.

\'Calculation, memorization, and prediction.\' Felix summed it up with three keywords while having a faint smirk in his face.

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