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Chapter 986 The Upper Echelon\'s Worry

One hundred days later inside the dimensional pocket...

Felix\'s lightning affinity was improving at a steady pace, helping him learn and master more external lightning abilities.

The best part There was no one to bother him as the entire dimensional pocket was a safe haven...In addition, no one was going to bother him with messages, giving him crystal-clear focus.

Naturally, Felix had already contacted those close to him and informed them that he was fine inside the dimensional pocket and would be absent for half a year to a year.

Because connection to the Queen Ai was blocked, he requested Mistress Candace to send the emails...She had her main consciousness on the outside, so it didn\'t cause her any trouble.

Felix made sure that everyone he contacted to keep the information private.

He wanted to avoid alerting the dragons that he managed to stay an entire century within the dimensional pocket.

He would rather not see them preparing armies at his exit, thinking that he must have done something to their ancestor when he leaves.

Speaking about dragons, the entire royal family was losing their sh*t at the notion that Felix hadn\'t exited after twenty-four hours.

Now, even Felix\'s fans and viewers were started to see that something fishy was going on...Based on the information on the network, the meeting shouldn\'t last more than two minutes.

[Don\'t tell me they locked our Lord inside]

[As expected of our Lord! The dragons ancestor must have loved having him around!]

[I am having a bad feeling about this...]

Felix\'s fans, who were still in the dark, could only express their comments and worries in the stream chat.

The fact that the royal family didn\'t come out with a statement yet made them even more agitated.

He is still inside

Yes, my lord.

Contact me the moment he gets kicked out.

Will do, my lord.

A blue human servant bowed his head respectfully in front of a gigantic black scaled dragon before excusing himself from the chamber.

This black dragon was non-other than prince Domino!

All of his sustained injuries seemed to have healed perfectly in the past twenty-four hours.

However, he still had an irritated expression like he had a bone stuck between his teeth.

Who could blame him He ate two nukes while he was merely seeking a true physical confrontation with his opponents.

If his pride wasn\'t too high, he would have already resorted to nukes as well in the ceremony.

He knew that if he ever fired one, he would have turned both prince Arentis and Felix into dust particles.

As much as he was irked by the way he lost the ceremony, he didn\'t make excuses.

However, it didn\'t mean that his disgruntlement would be appeased with time.

\'He still hasn\'t fullfiled his promise of a one vs.

one fight.\' Prince Domino narrowed his eyes as he recalled the terms of their bet.

Felix had promised him a one vs one fight if he helped him fool the white clan into taking him in their team.

Although they had fought twice in the ceremony, they didn\'t count in his eyes.

It was somewhat true.

Felix ditched the first fight, which was a dickish move.

The second one shouldn\'t even be counted as a fight since they were prioritizing the ancestral wine jar.

One day, one month, even one year. Prince Domino eyed the giant moon above him as he said coldly, I will be waiting to redeem myself.

Prince Domino was not convinced one bit that Felix had defeated him...Until he battled Felix without anyone\'s interference, he would never admit that Felix was stronger than him.

The fact that he had lost the ceremony had already dealt a massive blow to his self-esteem and future within the royal family.

In his eyes, he had a tiny bit of hope that if he managed to defeat Felix in a one vs.

one battle, his father would reconsider reinvesting in him to challenge the Elder Dragon...


While prince Domino only cared about fighting Felix, the four royal clan officials had joined an emergency meeting to handle this abnormal situation.

I am really starting to think that our ancestor has killed the dragonslayer. Clan head Bymid said.

A hundred days...At this point, anything is possible. Clan head Kyrsun sighed.

If it were before, he would have disapproved it...But, a hundred days was really too long for a \'meeting\'.

Maybe our ancestor is keeping him around due to his masters Clan head Ygos suggested.

That\'s plausible.

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

They knew that Felix had primogenitors as his masters due to being informed of matters around the champions games.

In their eyes, it only made sense for the primogenitors to keep a wisp of their consciousness within Felix\'s mind.

Compared to Felix\'s getting killed or trapped, this made much more sense.

But still, a hundred days is a long time. Clan head Bymid said, Don\'t forget that our ancestor burn his mental energy to keep a dimensional backdoor for the last participant to leave.

As the four clan heads, they naturally knew plenty of matters about their ancestor...After all, if he didn\'t share those things with them, he would naturally not share them with anyone.

Assumptions aren\'t going to help us deal with the backlash of the viewers. One of the white clan officials noted, We need to prepare ourselves for the notion that the dragonslayer might stay much longer than this.

Backlash His people can f*ck themselves. Clan head Azesdirth sneered, Even if we angered the entire human race, what the hell can they do Don\'t forget that they are still just a bunch of worms with no guts.

Upon hearing so, the official realized that he was projecting Felix\'s strength into his entire race, making him forget that humans were still at the bottom of the barrel!

Felix was simply an anomaly!

Look at us, worried about outsiders\' reaction.

We have been really affected too deeply by the dragonslayer. Clan head Bymid chuckled.

Exactly...The only purpose of this meeting should be how to contain the royal dragons\' discussion about the time differnece.

Everyone\'s expression hardened at the sound of that...In their eyes, this was a much more serious issue than Felix dying in the dimensional pocket.

That\'s because the ancestor\'s death was related to the time difference heavily!

When ancestor Imyr\'s corpse was found in the dimensional pocket by the royal family, the news weren\'t contained as everyone hoped.

So, it became common knowledge that the ancestor Imyr had died in the dimensional pocket and why it was called the sacred resting grounds of the ancestor.

As for the cause of death No one but the upper echolone of the dragon race knew that he had literally committed suicide by exhausting his lifespan.

If the time difference of the dimensional pocket was to ever get exposed in the open, the smart ones would connect the dots easily.

Instead of having a mysterious and maybe an epic death, everyone would start believing that the ancestor of the dragons had died such a shameful death.

This was a massive hit to the reputation of the dragons and their authority within the universe...This time, they would truly turn into a laughingstock.

So, the upper echelon refused to even share the knowledge about the time difference to the red dragons.

Most of the royal dragons knowing about it was already too much.

I suggest that each clan keep a close eye on their members.

I don\'t care if you ban discussing the dragonslayer in general to avoid our secret getting out. Clan head Ygos said coldly, Just make sure to keep a tight lid on it.

Honestly, the only real way for this to blow out is for the dragonslayer to leave as soon as possible. Clan head Bymid sighed.

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

Alas, they were in for a treat...


Five years later in the dimensional pocket...

Felix could be seen floating in a mediation position while being carried with millions of electrical arcs connected with the ground.

He was still on the same summit and in the same position...However, there was now a sea of electricity around him, reaching at least five hundred meters!

\'Giant sword at four hundred meters to my right.\'

With a mere thought, Felix managed to manifest a humongous sword made completely electricity without him needing to even glance at its location!

\'Giant axe four hundred meters to my left.\'

On other the side of the mountain, a gigantic one-handed axe was created.

Although both weapons were made out of lightning, they were appeared to be refined and complete.

If it wasn\'t for some electrical tongues being emitted once in a while, no one would doubt that they were created out of solid white materials!


Felix lifted both of his hands and started moving them akin to an orchestra conductor.

Following the movements of his fingers, the giant sword and axe started trading blows in the air, resulting in millions of electrical tongues to get splashed everywhere!

While he was controlling them, Felix was manifesting other gigantic weapons in the sea of electricity and have them join the fun.

This might seem simple, but it required a tremendous amount of concentration and great congestive reasoning to multitask at such a high level.

If it wasn\'t for Felix spending an entire five years focusing purely on his lightning manipulation, he would have never reached such height!

It\'s time to switch back to poison. Jörmungandr suggested as he watched Felix.

Not yet. Thor\'s eyelids twitched, Don\'t be too impatient, he has another ninety-five years.

I disagree. Jörmungandr eyed him in annoyance, He needs to have balance in all of his elements.

So, he must return to poison and push his external range to half a kilometer in it as well.

Stop being jealous.

You will ruin my students efforts.

He is my f*cking student too.

They are at it again. Lady Sphinx could only watch them headbutt each other with an annoyed expression.

Ever since Felix\'s lightning manipulation surpassed his poison manipulation, Thor always had a smug smile on his face when he deals with Jörmungandr.

This had driven Jörmungandr insane, making him unable to sit still anymore.

Why can\'t they be like Carbuncle. Asna commentated with a faint chuckle as she eyed Carbuncle chilling above the consciousness lake with sunglasses and thick joint in his lips.

Ever since he had given Felix his gemstone manipulation, he never cared about how he utilized it.

If Felix was confused about something, he explains it to him in a crystal and quick manner to leave him smoke in peace.

So, even though they weren\'t considered to have a master/student relation, Felix was gaining everything from it!

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