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Chapter 1028 One Harmonious But Vociferous Howl!

The earthling team is finally speeding ahead of Vugonia\'s team! Spiritanimal commentated excitedly.

The earthling team\'s cart had indeed broken the stalemate and was now leading the race.

Still, Vugonia\'s team did nothing to stop their advancement as they merely waited patiently for the right moment to make their move.


\'Let\'s begin!\' Moltenriver shouted as he aimed his palms above his head and started releasing a flood of magma.

All of his teammates launched their own magma flood from within the cart as well.

Just like they practiced this hundreds of times, all the magma ended up meeting at one point and started shaping up into a sphere!

Because five of them had a hand in it, the magma sphere kept getting bigger at an abnormal speed.

In less than ten seconds, the sphere turned into a colossal magma dripping black rock, resembling a planet in its early creation!

It was so big, it cast a shadow that covered even the earthling\'s team while they were still kilometers away!

The vulcans have gone nuts! Spiritanimal\'s eyes widened up in shock as he exclaimed, This is defintely going to harm the earthling\'s team titan if it landed!

The quick-witted ones instantly recognized that the vulcans wouldn\'t lose anything if that happened at this stage of the game.

\'Come on Felix, I know that you are dying to punch that meteor and blow it into pieces.\' Asna tempted with her angelic voice, \'Just imagine it, you will look so cool.\'

\'Do it...Do it...Do it...Do it.\'

Felix\'s eyelids twitched at Asna\'s attempts to force him out of his position, so he would lose the bet.

He played deaf to her temptations and looked again at the size of the meteor.

\'It\'s at least half a kilometer in radius.\' Felix thought while glancing at his Railguns, \'Even if I fired them simultaneously, they won\'t be able to break it apart completely.\'


Not giving Felix too much time to think, the Vugonia\'s team used every fiber of their being to throw the meteor at the earthling\'s team cart!

Because of its pressuring weight, they didn\'t manage to hurl it with much momentum, causing the meteor to fly slowly through the air.

Still, Vugonia\'s team didn\'t care too much about it.

They knew that the moment the meteor hit its peak height, gravity would take it from there, giving it a well-needed boost.

\'I might as well use that.\'

Felix stopped bothering to think of a technique to be used in this situation and just decided to go with a simple one.

It would guarantee that he wouldn\'t need to move from his spot.

He pushed his front hair stalk to the side, exposing his Root Gemstone...Then, he aimed it at the flying meteor and mumured in his mind, \'Crystallization Beam, Nabemite version.\'

Abruptly, a blue beam was projected from Felix\'s forehead and landed on the inflamed meteor!

This caused it to start crystallizing from the source and spread out akin to wildfire throughout the entire body of the meteor!

Moltenriver, his teammates, and the rest of the viewers could only stare at the mesmerizing process with their jaws on the floor!

They had thought of many ways that Felix would use to stop the meteor, but never this one!

Some of them even completely forgot that Felix was capable of crystallizing objects since he didn\'t use it that often!

It won\'t work...It won\'t work...The meteor is too big to get completely crystallized in time. Moltenriver mumbled to himself as he watched half of the meteor get crystallized while it was merely a couple of kilometers above the earthling team\'s cart!

He thought that Felix wanted to stop the meteor by crystallizing it and gaining control over it when it entered his external manipulation range.

This was what everyone assumed.


ɴᴇᴡ ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴀʀᴇ ᴘᴜʙʟɪsʜᴇᴅ ᴏɴ ꜰʀᴇᴇ(ᴡᴇʙ)ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ.ᴄᴏᴍ.

\'Huh Why is it slowing down\' Moltenriver was startled to see that the meteor\'s speed was being reduced noticeably.

In less than a second, the meteor came into an abrupt halt after reaching five hundred meters and remained hovering in the air without anything to support it!

Felix canceled his crystallization beam causally after seeing that the meteor had been crystallized thoroughly.

The meteor is defying gravity! Spiritanimal cried out loud.

Most of the viewers had absolutely no clue that meteor had been turned into a Nabemite gemstone, which was capable of resisting gravity.

This helped Felix negate the dangers of the meteor without bothering to lift a finger!

Still, he wasn\'t done yet...He pushed his hand forward indifferently causing the blue crystallized meteor to fly in direction of Vugonia\'s team at a low altitude.

Even though the meteor had exited Felix\'s external manipulation range, it continued on its journey due to the momentum and its resistant to gravity.

After passing over the portal, it started to slow down its speed until it stopped right between Vugonia\'s team cart and the portal.

It\'s done...We have lost...We actually lost everything... Moltenriver mumbled with a deadpan expression after seeing that his path had been thoroughly blocked.

He had no more thoughts or plans after Felix turned their own weapon against them...He finally tapped out against Felix and everyone could see it in the screen.

This pissed off Asna more than the vulcans\' viewers.

\'How can they be so useless!\' Asna punched her pillow in frustration after realizing that the game was over and Felix had kept his word.

\'Crying and blaming others won\'t save you.\' Felix grinned wickedly, \'You better prepare yourself for tomorrow.\'

\'Argh!!! You\'re so annoying!\'

Asna could only return to punching the pillow to vent, not looking towards tomorrow one bit.

While Felix was teasing Asna, the human viewers throughout the entire universe were holding their breaths in anticipation as they watched the earthling team\'s cart approaching the portal!


The closer it got, the faster everyone\'s heartbeats had gotten from excitement and agitation.

The instant the cart went through the portal, disappearing out of existence, all the withheld agitation had burst out of their chest simultaneously in one harmonious but vociferous howl.


In front of every screen, whether it was in homes, cafés, city plaza square, planes, spaceships, schools, and even workplaces...Every single human with a shred of pride and love for their race, joined in that single resounding howl that came from the depth of their souls!

A howl that spoke volumes about the humans\' low self-esteem before other superior races in this unfair universe.

At this very moment, any human, who bothered to watch the stream, had finally felt like they were not any lesser than dragons, witches, dwarves, heavenly turtles, elves, and other races at the top!

Felix had been through three galaxies now and visited three of those mentioned races...He had suffered from discrimination in all of them even though his reputation was universal.

Now, imagine how other human workers in those galaxies were treated in daily basis

Still, this didn\'t make humans receive a \'victim treatment\' since they didn\'t give any better treatment to those below them.

But, because of the unfathomable number of humans, many good-hearted people to get punished due to the bad behavior of their own kind...

Congratulation to the earthling team for being promoted to the eightieth rank in RSGPlatform! Spiritanimal joined the merry cheers as he shouted, The human race can now be considered to be part of the top twenty strongest races in the universe!

Clap Clap Clap!!...

Every single human knew that was nothing but utter bullsh*t.

They weren\'t fools to believe that anything had changed for them.

Felix literally carried the entire race on his back to the top twenty even when he had a team with him.

It was like your girlfriend seeing your little general for the first time and calling it the biggest she ever saw in her life.

You knew it was a f*cking lie, but you believed it anyway since it made you feel good about yourself.

That\'s how the humans felt at the moment...No one cared about the truth and kept applauding until smoke started emerging from their palms!

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