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Chapter 984 Ancestor Imyr\'s Second Punishement

How did you manage to escape with the survivors Did you break off the Paragon of Sins\' control Lady Sphinx moved on, not wanting to see ancestor Imyr feeling sorry for himself.

Break it off Ancestor Imyr chuckled in self-ridicule, If I had such a godly will, I wouldn\'t have turned a slave to my desires.

So what happened

I don\'t know...My mind turned clear again while I was chocking my descendant.

I wasn\'t the only one freed from the wrathful thoughts as the rest of my descendants all paused fighting simultaneously. Ancestor Imyr shared.

Was it a show of mercy from the Paragon of Sins, or they just wanted to teach you a lesson instead of eradicating your race Lady Sphinx wondered.

Who knows Ancestor Imyr sighed, I didn\'t have such thoughts back then...I just wanted to get out of that cursed city as fast as possible, not daring to spare a single glance at the countless corpses of my descendants.

Felix couldn\'t even imagine how ancestor Imyr felt back then...The fact that he was still able to think logically was already a feat on its own.

He knew that if he was in his position, he would have honestly gone insane.

So, you led the rest of the survivors to Icarius galaxy

Yes...But it wasn\'t as easy as it sounds. Ancestor Imyr smiled wryly, The survivors were all terrified of me and didn\'t dare to follow my orders.

Who could blame them

They were living peacefully a few hours ago before they started killing their own brothers and sisters.

To make matters worse, their own great father joined the slaughter instead of saving them.

In their eyes, the ancestor Imyr was the incarnation of the devil at that time...

I knew that it was too late for words to solve our situation.

So, I abused my spiritual pressure to force them into remaining in their places while I was busy cutting off a portion of the city.

\'Why did you so

At that moment I didn\'t really know. Ancestor Imyr answered, But with time, I understood that I did it to punish myself for this grave mistake.

You were already punished enough... Asna sighed.

Ancestor Imyr shook his head in disagreement and continued on his narration, I picked up the survivors on my back and collected all the corpses of my descendants on the separated piece of the city.

Then, I placed it in my divine spatial ring and blew up the main city.

\'No wonder the first dragon city had disappeared and no one knew exactly what happened to the dragons before the immigration.\' Felix thought to himself.

By taking the corpses and blowing the main city, no one was able to find out clues on what occurred to the dragons.

The fact that survivors kept their mouth shut made it even more mysterious.

After reaching this galaxy, I picked a planet with a dimensional pocket and settled everyone inside. Ancestor Imyr smiled bitterly, Only then did I release my spiritual pressure and explained everything to my descendants.

That must have been tough. Asna commentated.

Tough can\'t even describe it...I was renounced by my own race and treated as mere air.

Even though I knew that I can always control them with my spiritual pressure, I respected their wishes.

Felix and the others couldn\'t help but feel sorry for him even though he felt like he deserved it.

To get renounced by your own race while being the first to be born was really a hard pill to swallow.

Just being disowned by your own parents hurt like sleeping on a bed of nails.

I guess that\'s just about everything Ancestor Imyr concluded, I secluded myself and watched my descendants clean the destroyed city and build a new one...With years going by, they reproduced and erased that hellish memory out of their minds, not telling the future generation anything about it.

It must have come as a shock when the dimensional pocket opened, and they realized that only fifty years had gone by. Lady Sphinx said.

Shock is an understatement. Ancestor Imyr chuckled, The time difference was quite vast as we have spent five millennials more or less during that duration.

\'No wonder the environment constantly changes!\' Felix couldn\'t help but take a deep breath in shock at the sound of that.

Well, my descendants would rather not live any more inside the dimensional pocket after knowing about such a massive difference in time. Ancestor Imyr said, They immigrated at the same time, knowing that if they remained inside, they would be stuck for another five thousand years.

It was an expected reaction honestly.

No one would want to live in a bubble...Especially if time was running a hundred times faster.

It would make them feel like they were wasting thousands of years from their lives while the outside world didn\'t move an inch.

I decided to remain within the dimensional pocket in fear of attracting their wrath again. Ancestor Imyr said, The last thing I want is to have the same scenario repeat for my descendants, who already moved on their lives.

But, isn\'t better to hide outside Felix frowned, You will keep aging at crazy rate.

You still don\'t understand. Ancestor Imyr smiled kindly as he eyed Felix, That\'s my own punishment for seeking immortality.




Everyone was left at loss for words after figuring out what he meant.

Ancestor Imyr had punished himself for seeking immortality by aging at a hundred times faster than outside universe!!!

\'No wonder he died so early and his corpse was in perfect shape.\'

Felix thought to himself after realizing that the royal clans must have found their ancestor Imyr\'s corpse during their exploration of the dimensional pocket.

A Hundred million years had gone by since the immigration of the dragon race.

Just a million-year going by translated to tens of millions of years in the dimensional pocket...No matter how great ancestor Imyr\'s longevity, he couldn\'t escape the encroachment of death as the years gone by.

For the dragons, dying a normal death from age was quite shameful...So, whenever dragons feel the breath of death on their necks, they challenge each other for one last epic battle!

If this was how most dragons felt, there was no need to mention how bad it was for ancestor Imyr to suffer such a lonely and miserable death...

You really are something else. Lady Sphinx sighed exasperatedly, You went through all of that and still refused to leave this plane.

I wanted to embrace death dearly, but I just couldn\'t leave my descendants behind while knowing that the Paragon of Sins or other unigins might come to finish the job and eradicate everyone. Ancestor Imyr smiled wryly, I kept this wisp of consciousness alive within this spiritual natural treasure to check on them once every cycle.

You truly went through a lot...

By now, everyone had figured out the last piece of the puzzle on their own.

With time gone by and the future generations having no clue about the horrors of the first dragon city, it made it easier for ancestor Imyr to meet with the new generations and reclaim his lost respect and authority.

Felix didn\'t know if he ever told them the truth or not...Whatever it was, the dragon race started treating the dimensional pocket as the resting place of their ancestor and always paid him a visit in every cycle.

With time, this turned into the current heirs\' ceremony, where the four clans contest to have a personal meeting with the ancestor.

One hundred million years gone by on the outside universe...This translated to ten billion years more or less inside the dimensional pocket.

\'Crazy...Just what kind of life is this How can someone live that long and still be sane enough to hold a conversation\' Felix didn\'t know if he should feel awed or sad at ancestor Imyr.

Hahaha...From your expression, I can see that you think I have been staying up all that long. Ancestor Imyr laughed in a friendly manner, I was always sleeping between cycles.

Make sense. Thor and the others expected as much.

Still, it must have been tough. Jörmungandr said.

They understood that Ancestor Imyr kept going simply because of his guilt and worry about his descendants.

If he didn\'t have such a grave purpose, he wouldn\'t have lived that long even if he was able to negate the loneliness with sleep.

So, how were you able to control this dimensional pocket Lady Sphinx wondered, You said that you have found it.

Ever since he mentioned it, Lady Sphinx\'s curiosity had been bothering her to know about his method.

She had told Felix before that ancestor Imyr must have created the dimensional pocket to control, who enters and leaves.

But after finding out that it was natural, everything changed.

She understood that it was simply impossible for him to rule and control a natural-born dimensional pocket.

That\'s in the realm of laws!!

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