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Chapter 982 This is Taking a Wild Turn...

Hmm What\'s up with them Olivia titled her head in confusion after seeing that the royal dragons were all reacting weirdly.

Who knows Sylvia and the rest of the earthling team were also left confused.

Unlike the royal dragons, the red dragons and the rest of the viewers had absolutely no idea that Felix should have spent more than seven days inside the dimensional pocket by now!

In their eyes, Felix was inside for merely thirty minutes which was nothing.

Send everyone home. Clan head Kyrsun ordered his subordinates after seeing that the royal dragons\' discussion was getting louder and louder.

They wanted to avoid exposing the time difference in the dimensional pocket since there was some nasty history revolving around it.

All the royal dragons were absolutely banned from speaking about it.

Should we turn off the stream as well Clan head Bymid suggested with a serious tone.

No need. Clan head Ygos said, It will make the situation even more peculiar than it is.

The royal and red dragons getting escorted outside the holy grounds wasn\'t too peculiar since the ceremony had indeed ended.

Though, shutting off the stream before Felix had exited the dimensional pocket was a different story since he had trillions of fans.

As expected, the viewers waited patiently for Felix\'s exit, not knowing that the clan heads were getting agitated with each minute that goes by.

Before long an entire hour passed...

The hell is going on Clan head Ygos said with a suppressed tone, Did ancestor liked the dragonslayer to the point he decided to keep him for half a month

If this was the truth, then it was quite a resounding slap to the entire dragon race...

He probably kept him to experiment on him or something. Clan head Azesdirth said calmly, That human\'s strength is just too uncanny even for us.

He hadn\'t forgotten how Felix had nuked his son by a mere bullet...As long as Felix didn\'t come out to clarify it for him, it would always irritate him.

Enough speculations. Clan head Kyrsun sat back on his chair with a concerned expression, We can only hope that he doesn\'t spend more hours inside.

Unbeknownst to everyone, Felix was going to spend much, much more time than that...


One hour earlier...

Felix had been led to a new ruins site underneath a gray hill.

This ruins site looked quite the same as the previous ruins Felix was at.

Though, the yellow buildings weren\'t as destroyed.

\'Come sit here.\' Ancestor Imyr said as he teleported above a giant dragon statue.

Felix did as he was told and sat in a mediation posture on the head.

\'You can enter your consciousness space.\'


Without questions asked, Felix accessed his consciousness space, joining the rest of his tenants.

They were all chilling in one giant table while being served by Mistress Candace.

Meanwhile, the ancestral wine jar teleported above Felix\'s hand and remained there.

The closed shut lid was opened slowly and released a somewhat visible mist that went through Felix\'s ears.

In a few moments, Lady Sphinx and the others all glanced at the side after spotting a gray mist getting turned into a small dragonoid figure with a hunched back.

Imyr Lady Sphinx raised an eyebrow in surprise after seeing Ancestor\'s Imyr\'s shocking appearence.

He looked like an old humaniod gray lizard with merely a few days to live!

His skin was all shriveled and wrinkly...His mouth had not a single tooth on it...His eyes were closed tightly, exposing tiny muddled slits.

As for his scales Most of them fell apart, exposing his shriveled skin.

The ones remaining were barely hanging around.

One look at him would make anyone doubt if they were truly in the presence of the great ancestral dragon instead of just a random dragon on the verge of death from old age.

Huh Lady Sphinx

Surprised and confused as well, Ancestor Imyr\'s eyes widened slightly as he stared at Lady Sphinx\'s beautiful face.

He naturally had seen the others, but he didn\'t recognize them immediately since they were all gone by the time he was born.

Only Lady Sphinx had lived through his Era and had a couple of dealings with him.

What happened to you Lady Sphinx inquired with a deep frown, Why are you choosing to appear like this in your spiritual form

If ancestor Imyr had shown himself like this in his physical form, everyone would have assumed that he was simply getting too old.

But in a spiritual form That\'s different.

He was able to look as he pleased, which made it even weirder for one of the greatest dragons to choose this fragile and weak appearence instead of a noble one.

Excuse me, I did not expect to find a crowd. Ancestor Imyr chuckled kindly as he walked towards the table.

May I sit He requested politely.

Yes, of course.

I apologize for raining down on you with questions right from the start. Lady Sphinx offered him a seat next to her.

Mistress Candace appeared behind him and helped him get into his seat, joining everyone on their round table.

Ancestor Imyr, let me introduce my masters. Felix didn\'t want to make Ancestor Imyr feel like an outsider.

This is Master Thor, he is the primogenitor of lightning. Felix introduced while extending his palm at Thor.

Oho! I guessed as much. Ancestor Imyr smiled kindly like an old man while saying, I felt an intense aura of lightning from you.

Before Felix could introduce the others, Ancestor Imyr turned to Jörmungandr and added, You must be the primogenitor of poison, The Ragnarök Bringer.

Then, he turned to Fenrir and guessed his identity as well before moving on to Carbuncle, getting it right too.

Hmm, you are

However, the moment he reached Asna, he wasn\'t able to identify her.

Asna, a unigin and this idiot\'s girlfriend. Asna introduced politely while pointing at Felix with a head nod.

A unigin!!!

Ancestor Imyr\'s entire demeanor had changed the moment he heard the term unigin! His face went from a kind grandpa to being absolutely horrified like he had just heard the boogeyman story.

Under everyone\'s stunned eyes, he started to shiver and shake while avoiding eye contact with Asna.

They finally sent one to finish the job...They finally sent one to finish the job...They finally sent one to finish the job.

Ancestor Imyr kept mumbling while rocking back and forth in his chair akin to a traumatized child, who had seen his parents get killed before him.

\'What the hell is going on Am I that scary\' Asna asked everyone telepathically with a dismayed expression.

No one knew how to respond to her question as they were just as baffled and dazed as her.

The great ancestor of the dragons and a being with a peak strength equal to primogenitors was shaking in pure fear before them

No one would believe it if they hadn\'t seen it personally!

Quick on her feet as always, Lady Sphinx massaged Ancestor Imyr\'s back gently while speaking to him with a comforting tone, \'Imyr, take a deep breath...No one is coming for you...You are safe here under my protection.\'

\'No one is coming for you...\'

Just like a child being comforted, Ancestor Imyr stopped shaking bit by bit until he was finally able to get hold of himself.

He started taking deep breaths instead of mumbling gibberish...Even when it looked like he was finally calm, he refused to lift his head and stare at Asna.

\'This is taking a wild turn...\' Felix thought to himself as he watched such a puzzling situation unfold before him.

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