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Chapter 990 Half A Century Later...

In a few moments, ancestor Imyr defrosted the gigantic heart and entered it with his wisp of consciousness.

Just like magic, the heart began to shrink in size until it was as small as a normal human\'s heart.

Then, he froze it again and handed it to Mistress Candace.

Take care of it. Ancestor Imyr said with a stern tone.

I will deliver it in the exact same way. Mistress Candace assured with a serious expression.

Candace, make sure to go at your fastest speed. Lady Sphinx requested, With Felix being in the dimensional pocket, each second on the outside counts.

Lady Sphinx knew that she had less than a year to research the heart and come up with vital solutions that could help out Felix.

She preferred doing so right after he leaves the dimensional pocket instead of dragging it a couple more years...Especially, when Felix would be spending a century inside.

I will try my best.

Wait, take this with you.

Just as she was about to leave, Felix beamed two containers filled with black substance and handed it to her.

Felix hadn\'t forgotten about the containers filled with that weird dark moss in his spatial card...No one could research it properly besides Lady Sphinx.

After taking it, Mistress Candace beamed everything in her spatial card and took off towards the dimensional backdoor.

When she left, Felix and Nimo went to have a fun for a while, exploring the dimensional pocket.

While doing so, Felix was teaching Nimo how to get his own food and make sure not cause trouble to ancestor Imyr.

Just open a small void rift and start sucking void energy. Felix said as he watched Nimo opening a big ass void rift.

Eee Eee!

Understanding what he meant, Nimo started shrinking the void rift until it was barely half a meter long...Then, he placed his head inside and began feasting on the void energy, resembling a horse eating from a bucket.

Truly a strange universe. Ancestor Imyr mumured with mixed feelings while playing poker with the tenants, My entire race almost went extinct because of the Paragon of Sins.

Now, you are telling me this is his replacement

Don\'t hate the powers, hate the owner. Lady Sphinx said calmly while making a call on the table.

I am not hating, I just find it somewhat surreal that even someone of such a caliber and strength can be replaced when he screws up. Ancestor Imyr smiled bitterly, I was really out of mind to think that I have reached the top of the universe.

Stop contemplating and play, you are losing all of your chips. Thor chided him as he raised Lady Sphinx\'s call.

Sure enough, ancestor Imyr had the lowest number of chips in the table.

That\'s while they had Carbuncle high on new potent combination of weed created specifically by Lady Sphinx.

All in I guess...


Months went by then years...Before long, half a century passed ever since Felix got locked inside the dimensional pocket.

Half a century was a really long period in the case of Felix as he hadn\'t even lived that long in his previous life...Yet, he spent it doing nothing but training, sleeping, romancing with Asna, fooling with Nimo, and repeat.

Although it seemed to have been a boring experience to live such a long period in a routine like manner, but Felix loved every second of it.

He did everything that he wanted without anyone bothering him...The fact that he was in a fantasy-like colorful paradise was a bonus to his mental health.

If he had spent half a century trapped underground or in a freezing area, it would have been a much different experience.

Because his mentality was intact, he had developed and learned a lot from his masters about his elements.

At the moment, he had expanded both poison and lightning external manipulation range to a whopping one kilometer!

If it wasn\'t extremely time-consuming and grindy to push through the one kilometer mark, he would have surpassed even two kilometers.

Unfortunately, if it was that easy, everyone before him would have reached tens of kilometers if not higher...Especially dragons.

Prince Domino had reached three kilometers in his external manipulation after spending centuries of effort on focusing purely on it.

This while he was considered to be a prodigy and carried one of the purest bloodlines.

Hence, after Felix reached one kilometer in each manipulation, he decided to halt and to spend his time on his other weaknesses.

He had prioritized lightning conversion technique, making him master it in a much lesser time than with his poison element.

After all, he had already known the inns and outs of how to do it, making it much easier to master.

Naturally, when he mastered the third stage of lightning manipulation, he finally got rid of the seal on his gemstone inscriptions!

It was truly a god-damn pain in the ass to keep sealing them every so often for the past half century.

Now, he was completely free of seals and could use all three of his elements without an issue!

At the moment, Felix was focusing extensively on his gemstone external manipulation, trying to push it as well to one kilometer in range.

So far, he had reached half a kilometer.

Naturally, Felix didn\'t spend a whole half a century just on his elemental manipulations.

He spent many years expanding on his potion-making until he finally managed to concoct rank five potions.

By doing so, he was considered to have been promoted to Sage rank!

In other words, he could get himself a legit position of power within the witch empire since he was part of the upper echelons!

Although he was a human, no one could deny him of this right since he shared a dual citizenship in the witch empire!

But Felix didn\'t care about any of that when he hit the Sage rank...All he wanted was to truly began on his journey of concocting unique and bizarre unranked potions.

Too bad, Lady Sphinx had advised him to keep mastering more rank five potions until he had established his footing as a Sage Witcher.

Only then would she start teaching him more about those unranked recipes that could concoct only by her.

When Felix wasn\'t concocting or training his elements, he spends some personal time with Asna in her mansion.

Unfortunately, Asna was still not ready to take their relationship to third stage even though they spent half a century with each other.

Though, Felix had taken it to the second stage, which was quite an applaudable achievement when it was related to Asna.

Felix didn\'t know why she was still resistant but if he had to guess, it would defintely be related to her freedom and duty as a unigin.

So, he slowed down his advances as well, making her get comfortable with the way things are.

As for Nimo\'s improvement in the past half century Well, that\'s a whole different story on its own.

For now, Felix could be seen stretching his arms after waking up from a small induced coma that lasted for four years.

Every time Felix tired from the routine, he consumes an alarming amount of natural treasures and sleep for a few years to reset his mind.

Although Felix had spent half a century of his lifespan, he hadn\'t changed one bit...He didn\'t even grow a beard as his genetics from his father made it somewhat impossible.

Six years now total and still haven\'t reached seventh mark. Felix yawned while scratching his head with a bothered look, It will probably take me decades of sleep to even hit tenth mark.

Good morning to you too, old man. Asna cursed in annoyance.

Morning, love. Felix smiled charmingly while stepping outside the VR Pod...It might not be used to log in, but it could be used as a comfortable bed.

Without delay, Felix entered his consciousness space and greeted his masters and the other tenants respectfully before going straight to Asna\'s mansion.

As he expected, he found her lazing in her bed while watching an old drama series, looking as gorgeous as ever.

Without saying anything, Felix lifted the cover and sneaked under it before popping his head above her.

Hello there, want to see my new technique

Before Asna could reply, Felix held her hands together and started assaulting her face with kisses.

Stoop! It\'s ticklish, and you\'re putting your saliva all over my face! Asna squirmed from his clutches while laughing.

That\'s the goal. Felix chuckled as he finally let go of her arms.

The moment Asna tried to clean her face with the bed cover, Felix held her chin and pulled her lips closer to his before murmuring, Did you miss me

You already kn...Mmm.

Alas, her lips were sealed and invaded by Felix\'s slithering tongue before she could finish her sentence.

Time stopped when his lips met hers, but the flutter only intensified in Asna\'s heart.

It pounded in her chest as legs gave in to the waves of pleasure coursing through her nerves.

At this moment, she could only focus on how soft he felt against her mouth, how addictively he invaded all her senses.

Although Felix was in a coma for three years, making him feel like he had seen Asna just a minute ago...There was still raw emotion in the way his fingers curled around hers and his soft breathing as he kissed her deeply.

For half a century those two were having steamy and passionate moments on almost daily basis.

Yet, neither one of them had grown bored of it or felt any differently about each other.

In fact, their relationship had grown as close as Felix\'s hands to Asna\'s perfect breasts.

With a single motion, his hand had slipped through her pajamas from her waist and gently caressed and fondled them like he was dealing with a precious fragile treasure.

After fondling them to his heart content, Felix\'s fingers reached out to her cute but firm pink nipple and squeezed it ever so gently...


Felix had received an immediate feedback to his touch as Asna had released a soft moan after her lips were spared for a split second...

While they were having such a loving and intimate moment, the other tenants had deadpan expressions while they were doing their own things, appearing like they had absolutely no clue what was going on inside Asna\'s mansion.

Alas, they just had to have super hearing...

The weather is sure great today. Thor expressed as he eyed the dimensional pocket\'s clear sky while chugging alcohol like there was no tomorrow.


It sure is my friend, it sure is... Jörmungandr sighed as he recalled Asna\'s shyness.

Half a century was enough to kill something like that...Especially when Felix was too shamless to care about having an audience.

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