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Chapter 1963: You two are friends (1)

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Her beautiful eyes stared at the mischievous lightning without a change in expression.

Leng ruoxues heart was depressed for a moment!

In fact, she, who was in seclusion, had no idea what was going on.

In order to concentrate on her closed-door cultivation, she had sealed off all her senses.

Therefore, other than occasionally using her divine sense to check on the situation within her body, it could be said that she was completely unaware of the movements of the wind and grass outside.

However, just as she was trying her best to absorb spiritual energy and preparing to break through, she suddenly felt that the spiritual energy seemed to be somewhat lacking.

Immediately after, a milky white ball ran into her body, and she immediately felt that the spiritual energy in her body was filled to the brim.

Even though Leng ruoxue was not sure what the milky-white ball was, it was a good thing that it could replenish her spiritual energy.

However, after the milky-white ball had circulated a few times in her body, not only did it occupy her dantian, but it had also absorbed all the divine energy that she had painstakingly stored in her dantian.

Leng ruoxue was instantly enraged! Was this thing here to help her or to rob her

At the same time, there was a voice in the depths of her heart telling her that she had to defeat this milky-white ball.

Since she had to defeat it, Leng ruoxue naturally treated the mysterious ball as her enemy.

It was also because of this that the battle between the human and the ball in her dantian began.

After a long while, just as Leng ruoxue felt the light of victory, the milky-white ball changed its playstyle.

It was the same fire, ice, lightning, and so on that she felt now.

And now, Leng ruoxue was being toyed with by the lightning.

Those lightning bolts that were as thick as a finger were as cunning as slippery fish.

You couldnt catch them, and when you didnt catch them, they would angrily sway in front of you.

Leng ruoxue could even see the disdainful expressions in the lightning bolts.

This fact made her feel extremely conflicted.

But very quickly, Leng ruoxue calmed down.

After she calmed down, she focused her astral body into her dantian and ignored the mischievous lightning.

When the lightning saw this, it looked at each other as if it had a life of its own.

Then, it started to circle around Leng ruoxue.

Actually, even though Leng ruoxue didnt pay any attention to them, she had been secretly using her divine sense to observe them.

Hence, after seeing their reaction, Leng ruoxue was extremely puzzled.

Why didnt the lightning attack her like the Fire and Ice before instead, it was like a naughty child playing with her.

However, she was not in the mood to play hide-and-seek with them! She still had to defeat the ball that had somehow entered her body!

At the thought of this, Leng ruoxues expression became even more unmoved, and she even ignored their teasing.

The lightning bolts circled around Leng ruoxue a few times, but when they realized that she had no reaction, they felt a little dejected.

Some of the lightning bolts even dimmed down.

At this moment, Leng ruoxue seized the opportunity and attacked instantly!

In an instant, a white web of light enveloped the lightning around her.

Leng ruoxue finally smiled when she saw this.

“You cunning little things, Ive finally caught you.” Leng ruoxue mumbled to herself.

However, the lightning within the light net started to look down on her even more.

“Yo! You still dare to look down on me” Leng ruoxue was exasperated.

These lightning bolts were too vivid.

It was as if they had a mind of their own.

At the thought of this, she couldnt help but stretch out a slender finger and touch the light net.

She gently poked at the lightning boltsbodies and grabbed a small lightning bolt in her hand.

However, the lightning bolt that Leng ruoxue had caught was not afraid of her at all.

In fact, it was rather calm and allowed her to do whatever she wanted.

Seeing this, Leng ruoxue became even more puzzled.

However, she didnt have much time to think about it.

The lightning that she had covered in the net of light disappeared mysteriously and was replaced by bursts of green whirlwinds!

There was a wind eye in each of the green whirlwinds.

The whirlwinds were about half the height of a person, and they whistled from a distance.

Around the whirlwinds, there were wind blades that flashed with a dazzling white light …

Leng ruoxues heart shuddered when she saw this!

Oh my God! What the hell is this

Who could kindly tell her what was going on She had only gone into seclusion, how did she draw out these things

Leng ruoxue was extremely depressed.

However, looking at the whirlwind that was right in front of her, she did not dare to let her guard down.

Even though the lightning did not attack her earlier, she did not know if the wind would convulse.

Before the whirlwind arrived, Leng ruoxue had already made preparations to attack at any moment.

However, to her surprise, the wind blades around the whirlwind did not charge towards her.

Instead, the whirlwind surrounded her! Then, her body started to shake like leaves in the wind!

Damn it, was he trying to blow her away

Leng ruoxue tried her best to control her balance.

Immediately after, she made her move!

Two identical wind blades struck the center of the whirlwind.

However, in the next second, Leng ruoxues wind blades were absorbed by the whirlwind!

Seeing this, Leng ruoxue knew that using wind-type divine power to deal with these whirlwinds would not be very effective!

Then, fire, water, light, dark, earth, and all the other divine skills she had were thrown out by her.

After the whirlwinds gently absorbed her divine skills, they disappeared.

Instantly, Leng ruoxue was dumbfounded!

What was the meaning of this Were those whirlwinds here for a meal Thinking back to her earlier performance, no matter how Leng ruoxue thought about it, she felt that she was just delivering food to those whirlwinds! However, it was a good thing that they had disappeared.

Otherwise, he really did not know what to do with them!

But just as Leng ruoxues mood was starting to relax, the yellow sand once again rushed towards her.

This time, Leng ruoxue really wanted to curse!

However, the surging yellow sand did not give her the chance to curse.

She was instantly drowned in it!

As for Leng ruoxue, she felt as though she was a lonely boat floating on the sea, drifting alone on the surface of the sea!

What Leng ruoxues spirit was experiencing was a test from the origin of chaos.

Some of them did not seem to cause any harm, but they were actually direct attacks on her spirit.

However, Leng ruoxues spirit was extremely strong.

Hence, she did not have much of a reaction to those soul attacks.

On the other hand, she felt endless pain from those attacks on her body! This was enough to show that her body was still very weak!

After a long time.

The trial of the origin of chaos had finally ended.

At this moment, Leng ruoxues spirit had returned to its previous stable state.

However, her external body was suddenly enveloped by a cocoon of light …

The evildoer who had been standing guard by Leng ruoxues side was elated when he saw this.

The nervous expression on his face had also completely relaxed.

Only the heavens knew how worried he was after everything that Xueer had just experienced.

Especially when he saw the blood oozing out of Xue ers body, his heart felt as if it was being twisted by a knife.

If he could, he really wanted to take Xueers place and bear all of this.

Unfortunately, Xue er could only bear this alone!

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