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Chapter 1008 The SGAlliance Complete Stracture.

Disclaimer: I suggest rereading chapter 310, (This is The Supremacy Games Alliance) as this chapter will dive deeper into inner structure of the alliance.


Felix didn\'t want to play the individual games at the moment since he had only three games before truly reaching the soft summit of the platform.

When he hit peak-tier radiant rank, he would have a promotional game that would decide if he was worthy to challenge empyrean ranked players and take their position or not.

After all, empyrean rank allow only top five hundred players and nothing more.

Felix didn\'t want to contest for the empyrean rank as he knew that his strength was still lacking.

Those top five hundred players shouldn\'t be messed with as most of them were old monsters, who lived for a hundred thousand years to millions.

In fact, there were rarely any empyrean ranked games anymore as most of those monsters stopped attempting to climb higher, causing the ranks to be stagnant.

There was activity only in the bottom hundred due to the new aspiring players, hoping to get promoted and join the best recognized players in the universe.

Alas, all of them get clapped and demoted instantly...

At the moment, Felix preferred switching platforms...He wasn\'t doing so for the sake of bullying other teams but to finally start working on helping his race advance in the Alliance Ranking.

Looks like Noah has carried the team to diamond rank. Felix raised an eyebrow in surprise after checking his planet current ranking.

How strong did he get Felix wondered.

Pretty strong. Mistress Candace answered, He has been transformed into a half-werewolf by elder Fenrir.

No wonder.

Felix knew that transforming into half-werewolves rewarded with insane bonuses...If it was done by Fenrir, those enhancements would be even better.

Without delay, Felix streamed a replay of the earthling\'s team latest game...It was the promotional game to diamond rank.

Felix couldn\'t help but show a startled expression as he watched Noah, teleporting through the battlefield as a three-meter bulky half-werewolf and cutting through anyone in his path.

The only reason he was making it look effortless was because he abused his ultimate ability, Absolute Zero!

Each time he entered his opponents range, he freezes them completely before slicing them apart with his claws.

Olivia, Sylvia, and the others weren\'t just cheering him from the back, as they utilized their unique primogenitors abilities to hold at least two players.

Even if their physical strength was adequate for such high ranked games, their primogenitors\' abilities were still helpful.

With a lot of luck and persistence, they managed to succeed in their promotion to the diamond rank.

I doubt they can climb higher even with Noah\'s help. Asna commentated, They will start meeting with teams from the hive race, dragon race, astrian race, and more races capable of playing with them to death.

Indeed. Felix agreed.

Felix knew that his team had been blessed to end up against mid ranked races in their promotional game...Even then, Noah was worked to the bone to secure the victory.

It\'s up to me to carry the team forward now. Felix narrowed his eyes, There are only four games before reaching radiant rank.

If I managed to help the team reach it, everything would change for the entire race.

You talking about that platform Asna wondered.

Yes. Felix nodded with a serious expression.

Felix knew that the moment a team reached the radiant rank, it would unlock the most important and authoritative platform in the entire alliance.

A platform that was more significant than individual or planetary platforms due to having serious consequences on entire races!

It was called The Racial Supremacy Games Platform!

Ever since we joined the alliance as a race, this platform remained exclusive only to the top twenty strongest races in the universe. Felix smirked, It\'s finally time for the human race to grace the stage and start fighting for our place in the alliance.

You see, most races were either fully utility-based such as the witch race, or weak to be considered as a vital member of the alliance like the human race.

For the utility races, they didn\'t even require joining the games and battles as their contributions to the alliance were high enough to secure them a spot at the upper echolone.

As for the combative races, their only hope to climb the alliance and join the inner circle was the PSGPlatform.

The way for those races to climb the alliance ladder was for their backgrounds to collect as much SGPoints as possible.

Those SGPoints were the lifeline of each race in the alliance.

In the case of the human race, there were a hundred thousand teams if not more, each representing a planet, a nation, a country, an alliance...etc

However, only a mere 0.000001% of those teams were actually providing SGPoints for their race to climb higher in the ladder.

That\'s because only the teams, which managed to join the Universal PSGPlatform and contest against teams from other races, were allowed to earn those points.

The majority were struggling at the roots, fighting against other human teams for the sake of helping their own nations earn wishes and resources to advance themselves.

Most importantly to avoid getting kicked out of the alliance after the soft reset.

Although a tiny, tiny portion of teams were providing SGPoints for the human race, they were still considered in the top 30 most important races in the alliance because of their other contributions.

They helped monetize the UVR and Alliance, they provided the most adaptive and hardworking workers in the universe, and they were also considered to be one of the biggest exporters of affordable spaceships, weapons, defensive systems, and other useful technologies.

All of this rewarded them with SGPoints and helped them remain in the inner circle of the alliance even if their teams were absolutely dog sh*t.

However, this merely affixed their race at the bottom of the top 30 rank, making them unable to climb higher.

Since the inner circle of the alliance was only for the top 30 races, Felix understood that his race was always on the risk of getting thrown to the outer circle.

If this ever happened, their authority and voting power would be stripped away, making them no different from the slimes, goblins, and other races with no say in the SGAlliance matters.

Felix had no intentions of losing such authority right after he offended the big boss of the alliance.

He knew that if Elder Dragon was petty about it, he would make his entire race pay for it if he was given the chance.

After all, as the number one player of the individual platform, he was considered as the eleventh member in the ten rulers, giving him an additional vote on the others!

He wasn\'t called the big boss for no reason.

I believe the great reset is still far away. Asna inquired, How far are you planning to raise your race rank before then

Rank 20 is a stretch...Maybe 24 or 23 Felix answered after giving it some thought.

There were two resets in the SGAlliance...The soft reset that happen on yearly basis and the great reset that occurs every decade.

In the soft reset, the ten thousand bottom feeders of the SGAlliance get thrown into the wilderness, losing the alliance\'s protection and benefits.

Whatever happen to them then was their own problem.

On the other hand, the great reset affect races in the alliance as a collective.

After each decade passes, the race rankings get changed based on the SGPoints gathered in that duration...This reset was applicable to even the ten rulers.

For example, if the witches failed to concoct and sell their potions for the next ten decade, their total of SGPoints would be crap compared to the races beneath them.

This would cause them to have their position as one of the top ten rulers get taken from them in the next cycle.

After each race stabilize in their new rank, their total of SGPoints get reset to zero.

The cycle would start anew and repeat again and again after each decade.

The SGAlliance remained stable and peaceful because of this fair structure...In addition, with the unbiased Queen Ai responsible over the calculation of SGPoints, not a single race start trouble after they get demoted or such.

The algorithm used for calculation was perfected over the years, making it close to impossible for Queen Ai to make errors.

The most efficient way to gain SGPoints is to tramp on other teams in the racial games. Felix scratched his chin, But the difficulty of games there is unparalleled to any other platform...I have no one in my side at the moment.

Felix understood that Noah still need more time to develop to offer his services in this ultimate platform.

So, if he ever got access to the Racial Platform, he would be on his own against teams made out of ten members.

He knew that they would be made out of the best of the best each race could offer.

The only fortunate news was that fact the empyrean ranked players rarely participate in those games since the ranks in the alliance had been stagnated for a very, very long time.

For those old monsters, they wouldn\'t care too much about those games unless their race\'s rank was threatened.

For now, let\'s finish those four diamond games as fast as possible.

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