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Chapter 989 The Truth About The Bloodline Treasures

Huh Did I say something wrong Felix titled his head in confusion.

Felix simply repeated what was believed in public ever since the foundation of the SGAlliance...The Elder Dragon was thought by everyone to be the strongest to be born in the dragon race.

The fact that he was capable of reaching a hundred kilometers in size or even bigger was enough proof.

It was simply incomparable to other dragons, who could barely surpass seventy meters.

Sure, he wasn\'t as amazing as the ancient dragons, but he was much closer to them than the other dragons.

Was he always capable of reaching a hundred kilometers in size Ancestor Imyr asked.

Well no...But, he reached it after he grew to an adult. Felix answered.

Ancestor Imyr chuckled, That\'s where you have been fooled, just like everyone else.

What do you mean

The current Elder Dragon has never been meant to reach such a size...In fact, he was never meant to even surpass a hundred meters just like every other dragon.


Felix was stunned to hear such a revelation...If it didn\'t come from the ancestor of the dragons himself, he wouldn\'t have believed it.

The Big Boss of the alliance should have been merely like any other dragon It was preposterous!

How did he become so big then Asna wondered.

It was because of me. Ancestor Imyr confessed, When I realized that my descendants are growing weaker and weaker with each generation, I knew that I had to do something to save them from hitting the bottom.

Is this related to bloodline treasures Lady Sphinx inquired, already knowing where he was going with this.

Yes. Ancestor Imyr confirmed before adding, I have created a technique that allows my descendants to absorb the royal gemstones of each other.

Come again Felix\'s eyes widened in disbelief.

It didn\'t take a genius to connect the dots and recognize that ancestor Imyr was implying that the bloodline treasures were actually royal gemstones of dragons!!

I know, I know, you have been told that the bloodline treasures are the crystallization of the ancient dragons\' blood. Ancestor Imyr chuckled.

Indeed, Felix and everyone else were told that.

No one bothered to think about it for a split second since it did make some sense.

The bloodline treasures were found mostly in the first dragon city, implying heavy relation to the ancient dragons.

So, you are telling me that all bloodline treasures found here are actually royal gemstones of dead dragons Felix said.

Yes. Ancestor Imyr nodded, Why do you think that all of them had different colors

Thinking about it, Felix did find it somewhat odd that some of the bloodline treasures he found were blue, orange, or even white.

Sure, the majority were still red gemstones, but those couple bloodline treasures did raise some doubt.

But, he was too focused about winning the ceremony to waste his energy on something useless.

Holy...I just recalled. Felix\'s pupil enlarged in shock as he disclosed, When a royal dragon dies, his gemstone get extracted by the royal family for safe keeping inside The Hall of The Deceased.

Don\'t tell me that there was no such a thing and that the royal family is merely extracting those royal gemstones to boost their strength!

That\'s precisely what is going on. Ancestor Imyr confirmed it causally before adding, Who do you think most of those royal gemstones goes to

The Elder Dragon!

Indeed. Ancestor Imyr continued on, Though, the royal gemstones obtained from the dead weren\'t the ones that helped him reach such a moderate size compared to the others.

It was the fact that he was the Elder Dragon when I created the technique. Ancestor Imyr mentioned, At that time, the royal family had a hundred thousand royal gemstones if not more extracted from the corpses of the massacred ancient dragons.

It was the biggest pool ever of gigantic royal gemstones simply waiting to be used.

Felix understood immediately that the Elder Dragon must have used his authority as the supreme emperor to get himself the biggest share of the royal gemstones!

The more he consumed, the stronger he had gotten and the less resistance he was met by the officials.

By the time he had reached a hundred kilometers in size and was considered to be one of the strongest beings in the universe, not a single dragon was capable of standing against him.

This must have had happened way before the foundation of the SGAlliance...That\'s because the first-ever recorded video of the Elder Dragon was while he had such a colossal size.

Why didn\'t you oversee the absorption to avoid having one dragon hogging everything Asna inquired.

In a sense, the Elder Dragon wouldn\'t have dared to hog almost all the ancient royal gemstones if ancestor Imyr didn\'t allow it.

Why would I do so Ancestor Imyr replied calmly, I have given them a method to help them at least stay on top of other races.

It doesn\'t concern me how they used it as long as the dragons are considered to be on top.

Thinking about it, Elder Dragon might have pulled a dickish move, but it turned out to work out just perfectly for his race.

With solely his authoritative pressure and strength, he had made himself the unofficial boss of the SGAlliance.

If the royal gemstones were split and a few dragons reached a couple of kilometers in size, they wouldn\'t have the same level of pressure as the Elder Dragon.

He was a different breed and respected by all races.

Even the Metal and Hive race...One of the most dangerous races in the universe.

Truly a good timing in a good place. Felix remarked.

Now, he knew that Elder Dragon was no one special, and he simply lucked out heavily during his term of leadership.

If ancestor Imyr decided to share the technique after he was replaced, the next dragon would have enjoyed this opportunity, giving the universe a different Elder Dragon.

No wonder the four royal clans are hoping to replace him. Asna commentated, The next Elder Dragon would be eligible to obtain the royal gemstones of the deceased royal dragons.

Good luck with that. Felix shook his head, Now that I know what it took to reach his level, I know for a fact that not a single dragon is going to replace him anytime soon.

It didn\'t matter whether it was prince Domino or another prodigy dragon.

Unless they were born with the purest dragon bloodline ever, helping them reach his level naturally or devour as many royal gemstones as him.

Both options sounded quite impossible to achieve...

Doesn\'t this mean that my portion of the royal gemstones is going to fetch a much higher price than anticipated Felix grinned.

Now that he understood that true important of those \'bloodline treasures\', the four royal clans were going to fight tooth and nail for them.

It was quite obvious that the four clans were gathering more and more royal gemstones instead of using them wantonly.

They did this to help only one dragon of their clan to close the gap with the Elder Dragon.

Considering that not a single dragon could be seen to be above one kilometer, they must have collected royal gemstones for a very, very long time.

Simply waiting for the destined dragon to be born and replace the Elder Dragon.

That\'s why prince Domino could not accept his defeat in the ceremony and wanted to regain his clan\'s favor by fighting Felix when he leaves the dimensional pocket.

His entire future had collapsed because of Felix!

For such a straightforward and proud creatures, they really have so much going on behind the curtains. Felix chuckled.

If it wasn\'t for ancestor Imyr, Felix would have never thought that the dragon race carried such heavy secrets on their shadows.

Secrets capable of causing the entire dragon race\'s reputation to hit the gutter...

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