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Chapter 1026 Four Down in The Blink of an Eye.

\'Are you still planning to rely on your ranged abilities\' Asna wondered.

\'Yes.\' Felix smirked confidently.

\'I don\'t believe it.\' Asna crossed her arms together as she stressed, \'You will be forced to fight them up close one way or another.\'

\'Aha, I can\'t believe my own girl is doubting me.\' Felix provoked, \'Wanna put your money where your mouth is\'

\'You think I won\'t\' Asna scoffed, \'What do you want to bet\'

\'The winner gets to do anything he wants with the loser for an entire day\' Felix grinned, \'How about that\'

Asna\'s cheeks reddened a bit, knowing that this bastard was up to no good if he ever won.

However, she knew that backing out now would make her appear cowardly.

\'Fine! I will make sure that you go through a hellish day with me when you lose.\' Asna smiled wickedly.

\'We will see about that.\' Felix disclosed, \'The bet terms are simple, I will win this game without moving an inch from my place or using my Argadite nukes.

Plus, you can\'t read my thoughts.\'

Asna agreed with his terms immediately as Felix was standing on top of titan\'s head.

She knew that it would be difficult for him to snipe the vulcans while the titan\'s head kept bobbing left and right.

Plus, the distance was just too far between them to threaten the vulcans.


The moment the distance shrunk to eighty kilometers, Felix brought his hands together and started producing electrical discharges from one palm to the other.

The electrical discharges\' intensity was getting bigger and bigger until it was close to impossible to see anything besides them between Felix\'s palms!

\'A bit more, a bit more...\'

Felix mumured in his mind as he continued producing billions of electrical discharges each second while trying his very best to keep them contained in such a small zone.

What is Landlord up to now Spiritanimal commentated what was in everyone\'s minds.

Oblivious to the curious looks on him, Felix stopped adding more discharges and began pushing his palms together through the horrid resistance of electricity.

It was clear that the force was too much to be contained in such a tiny space and may result in bad ending for Felix.

Yet, Felix didn\'t care and continued pushing his palms together while twisting them like he was sealing a jar.

After a few more seconds of such a tough process, Felix\'s fingers had finally linked with each other and close both of his hands shut, letting out extreme blinding lights from the gaps!

\'I can\'t believe you are going to use that technique.\' Asna smirked, \'You bastard barely succeed in using it during your training.\'

Felix ignored her as he was utterly concentrated on what\'s going on within his palms.

While others couldn\'t see anything, he was capable of seeing a condensed sphere of lightning particles stacked against each other!

\'Here we go...\' Felix let out a long exhale as he manifested a white bullet made out of adamantine inside his hands!

The bullet failed a couple of times to shape up properly due to the crazy interference of the lightning particles, but in the end, Felix succeeded in pulling it off.

He didn\'t stop at that...He forged three more bullets until there was no more space in his hands.


Felix smiled faintly as he opened his palms and exposed four extremely bright bullets, making it hard for the viewers to guess their shape without Spiritanimal filtering out the light.

Whoever saw those bullets felt chills course on their spine even though they had no clue what they were capable of.

Felix fitted the bullets within his sniper rifle\'s magazine and took his sniping position, aiming directly at the nearest vulcan to him.

Don\'t tell me he is actually considering firing from such distance! Elnora\'s eyes widened a bit, There is still more than seventy kilometers between them, and he isn\'t on a stable surface!

He is probably just prepar...


Before anyone could react, Felix fired the bullet in direction of the vulcan.

The camera followed the bullet automatically, resulting in the viewers seeing that it had ended up breaking into countless trees before finally landing tens of meters away from Autumnblaze.

\'What was that!\'

Autumnblaze was alerted by the noise, forcing her to pull some distance from the beast she was fighting.

After a swift examination, she spotted the destruction that the bullet left in its wake, making her realize immediately what it was!

\'It\'s him!\'

Even though the bullet hadn\'t touched her or even landed a few meters next to her, Autumnblaze had no intentions of prolonging her stay near it...She recalled Davidzou\'s fate!

Unfortunately, Felix had no intentions of letting her go away...

\'Release.\' He snapped his finger calmly, causing the undamaged white bullet to start breaking into particles.

The instant a tiny part of the bullet disappeared, the raging intense stored electricity finally found a way to be free.

It freed itself in the most shocking and frightening possible way...


Hundreds of trillions of entrapped electrical tongues got released at the same time, creating an explosion of electricity that covered more than five kilometers in distance!!!

It shaped up like a chaotic spherical field of illuminating electricity that run through anything in its path!

The force of such explosion was so massive and intense, everything got obliterated indiscriminately and at the speed of light!

Autumnblaze wasn\'t able to even react properly before she found herself shattered into millions of fragments, mixing in with the remains and wreckage of trees, boulders, animals, and beasts!

The most shocking part The electrical storm remained raging on even though it had already erased everything in its awake!

As long as Felix was feeding it his lightning energy, it would never disappear!


Not waiting for anyone to wake up from their daze, Felix fired the other three bullets one after the other.

Just like Autumnblaze, his new targets ended up in the same fate!

It was simply impossible to escape from the clutches of the electrical storm due to its abnormal speed!

In less than five seconds, four horrific electrical storms were seen spread out in front of everyone, making them unable to take their eyes off them.

Moltenriver, Waldbauer, and the surviving vulcans could only eye those electrical storms while listening to the strings of notifications, informing them about the death of their teammates...


As the captain, Moltenriver forced himself out of his daze and shouted furiously while sprinting towards the cart.

He had absolutely no idea what had just happened and how did his teammates got eliminated in less than five seconds while being tens of kilometers away from each other...The only thing he knew was that it had to do with Felix!

At the moment, the only place safe for them was near the titan.


What the hell is that!!

I have never seen such an ability!!

Crazy!! Can lightning even be used like that!

The viewers absolutely lost it after seeing the vulcans running towards their cart with tails between their legs.

No one had anticipated a tiny bullet could result in a powerful lightning storm that could cover many kilometers of land.

This was one of Felix\'s learned techniques in the dimensional pocket...Lightning Storm Bullet!

He spent years to learn it since it required him to master the condescension process of electricity, which was much harder than condensing poison into liquid.

That\'s because poison was in gas state and no matter how much he condenses it, it would turn into either liquid or solidified liquid.

On other hand, lightning was an energy!

It was common sense that condensing energy in small spaces that couldn\'t contain it would never end well.

It took Felix millions of attempts before finally being capable of achieving it without having the condescend electricity blow up in his face!

The fact that he managed to put such immense electrical energy within tiny bullets was also an achievement on its own.

All of this was done without using any bloodline passive or ability, which was a hundred times much greater than turning Argadite gemstones to nukes!

\'What do you think\'

\'Humph! Now that you have scared them off, you can\'t touch them while they are hiding next to their titan.\' Asna clicked her tongue in annoyance.

\'I know.\' Felix smiled, \'But, I have already forced them to stop hunting.\'

Sure enough, not a single vulcan dared to step away from their titan, using him as their shield.

Captain, this is going f*cking horribly! They will start gaining speed on us eventually! Waldbauer cursed with an agitated expression.

His team was reduced from nine to merely five in the blink of an eye...What\'s worse, the hunted game in their possession was lost as well.

This isn\'t the time to lose our cool. Moltenriver replied with a stern tone.

He knew that their situation wasn\'t favorable at all.

But, he couldn\'t just whine about it or surrender.

There was so much in stake to give up when things got difficult.

Listen, as long as Landlord is alive, we can\'t expose ourselves to his bullets. Moltenriver ordered.

With the death of four of his teammates, he finally learned a hard lesson that no matter how far the distance between them, Felix could still see and hunt them.

He was still having difficulty processing the fact that Felix\'s vision could surpass seventy kilometers!

He was a peak radiant player and his infrared vision could barely go past thirty kilometers.

Do we have enough food to reach the center in one go

The team\'s cook counted the newly hunted prey as well as the other prepared food before answering, I believe it should be enough.

Good...We can still slow them down with our abilities when they enter our manipulation range. Moltenriver narrowed his eyes coldly in direction of the earthling team, If that monster decided to fight us in melee range, we will hold him down while Waldbauer goes to kill his teammates.



Let\'s win this!

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