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Chapter 981 Getting Trapped!

Meanwhile, Felix fished out the gray royal gemstone.

He examined it for a few seconds before beaming it in his AP bracelet, not caring that everyone was seeing him.

Since prince Arentis had his AP bracelet completely deleted by the explosion, Felix could only take his royal gemstone as his rightful victory prize.

In his eyes, he could trade it with the green clan for other goodies if they weren\'t too irked by killing their prince.

\'Now, let\'s look for the other.\'

Felix restarted his search with a serious expression, knowing that there was quite a big chance that prince Domino had survived.

In his eyes, if he managed to survive prince Arentis\' flame orb, he could do the same with his own.

\'Good one child, looks like humans have truly developed beyond my expectations.\'

Before Felix moved even a few meters, he heard the voice of Ancestor Imyr in his mind...When he looked around, he saw a wine jar floating next to his head.

\'I am unworthy of such high praise.\'

Felix bowed his head respectfully, not attempting to catch the ancestral wine jar.

\'No need for such formalities.\' Ancestor Imyr said with a kind tone, \'Let me borrow you for a few days.

I am quite intrigued by your unique strength.\'

\'Huh But...\'

\'No buts.\' Ancestor Imyr said causally, \'The other child of the black clan is barely alive, and the rest haven\'t done anything to earn my time.\'

Upon hearing so, Felix kept his mouth shut, knowing that Ancestor Imyr was also including princess Anastasia in the mix!

\'Can I inform my teammates\' Felix asked.

He had no intentions of pursuing Ancestor Imyr to meet with princess Anastasia since he didn\'t want to risk losing the ceremony.

After all, if no one met with the ancestor, then the winner would be decided by the amount of bloodline treasures gathered.

\'There is no need.\' Ancestor Imyr replied, \'I have already kicked everyone out and closed the dimensional pocket.\'

\'...\' Felix could only stare at the ancestral wine jar speechlessly.

Close the dimensional pocket Felix didn\'t even think that was possible since the Ancestor Imyr was clearly a fire elementalist.

He was already baffled by Ancestor Imyr\'s teleportation ability.

In Felix\'s eyes, no matter how many attributed sacred flames he could command, they had nothing to do with space element.

\'Is he being for real\'

\'Yes.\' Lady Sphinx disclosed, \'If this is a self created dimensional pocket, and he has infused his consciousness in it, he can do as he pleased within it.\'

Felix was still confused by her explanation as he never heard of such a thing before.

So, he attempted to test out Ancestor Imyr\'s claims on his own.

\'Queen, am I still connected to the UVR\'

\'This is Mia...The offline back-up AI.

Unfortunately, you are not connected to the network at the moment.

I strongly advise that you connect to the UVR in the next two hours...Otherwise, you are at risk of voiding most of your contracts that are reinforced by Queen AI.\'

This was more than enough proof that the gate was closed.

Losing connection to the UVR implied that the signal tower was cut off after the dimensional gate got closed!

Felix didn\'t even bother to check on Anastasia and his teammates since he couldn\'t message them without signal.

\'Erase that dumb look on your face and follow me.\' Ancestor Imyr said calmly while flying north.

\'Okay...\' Felix could only chase after him while being slightly nervous.

Who could blame him He was trapped inside a dimensional pocket all alone and without access to the network.

Anything could happen to him.

\'Don\'t worry too much.\' Lady Sphinx smiled, \'Let us handle him.\'


Knowing that the meeting usually get held within the consciousness space, Felix\'s nervousness disappeared immediately.

How could he be afraid when he had five primogenitors and a unigin settled in his mind Anyone daring to enter his consciousness space was bound to bow his head, even ancestor Imyr!


While Felix was following Ancestor Imyr to an unknown destination, the holy grounds had erupted in complete chaos!

Everyone got kicked out of the dimensional pocket and landed at the bottom of the altar at the same time.

The red clan team were expressing their frustration as they had their search for bloodline treasures interrupted while there were still a few hours left.

The green clan team had only Cursur left, who looked to be more relieved by just getting out of there in one piece.

Prince Domino was rushed to get healed by his teammates while he was unconscious.

His state was simply too miserable to look at, making anyone doubt how was he still breathing!

Last but not least, the white clan team were searching for Felix amidst the confusion after their messages fail to get delivered to him.

Why did the Ancestor kicked everyone out so soon Clan head Bymid frowned as he watched the chaotic scene below him.

He has seen enough. Clan head Kyrsun smirked faintly, The two biggest contestant for the wine jar has gotten eliminated...There is no point in dragging the game for more hours.

You shouldn\'t be smiling. Clan head Ygos eyed him with a displeased expression, He must have decided to meet with the human...This isn\'t going to look good for us royal dragons.

Look good Clan head Kyrsun sneered, The dragonslayer has won his battles fair and square.

If our ancestor has found him worthy to meet him, then we have no right to think otherwise.

He is right. Clan head Bymid nodded.

Clan head Ygos couldn\'t argue about this any further, knowing that anything he said would be considered as opposing the ancestor.

Just as the situation was getting more chaotic and confusing, elder dragon ordered indifferently, Silence.

His voice resounded throughout every dragon\'s ears, making them freeze in their places and swallow whatever they were about to say.

In a brief moment, the holy grounds returned to its peacefulness as everyone lowered their heads and waited for elder dragon to speak.

This cycle\'s winner is the white clan. Elder dragon announced emotionlessly, The human will exit the dimensional pocket shortly.

After those two announcements, elder dragon stood up from his throne and took off into the sky as sudden as he appeared.

Everyone kept their eyes on him until his shadow completely disappeared in the horizon.

So much had happened in this cycle.

Yet, he didn\'t show a single ounce of emotion for any of them.

Even the fact that Felix was about to meet the ancestor hadn\'t affected him one bit.

In the elder dragon\'s eyes, everything that happened was a mere children squabble.

He didn\'t care if even a rat ended up meeting the ancestor since nothing was going to impact him or his position.

After he left, the holy ground returned to its rowdiness...However, it was more organized this time.

Good thing I was saved the embarrassment of getting rejected. Princess Anastasia smiled bitterly as she eyed the closed shut dimensional gate.

The moment she realized that Felix was still inside, she knew that the ancestor was never going to agree meeting her.

As for the other royal dragons None of them dared to speak ill about the ancestor\'s decision to meet Felix.

They had seen him approach Felix on his own before he kicked everyone out.

Let\'s wait for Felix. Princess Anastasia said while sitting under the altar.

Tando and Chemmed nodded and sat next to her, knowing that Felix should get kicked out of the dimensional pocket in a minute or so.

All royal dragons knew that time run differently when the dimensional pocket get closed...Lady Sphinx\'s guess was correct as the time moves based on this rate one day/hundred days.

In other words, one minute on the outside would translate to hours, which was the most common duration everyone had been given by the ancestor.

So, everyone waited for Felix\'s exit.

Alas...One minute gone by...Then, two minutes...Then, five minutes...Before long, an entire thirty minutes gone by and there was no sight of Felix!

Okay, this is getting alarming.

Clan head Kyrsun stood up with a deep frown, knowing that not a single royal dragon had spent an entire thirty minutes inside the dimensional pocket!

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