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Chapter 1029 Raising The Human Race Rank!

Moltenriver approached Felix after both teams got teleported back to the field and offered him a handshake.

Great game, Sir Landlord.

You guys did well too. Felix shook his hand politely and wished him good luck on his attempt to return to the list.

Thanks and I hope you show mercy when you meet other teams of my race. Moltenriver gave a bitter smile before teleporting away with his teammates.

Immediately after they were gone, Spiritanimal appeared next to Felix and shoved the mic near his mouth.

How about we submit your team\'s current SGPoints together

Since Felix\'s team had won the game, they were awarded with Vugonia team total points as well as an additional 300k!

From eightieth rank to the seventieth, winning teams get 300K SGPoints...The points increase with each bracket they climbed past.

Those points wouldn\'t be counted towards the human race rank unless Felix had submitted them...In other words, donated them to improve his race\'s rank.

Seeing that everyone was pretty excited, Felix didn\'t want to be a d*ck and ruin the atmosphere.

Sure, why not.

He displayed the holographic profile of his earthling team before everyone...It appeared the same as always besides one different thing.

There was a new tab called SGPoints and had this number written before it: 3,751,190.

Then, he displayed the real universal ranking for all races appearing as such:


1) Dragon Race: 80,014, 487 SGPoints.

2) Metal Race: 73,114, 975 SGPoints.

3) Hive Race: 68,044, 992 SGPoints.

4) Elf Race: 55,914, 432 SGPoints.

5) Witch Race: 51,135, 458 SGPoints.

6) Heavenly Turtle Race: 45,139, 422 SGPoints.

20) Vulcan Race: 25,999, 187 SGPoints.

28) Shadowborn Race: 14,333,147 SGPoints.

29) Human Race: 13,541, 498 SGPoints.

30) The Fairy Race: 9,015, 411 SGPoints.

100) Slime Race: 541,556 SGPoints //

This list showed the ranking of all races within the alliance...Naturally, not including the sub-races since they were considered to be part of the collective races.

For example, High elves were ranked within the top ten...However, they were representing all other elvish races and obtaining their SGPoints.

The same with the human race and many others.

As seen from the list, the dragon race was ranked as number one even though the metal race\'s contribution to the alliance were simply incalculable.

That\'s because the dragon race had many teams within the racial platform...In addition, they were farming SGPoints from contributing to the alliance with their natural treasures.

One would say that shouldn\'t be enough to top the creators of the UVR, AP bracelet, nanotechnology, and other amazing inventions that made the alliance become successful.

But this was only applied when the strength of a race wasn\'t as important as its other contributions.

The RSGPlatform was merely a representative of each race\'s strength since only the top hundred strongest teams in the universe could make it up there.

That\'s why the SGPoints rewarded from those games were insane and could reach millions of points in a single high leveled game.

Meanwhile, other races like the slimes could slave themselves for an entire decade, and they would barely gather a million SGPoints before the next cycle begin.

How much are you planning on submitting Spiritanimal asked what was on everyone\'s minds.

No one dared to discuss things with Felix or share their own opinion on this matter...Not even if all the Milky Way leaders appeared before him.

If Felix wanted, he could keep all the points to himself and use them to buy discounts for the sake of his federation instead helping out the entire race.

After all, the prize pool of Racial games included mouth-watering rewards such as 10% discount on taxed industrial imports, 15% discount on imported organic goods, and there were also other prizes for individuals that could be purchased with SGPoints.

Since teams came from the planetary platform that was a great help to their backgrounds\' development, it was only natural to give them a way to still help their backgrounds even while representing their race.

Unresponsive, Felix submitted all of his team\'s points to push his race rank ahead of the shadowborn race!

Aren\'t you a great treasure to the human race Spiritanimal immediately praised Felix, To give up on all the points without a second thought, your selfless act truly makes one reconsider their impressions on humans!

Felix\'s action did move the viewers, knowing that almost all teams submit 80% of their points and keep 20% for themselves.

This while they were merely winning hundreds thousands to a couple of millions in each game...Felix had given up on almost four millions in his very first game, which wasn\'t an easy thing to do in their eyes.

As expected of my friend, his kindness, and generosity are his greatest virtues. Baron smiled with a pleased expression.

Tsk, he is just fronting. Aegnor clicked his tongue in disapproval, still not buying Felix\'s act.

You\'re just a hater. Elnora called him out.

At least, I am not a fool like you to get sucked up in his tentacles. Aegnor sneered, A human will remain a human...Lower your guard before him and he will stab you in the back.

Mark my words. Aegnor walked away, not bothering to watch the stream any further.

mArk My WoRds...What an idiot. Moana imitated him as she cursed, not too happy about being called a fool.


Sometime later, Felix could be seen chilling in a bathtub with his eyes closed shut and a hot towel covering his face.

After he submitted the points, he saw that everyone wanted to ask him about his reasoning, but they kept their inquires to themselves.

In all honestly, there was nothing shocking about his decision.

Felix\'s goal from the racial games wasn\'t to farm SGPoints for his own benefits but to help his race climb the ranking ladder as fast as possible before the next cycle.

He couldn\'t do so if he kept skimming 20% on each win...Especially, when he knew that the higher he climbed, the more likely he would end up meeting with a team that had at least one empyrean ranked player.

Not all races were like dragons that had tens of teams in the Racial platform...Some had merely two or three teams, and they were investing everything in them to keep their race\'s rank intact.

When the next cycle arrived, the human race would benefit as a whole from their new rank instead of temporarily discounts to waste their precious SGPoints...Especially, when they cost a hundred thousand points for each purchase.

Naturally, even though the human race is now above the shadowborn, it didn\'t mean that they would be receiving the same benefits as them.

Only if they retained such a rank after cycle end would it truly be considered as their own.

Are you planning to go for another game after the monthly reset Asna wondered.

Why are you asking Felix smiled faintly, Interested in another bet

F*ck off.

Felix laughed at her annoyed tone and answered, Yes, I will keep playing racial games on monthly basis to farm some wishes.

It\'s not like I have anything better to do with Selphie being absent.

What about the world tree first root. Asna said, It\'s not like Lady Yggdrasil will give it to you if you asked.

I honestly have no idea. Felix sighed.

Well, you still have a primogenitor\'s favor.

It\'s best to exhaust all other options first. Felix shook his head, Such a favor must not be wasted like this.

The stronger Felix had gotten, the more he would need this favor...Felix refused to waste it on things that could be obtained by hard work.

You better hope that Selphie will help you with this.

I doubt even she can do anything about this. Lady Sphinx replied, Do you even know how important the first root to Lady Yggdrasil Even I can\'t get some without owning a favor from her.

Felix couldn\'t help but show a bitter smile at the sound of that...If even his master needed to go this far to get her hand on it, then it would be a hundred times more challenging than he already assumed.

Felix knew that thinking about it wouldn\'t help much since this wasn\'t the same scenario as getting the ancestral dragon scales.

He couldn\'t buy his way in or make a mutual beneficial deal with Lady Yggdrasil since anything he offered would never have the same value as her first root.

In other words, getting the first root could be the hardest or the easiest thing ever depending on Lady Yggdrasil.

I can only meet with Lady Yggdrasil first and hope that she at least give me a task or a way to obtain it.

If she asks you to marry Selphie for it, what will you do Asna narrowed her eyes as she tested him.

I am a good man and an even better boyfriend. Felix replied with a stern tone, Naturally, I will run it by you first to see if you want a sister.

You pervert bastard, you\'re really seeking a beating today!

Felix chuckled at her angry tantrum, knowing exactly what buttons to push to make her get mad.

In all honesty, if Lady Yggdrasil suggested such a thing, Felix wouldn\'t agree to it.

It wasn\'t because of Asna, but he simply didn\'t love Selphie in that way, and he didn\'t see himself ever falling for her when he had Asna in his side.

Most importantly, he had no intentions of creating a harem when Asna was already an embodiment of a dozen of girls in one body.

In other words, she was handful to handle on her own...

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