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Chapter 979 A Threeway Battle lll

Felix never entertained the idea of using destructive abilities on the dimensional pocket to be respectful of the dragons.

But now He removed such thoughts from his mind.

Felix gritted his teeth and pushed himself up with great difficulty, feeling like his entire body had been burnt into a crisp.

If it wasn\'t for the crystalized white adamantine shield and his void suit blocking most of the force, he would have honestly been blown to pieces already.

Though, those two defensive measures had saved him from the force and mitigated most of the heat.

Fortunately for him, he had a peak resistance to fire, allowing him to survive the explosion with 4th-degree burn marks.

After Felix swam outside of the river, he sat down in a meditation position and started releasing his healing poison inducement

In a few moments, his melted skin had been restored to its lustrous smooth appearance.

\'If your gemstone manipulation was any better, you would have survived the explosion without a single scratch.\' Carbuncle shared casually.

\'I know.\' Felix nodded in agreement.

Because his internal gemstone manipulation was still in the early stages, Felix was too slow in manifesting his abilities.

If it wasn\'t for so, he would create a thick barrier from the white adamantine that protected him from everything.

Alas, he merely managed to create a crystalized plate before the explosion went off.

\'I must have been sent tens of kilometers away.\' Felix looked around him for a couple of seconds after realizing that he was in a different region.

\'Felix, are you okay Do you hear me\'

Suddenly, Felix received messages from princess Anastasia.

\'I am fine.\' Felix answered while taking off towards the nearest mountainous chain, not caring that he was going in the opposite direction of the ancestral wine jar.

\'I thought we lost you.\'

\'Not yet.\'

\'Tell me your location, we are coming for you.\'

\'No.\' Felix replied with narrowed eyes, \'It\'s going to get messy and It\'s best that you stay as far as possible from me.\'

Before princess Anastasia could respond, Felix muted the messages notification for the next three minutes.

Then, he sped up towards the mountains.

The moment he reached the summit of the biggest mountain on the chain, he stood on top of it and extended his arms upward.

Thunderstorm. He murmured.

Thick gloomy clouds started gathering about the summit, turning the day into night.

Faint crackling noises and flashes of light emerged within those clouds as they kept stacking against each other.

Rumble rumble...

Before long, thick lightning bolts started raining down on the mountainous\' chain, breaking boulders and creating long fissures on their surfaces.

At the start, there were merely tens of lightning bolts, but they kept on growing in numbers until it was close to impossible to see anything but lightning bolts!

As the targeted mountain was getting a real beatdown, Felix started enlarging his size until he was close to a hundred meters!

Boom Boom!

Then, he tightened his fists and began punching the mountain as hard as he could!

Because of the thunderstorm, the mountain\'s surface was already cracked and weakened, allowing Felix\'s behemoth punches to deal serious damage to it!

If the nanodrone wasn\'t destroyed, the viewers would have been left absolutely baffled by Felix\'s antics.

Prince Domino and prince Arentis were brawling over the ancestral wine jar while he was here fooling around.

Felix knew exactly what he was doing.

Rumble!! Rumble!

With one final deadly punch, the mountain had finally given in and crumbled to many pieces.

Felix canceled his thunderstorm while dusting his humongous hands.

\'Are you sure about this\' Asna warned, \'Those lizards won\'t take it calmly.\'

\'They started it.\' Felix replied calmly, \'I am just returning the favor.\'

The moment he finished his sentence, Felix pointed his enormous root gemstone at the destroyed mountain and activated the crystallization beam.

It was as red as the previous time but the size of the beam was many times bigger!

That\'s normal considering that the root gemstone was a mutation that was part of his body.

In other words, if he increased his size, it would also have its size increased...Just like his wings.

After the beam touched the destroyed mountain, it started to crystalize, turning rocks and boulders into Argadite gemstones!

In less than a minute, millions of those rocks and boulders had all been transformed.

\'Time for step four.\' Felix extended his palms and turned on one of his passives, \'Gemstone Fusion.\'

The crystalized boulders and stones started to move towards each other like they were being pulled with a magnet.

Immediately after two or more crystalized stones touch, they fuse into a singular bigger gemstone!

This kept on happening over and over again until all of the crystalized stones were fused into a single towering spherical gemstone!

It was almost as big as the nearby mountains!

\'Step five, gemstone concentration.\' Felix ordered.

The giant spherical gemstone began shrinking in size while turning darker in shade bit by bit.

Before long, it reached a beach ball\'s size.

Still, it kept shrinking and shrinking until it reached the size of a marble.

As for its color Red was barely noticeable anymore, turning it into a sinister dark color.

Felix held it between his fingers for a second before beaming into his AP bracelet.

Then, he unmuted princess Anastasia and requested the current ancestral wine jar location.

\'They still haven\'t moved from their previous location.\'


Felix beamed a new nanodrone and took off immediately towards the ancestral wine jar.

If it wasn\'t for the rules insisting that he always had to have a nanodrone following him, Felix would have never beamed a new one.

The moment the stream screen turned back on and displayed Felix flying without a single wound on him, the viewers lost it.

Some of his fans cheered, some sighed in relief, and some didn\'t even react, having an unshakeable trust in Felix\'s cockroach ability to survive through everything.

He really can\'t be killed. Sylvia chuckled.

I am certain that Felix has nine lives like a cat. Olivia said with a tone filled with conviction.

Heh, my boy survived even worse. Grandfather Robert snickered as he watched the stream with his company\'s executives.

Only those who knew Felix from the very beginning and saw the amount of ** he went through had such a firm belief in him.

\'For him to appear this far, he must have not used his void domain.\' Clan head Kyrsun was relieved by Felix\'s survival but he was distressed by his inability to utilize the void domain.

He wasn\'t the only one to guess this much as the other three clan heads figured it out instantly.

While clan head Ygos kept the news to himself due to the rules, green clan head Azesdirth didn\'t hesitate to warn his son about Felix.

He was already too deep to care anymore.

\'The other asshole also survived!\' Prince Arentis was irritated more than ever.

Alas, he was getting pressured heavily by prince Domino to bother spending too much time thinking about Felix.

Cling Cling!!

Both of them were trading blows like their lives depended on it.

Prince Domino\'s wounds had already healed miraculously due to his uncanny rejuvenation while angered.

This forced prince Arentis to channel his inner madness to keep up with prince Domino\'s enhancement.

The viewers could see that if it wasn\'t for prince Domino\'s unwillingness to drop the ancestral wine jar, he would have already taught prince Arentis a tough lesson.

\'There they are.\' Felix smiled coldly as he eyed them from afar, not wanting to get spotted by them.

\'Now, how do I deliver the Argadite marble from here while making sure it doesn\'t go off before it reaches them\'

This was quite a big hurdle in Felix\'s tactic since the marble would end up exploding midway due to the high friction with the wind.

If he got close to them and used it, he would get caught in the blast zone as well.

Felix might not know the exact distance of the explosion and he didn\'t want to figure it out while inside of it.

\'How about encasing it inside a bullet made out of gemstone\' Felix pondered, \'Though, how can I launch it\'

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