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Chapter 1030 Selphie Has Returned!

The next morning...

Are you ready


Here we go again... Felix sighed exasperatedly as he sat on the couch while wearing a semiformal outfit...It consisted of a white shirt, slim black pants, and black shoes.

Felix had Asna for an entire day to do as he pleased, and he wanted to start it with a date.

It had been a long while since he had taken her out.

He might have shown bad motives before, but that was merely to tease Asna.

Felix had no thoughts of using the bet as a way to force himself on her when she wasn\'t ready to take their relationship to the next level.

So, he intended to use the bet to take her to a private beach, new restaurants, and in the evening, join the earthling team\'s party over their win in the racial game.

After a short while that felt like a decade, Asna had finally got down from upstairs while wearing a bewitching azure dress that covered just one of her shoulders, leaving the other flowing down into a beautiful jewel neckline.

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It was a tight fit which covered up her breasts, but did so without making it look awkward or messy.

Her arms have been left in the open.

A good choice too, as her lustrous fair skin and the color of the dress form a perfect combination.

How do I look Asna asked with an alluring smile.

Like trouble. Felix smiled wryly, Are you trying to cause scenes again

Why not Asna giggled happily.

Now, you know why I don\'t take you out often. Felix rubbed his eyelids at her troublesome personality and went to lock his hands with hers before exiting through the door...


Three Years Later...

Felix could be seen lying in a pool of sweat within his UVR\'s room.

He was breathing ruggedly with his cloudy bloodshot eyes semi-open.

\'Queen, heal me...\' He requested with great difficulty.

In the blink of an eye, his body was restored to its peak form while his mental was still at the bottom of the barrel.

Congratulation, you have pushed past 20%! Thor encouraged, 5% more to go, and you will be ready to face your fate.

5%...I must be crazy to think of doing such thing...Why none of you stopped me Felix\'s eyes turned a bit watery at his doomed future.

He barely managed to survive the pain of 20% as he felt like skin was being ripped apart while millions of daggers stabbing him nonstop directly on his nerves!

Felix started to believe that if he went for 25%, he would truly undergo an agonizing experience for both his body and soul!

You are close to the finish line, there is no quitting now. Jörmungandr said with a stern tone.

Felix could only sigh with a hopeless look, knowing that he was right...If he stopped now, all the pain and risk he took would be for naught.

Felix wanted the ancestral heart terribly...Especially, when he was given a wake up call in his latest racial game.

In the past two years, Felix played a racial game on monthly basis.

He had won fourteen games and lost one!

For each win, his team\'s MMR within the platform kept raising even though their ranking was moving at a snail pace.

After all, they were a new team within an already established list for a couple of years.

Other teams had played tens of games and collected millions of points and were still adding more each month.

Although his team had started with a total of 4 million, they merely managed to reach 70 rank from 80 with fourteen wins.

On other hand, their winning streak had made the Queen adjust their opponents from those close to their rank to those much higher than them to keep things fair.

This resulted in Felix\'s team to end up against a pandion team ranked in the top 50...The worst part Their captain was an empyrean ranked player!

His empyrean rank might be on the bottom of the five hundred strongest players, but he still gave Felix the worst time of his life.

His physical strength was equal to Felix and his battle experience surpassed him by miles, causing all of his Felix\'s plans and schemes to fall apart every time.

What\'s worse was the fact that Pandions utilize neutral energy instead of elemental energy...It was a known fact that neutral energy counter almost all elemental energies.

In other sense, Felix\'s elemental techniques and abilities became useless before him!

This resulted in Felix getting an actual fight worth sweating for...If this was a one vs.

one game, Felix would have been more than pleased by the difficult challenge.

Unfortunately, he had a secondary job of being his teammates\' babysitter.

This caused him to focus his entire efforts on defending his teammates while the pandions were focusing on winning the game...Either that or let his teammates die.

Felix didn\'t blame his teammates for this loss since those games were simply out of their league, yet he was pushing them to play in them.

If he had to blame someone, it would be universe for making the humans so freakishly weak compared to the strongest races.

After the loss, he decided to stop climbing the racial ladder, knowing that he needed enough strength to dominate even empyrean ranked players before moving on.

That\'s why he toughened his integration training regime, knowing that unless he replaced his bloodline, he would be stuck in this point for a really long time.

Vrr Vrr Vrr...

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Felix glanced at his AP bracelet after it started vibrating.

When he glanced at Elnora\'s name on the screen, he mumured while picking up the call, What does she want

Felix!! Guess what!! Elnora\'s excited voice resounded in the room.

What Felix raised an eyebrow.

Selphie has gotten out of her closed training!

For real!! Felix exclaimed in shock.

Yes! She is having a meeting with mother tree now! Elnora added.

Thank you, I will be talking to her later. Felix shared his appreciation for the Intel and hung up on Elnora.

At last, the wait is over. Felix let out a long sigh of relief as he sat on the floor again.

After two years went by, Felix truly started dreading the notion that Selphie would remain in closed training for a decade or more.

He wouldn\'t really mind if he didn\'t need to bathe in the life essence to continue his integration training.

He realized that 20% was his limit and if he wanted to go above it, he needed to increase his body limitations.

The only way to do so at the moment was bathing in the life essence fountain.

Let\'s leave her a message. Felix wrote a brief message, telling Selphie that he would be waiting for her in his room.

He knew that she would need to meet with the Queen and the rest of the royal family before him.


While Felix was chilling in his room, Lady Yggdrasil and Selphie could be seen sitting under a tree in the royal garden while drinking tea.

What did you master Lady Yggdrasil inquired.

Ten new spells for my other elements and two spells for Time element. Selphie answered.

Hmm, the time spells, what grade are they

Both intermediate. Selphie smiled.

Not bad. Lady Yggdrasil praised.

She didn\'t even need to ask about the grades of the other spells as she knew that they must be at advanced level.

Which ones did you decipher and learn

I learned Time Acceleration and Age Transferal. Selphie answered.

Oho You must have had some hard time learning Age Transferal. Lady Yggdrasil raised an eyebrow in surprise.

She knew that her daughter\'s talent in runes understanding was phenomenal, but she doubted that she would be able to learn this spell in such a short period of time.

It was a bit diffuclt, but it was worth it. Selphie smiled with a hint of obsession in her eyes.

... Lady Yggdrasil went silent for a few seconds before giving her a painful chop in the head.


What was that for, mom! Selphie complained with a wronged tone.

You think I won\'t figure you out Lady Yggdrasil scolded her, You learned this spell for the sake of that kid, didn\'t you

I have no idea what you are talking about. Selphie mumbled while fiddling with her fingers, not wanting to admit it.

Are you now Lady Yggdrasil exposed her, Humans have a low lifespan and can live to a hundred thousand years at best...You want to use this spell to transfer the age of other creatures to him, so he won\'t die before you.

Am I right Speak.


Sigh...You are already thinking of your future with him when you haven\'t even made him your partner yet. Lady Yggdrasil was truly left hopeless with Selphie\'s antics.

She even started prioritizing her spells for the sake of Felix...Her obsession was getting worse and worse.

It\'s not that bad. Selphie defended herself, Such spell is useful in all kind of situations.

How is it useful when you its effect need constant elemental energy to keep it from disappearing

In other words, even if Selphie transferred the age of a creature to Felix, she would need to always feed it elemental energy if she wanted Felix to avoid death.

After all, runes still use elemental energy and not laws.

If they used laws, the elves would be the strongest race in the entire universe, dominating even primogenitors.

Stop fooling around and start learning proper spells for your own sake. Lady Yggdrasil gave her another chop in the head.

Fine, I will do that... Selphie showed her mother a puppy look before requesting, Can I leave now

Knowing that she was eager to meet with Felix made Lady Yggdrasil\'s eyelids twitch, starting to rethink that Felix\'s company might not be so good for Selphie after all.

Still, she wasn\'t like Queen Alfreda...Whether it was good or not, she was too old to put her nose in such matters.

Go already.

Thanks, mom! See you later. Selphie kissed Lady Yggdrasil in the forehead before dashing outside the royal garden.

Felix assumed that Selphie would be visiting the royal family first, but he couldn\'t be any more mistaken.

Knock Knock!

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