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That\'s what you get when you do your act at the wrong time and wrong place. Felix snickered, glancing at the destroyed car of Pluto from his back mirror.

After all, if it was indifferent weather or another game, no one would have bothered with her.

But to actually keep annoying them even when they were being fried alive under the scorching suns.

She truly was asking for it.

She should have acted modestly like other idols in the game with them and no one would have dealt with her that heavily.


Felix\'s car shook slightly after a bolt of lightning smashed its roof from above.

\'It\'s time to focus on my condition and stop bothering with dead people.\'

Felix immediately focused on maneuvering sideways the following lightning bolts, that kept showering everyone in 10 meters radius.

Haha, eat my bolts, you c.o.c.ky bastard. Tiger Claw shouted, grinning.

He had his upper body outside the driver window with his hands raised high above, calling for lightning bolts to strike down on Felix\'s vehicle.

Felix glanced at his pursuer with a mocking smile.

He snapped his finger and a white mist covered his entire car, making it resemble a speeding cloud, that kept leaving a long trail of poison smoke behind it.

What the hell is thii...

Before Tiger Claw could even figure out what he was hit with, his eyelids dropped slowly until they were closed for good.

Then, he lost his balance and fell from his vehicle into the crimson desert.


If his entire upper body was not outside the car, he would have only slept for 5 seconds then wake up.

But sadly, he wanted to act dashing and summon the lightning bolts with animation, where he could have done it with a finger snap or just a thought.

The other players immediately dodged Felix\'s long white mist after seeing the fate of Tiger Claw.

They did not dare remain behind him anymore.

Was that poison If I recalled properly only sleepiness aura has such an effect. Guard of Logic, who was on the right side of Felix during the start of the race, wondered out loud.

Soon, he turned his wheel left, trying to put some distance from Felix.

He lost his motivation to attack anymore.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_47501412023719909 for visiting.

If Tiger Claw didn\'t get eliminated so fast, they would have allied together to target Felix.

Yet, the f*cker lost before he even dealt any damage to Felix\'s car.

Could one get any more unreliable

Huh trying to retreat after provoking me! Felix said with a smirk while rolling down his left window.

Then, he created one light yellow bomb and held it in his hand.

If Guard of Logic saw what Felix was doing, he would have raised his window to shield himself.

Too bad, the white mist was blocking everyone\'s vision, including his.


And so, he was smacked in the face unexpectedly with one yellowish bomb that was thrown by Felix using his Superstrength passive.

It was so fast, Guard of Logic didn\'t even know what he was hit with before absorbing the paralyze inducement through his nose.

Scared out of his wits by the sudden assault, he wanted to press the acceleration button on his dashboard to speed away from Felix.

Yet, his hand was frozen on the wheel, unresponsive to his wishes and orders.

It was clutching the wheel so tightly, green veins were protruding from it.

\'What\'s happening to me, why can\'t I move my body!\' He screamed in his mind, utterly frightened.

The poor thing couldn\'t even express himself out loud, as the paralyze inducement affected everything.

Even his mouth.

The only thing that was unaffected was his mentality and thought process.

He soon realized that there was nothing to afraid of, as he could still activate his abilities.

After all, they only needed a thought.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Unfortunately, his realization was quite late by a second.

Bye Bye. Felix didn\'t waste his inducement duration as he threw two more acid green bombs at Guard of Logic\'s open window.

Poof! Poof!

Wide-eyed, not able to even close them off, Guard of Logic face was smacked by one bomb while the other hit his car\'s dashboard!


Immediately after the mist made contact with his skin, it started to corrode rapidly like he was thrown into a pool filled with acid.

Sadly, he could only wince in pain without the right to even scream his anguish away.

His face skin, clothes that he wore, and even the car interior, were being melted.

Tsh! tsk!

Electric sparks started to break here and there inside the car, after its dashboard, the main controlling unit was fried by the acidic mist.

All of this happened in the span of two seconds while he was still paralyzed.

However, the 5 seconds duration of the inducement finally ended, freeing his body from its effects.

F*ck yoghuuu Landsroold!

The first thing that came out of his lips was an unrecognizable curse.

It turned out that the acid reached even his vocal cords and ruined them as well.


As expected, his car nosedived into the desert after having its controls completely frayed! Yet, Guard of Logic wasn\'t even paying attention to so.

His bloodshed ruined eyes were focused only on one target.

That was Felix\'s car as it sped away, chasing after the rest of the pack.


A huge orange mushroom cloud rose behind Felix\'s car.

Till his death, Guard of Logic didn\'t manage to activate a single ability.

What a beautiful play by Mr.

Landlord, managing to eliminate two players at once! Thrilled, Marlion praised Felix with his right cheek mouth.

It seemed like the left cheek mouth was for conversations while the right one was for commentary.

Without getting asked to do his job, he immediately showcased the highlight of Felix\'s outplay on the large screen to those who were paying attention to other players.

So clean! He wasn\'t even pressured by them.

Holy **, how can he use two different types of poison in one ability!

I believe that\'s the doing of legendary bloodline; after all, there is a wide chasm between epic rank beasts and legendary ones.

True, that could only be it.

He must either have a huge background or lucky as hell to win it in the lottery.

Pffffff!! Lottery I can\'t believe people still actually trust in those scammers.

Why are you laughing moron Since he is hiding his identity while having a legendary bloodline it only means he chanced upon it.

I second that, what a lucky bastard.

Every part of the stadium had different conversations by the audience after seeing that magnificent display of merely two abilities combined, to easily get rid of two players.

After the play finished rolling, Marlion replaced it with another one.

This one was displaying three players getting instantly eliminated by Mr.

Absolute Vision!

Astonished, the spectators watched three players\' cars crash into each other due to losing their eyesight for more than 30 seconds.

If they weren\'t grouped inside a huge pack, getting blinded or not, it wouldn\'t matter much.

Since the car was stable enough to fly in a straight line.

Too bad, Mr.

Absolute Vision took advantage of the chaos that was happening currently to easily egg himself some free game points.

No wonder he chose that name! Who would dare see in his presence! Only his vision is absolute! Marlion commentated passionately on the highlight.


Meanwhile, Felix kept accelerating through the pack dodging abilities and counter-attacking whenever an opportunity presented itself.

But the majority of his attacks did not end well, since he already turned off the aura that was concealing him.

It was consuming his energy each second.

He would be a fool to keep it active for that long.

This led to his bombs getting spotted beforehand and dodged successfully.

Hell, can\'t you leave me alone and focus on another one. Felix was quite vexed by their multiple attempts to break him down each time he passed someone.

Well, he only had himself to blame since the majority of the players were driving in twos or threes, protecting each other and attacking anyone who surpassed them.

Felix, who kept accelerating passing one by one solo, was provoking them continuously.

Thus, it was only a natural outcome that he gets focused on by the majority of the alliances.

Anyone, who wanted to leave the pack unscratched must survive their salvo first!

Let\'s see how my new unlocked ability fares against this slippery worm. Wobbly Web, the man with spider tattoos on his face from before, kept smiling like a devil with his blacked teeth.

His devilish smile was understandable, as his eyes were currently on Felix\'s car, that was ahead of him maneuvering up and down the rain of abilities thrown at it.

Shortly after, two thin tubes came out from his car headlamp positions.

One at the right, the other at the left.

Phew, Phew!

Two long silky strings were launched from them, targeting Felix\'s car.

Even though it was constantly on the move, it still got latched by those webs from behind.

Hehe, my webs can be controlled remotely by my mind, how can I miss you! Wobbly Web smirked and activated his newly obtained ability.

Spiderlings Army, go show him what true poison is. He ordered a bunch of small red spiders, that were being constantly created from his hand then dropped on the silky web.

After latching on it, they started to crawl rapidly towards the end of the string, that was connected to the back window of Felix\'s car.

Hehe, you should have accepted my partnership willingly without insulting me.

Eager and somewhat crazed, Wobbly Web said while running his tongue on his pierced teeth.

He probably thought that he looked dashing while doing so.

But honestly, if the camera was on him now, the majority of the spectators would have vomited in disgust.

After a couple of seconds, all of those red spiderlings made it safely to the other side.

They had the size of a toe, thus it wasn\'t really hard for them to get access to the interior of Felix\'s car.

Just his open windows were more than enough.

Wobbly Web waited until all of them got into their position before ordering out loud, My babies! Poison him to death!!


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