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Chapter 1042 The Empyrean Promotion Game!

Without delay, Felix created a couple of dummies Ai in front of him and began his test, starting with deconstruction attribute.

He whipped the dummies in a single motion with his vermilion electrical bolt, causing them to start twitching while breaking at the same time into smaller pieces!

By the time the electrical discharge died down, they were turned into a pile of fine dust on the ground.

Hehehe, this really adds dimensions into my lightning abilities. Felix smiled widely as he created another batch of dummies.

This time, he switched to the blue gemstone...It provided a chilling attribute, causing the dummies to suffer from two opposing effects simultaneously!

Felix didn\'t stop at that and continued to torture those dummies with more attributes.

Naturally, not all of his sacred attributes were harmful.

In fact, the pink gemstone was capable of healing the soul while the white gemstone could heal the body.

When Felix was done testing them all, he used them on his other elements to see if the sacred attribute added up to an already attributed element or not.

For example, he manifested an Olivsling mirror and reflected the light on one of the dummies to attempt hypnotizing it.

He had added the attribute of the orange royal gemstone as well...He chose it specifically because it made his elemental attacks become mental attacks too!

Interesting, the attributes does boost each other if they were compatible. Felix commentated after seeing that the dummies had fallen into a hallucination in less than a split second.

This while he made sure that their mental defenses would rival even peak radiant players!

Felix repeated the same test with his poison inducements that were targeting just the mind of the dummies...He had received the same positive results.

Though, if both of them are used alone, the effects get reduced drastically.

Felix was somewhat disappointed with this since it implied that if he used the mental attacking attribute on his lightning or water, it wouldn\'t really do much against monsters with tough mental defenses.

Nevertheless, it was a great improvement.

Next, Felix attempted merging the acidic inducement with the corrosion attribute.

As he expected, the end results were promising.

This had further made him convinced that it was all about compatibility.

A couple of hours later...

Felix finally called it a quit after going through most of the possible combinations, techniques, and sequences he could pull off with his sacred attributes.

Naturally, he tested out his fire immunity as well...With the ancestral dragon\'s heart merged with him, it was quite expected that fire immunity was included in the package.

Are you going to spin the wheel now Asna wondered as she watched Felix taking a shower.

Not before I unlock a couple of water based active abilities and also adapt to my new strength. Felix replied.

He might have enough strength to smash his way up to the empyrean rank, but Felix wasn\'t in such a rush.

He had gotten much stronger too quickly, and he was still not in complete control of his new strength.


Four months later...

Felix could be seen sitting in his living room with holographic green button in front of him.

In the past four months he had participated in his last three radiant ranked games and finally reached peak-radiant rank.

As expected, he easily dominated those three games with merely his physical strength, spreading terrors through the hearts of every viewer and player.

He didn\'t even bother use his sacred attributes or his water abilities.

Just his physical strength was enough to put everyone in their place...Royal dragons included.

Right now, he was planning to spin the wheel for his promotional game to the empyrean rank.

He knew that the game was going to include at least five empyrean ranked players while the rest would be just like him...Players seeking to get promoted.

Ting Ting...Ting!

-Congratulation on picking a battle format!-

That\'s a good start. Felix said as he spun the second wheel.

In a few seconds, he stopped it and watched the needle land on a golden board.

-Congratulation on picking the game, The Arena King!-


Felix glanced at the details of the game.

// Game Platform: Individual Supremacy Games Platform

Game Format: Battles

Game Name: The Arena King

Participants Number: 30

Strength Allowed (Human Race System): Unlimited.

Items Allowed: Nano based items, symbiote-based items, potions, scrolls, and artifacts (Limited to Epic)

Prize Pool: Nanosuit V10, Necrolight Lance (Epic Artifact), Potion of Glory (Rank 5), Meteor Shower Scroll (Epic grade).

Rules of the game:

1) All the players will be teleported to a single island that has an enormous white arena in the center.

2) Players are allowed to fight only within the arena.

3) The first player to step inside the arena would be bestowed with a crown and be named as The Arena King.

4) Each second the player keep the crown on top of his head will be awarded with 100 point.

5) Players can take the crown from The King and wear it to start earning points.

6) If The King escaped outside the arena, the crown will appear on top of a random player\'s head inside the arena.

7) The escaped king will be renamed as The Coward.

Cowards receive debuffs as penalties that can last up to half an hour.

Debuffs examples: Strength reduced by 15%/Mental defenses weakened by 15%/Movement speed reduced by 20%...etc

8) Players aren\'t allowed to use mass destruction abilities/mass mental affecting abilities.

As well as not remain in one spot for more than thirty seconds or hidden within another dimension for thirty seconds.

9) Players who broke those rules will be banned from entering the arena for at least an hour.

When they do enter it, they will be debuffed as well.

10) All players can\'t leave the arena for at least five minutes after stepping inside...The King can leave the arena after one minute of wearing the crown.

11) It\'s a free for all war inside the arena, however partnerships and alliances can be made.

12) Eliminating players rewards with 1000 points/Kicking off players from the arena rewards 100 points/

13) Eliminating The King rewards with 10000 points/Stealing the Crown rewards with 5000 points.

14) The game will last for three hours...Player with the most points at the end of the game will be proclaimed as the final winner.

For more information, please open up your SG interface.

Good luck to all participants//

What a typical promotion game. Felix snickered.

He could already imagine the mayhem and chaos in the arena with thirty players all gunning for the crown.

To put five monsters from the empyrean rank within this herd would naturally result in a massacre...But Felix wasn\'t complaining.

He knew that the empyrean rank promotion games were geared more to such a dangerous and cruel games to filter out the trash.

It was also to warn the others about the consequences of attempting to join the top five hundred strongest players in the universe.

After all, only the bottom fifty empyrean ranked players get placed in those promotion games to defend their rank as well as reduce their challengers.

The more they kill, the less promotion games they would need to participate and focus purely on climbing past the low bottom fifty.

Fortunately, the alliance knew that it was too much for them to keep accepting those promotion games one after the other.

So, to avoid working them out to death, each player had only one chance of promotion every year.

In other words, if Felix didn\'t win this promotion game, he would need to wait an entire year before attempting again.

He had no such thoughts.

Check the players, there will be at least ten champions if not more. Lady Sphinx said with a faint eager smile.

Who could blame her for being this eager

Ten champions meant ten primogenitors participating in a bet or at least six with multiple champions in one game.

Whatever it was, they present a chance to get the maniacal monoliths from their hands!

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