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“Slaying the dragon”

Fang Xian was a little stunned: “If he is regarded highly by the Jade Tower Master, then wouldn’t he be the other one from the town dragons” 

Although the twin dragons are foreign grandmasters, their prestige is still above the four kings.

But among the foreign sects, they were originally like a mess of sand, and it was normal to have vengeance or something.

“That’s right, it’s Nie Yinlong… This person’s whereabouts have been elusive.

I got news that he has recently come to Yuanwu City, which is a good opportunity from heaven!”

Jade Dragon nodded tenderly.

“Haha…” Fang Xian shook his head and smiled bitterly.

“Why are you laughing”

“I’m laughing at the debt of gratitude, but it’s not easy to repay…” Fang Xian rolled his eyes: “I owe Bao Gan a favor and promised to help him, but I ended up feuding with the Red Ape Sect, and now I owe you a helping hand, I will be going to fight with another dragon…Nie Yinlong There are two towers in Jianghu, and two dragons in two towers…Since there is Jade Dragon Beauty hidden in the Golden Wind Gentle Drizzle Tower, the other dragon won’t be hidden in the Star Picking Tower, right”

“Yes, Nie Yinlongjing is good at infiltration and the way of assassination, and is the owner of the Star Picking Tower!” Yu Longjiao did not hide it.

Fang Xian suddenly fell into deep thought.

If it was before, he would definitely turn around and leave.

Although he owed Jade Dragon Beauty a debt, he recalled that even if he could not beat the Red Ape Sect Master, he was very sure of escaping.

This kind of favor was not very big, and at best he can just find a chance to return it to Jade Dragon Beauty in the future.

But since Nie Yinlong was the owner of Star Picking Tower, the third level of “Seven Killing Fist of the White Tiger’ was placed on this person.

Even if Jade Dragon Beauty didn’t mention it, Fang Xian was ready to find trouble in Star Picking Tower.

Moreover, he has taken several shots and exposed the number of martial arts methods.

Maybe Star Picking Tower has noticed him and has some doubts.

So, it’s better to start with the strongest.

Star Picking Tower is an assassin organization, and its tracks are hidden and difficult to trace.

Without the help of Golden Wind and Gentle Drizzle Tower, it would be really troublesome to find clues.

“Agreed, I’ll help you kill this person!”


This time, Jade Dragon Beauty was a little surprised.

She asked herself that if she was in his place, she would need to think about it.

But this Fang Xian, the promise was made too simply, right

“When a gentleman speaks, his words can never be chased by horses!” Fang Xian laughed: “But this person’s and the spoils of the Star-Picking building, I have to pick them first!”

“It’s natural.” Yu Long Jiao pursed his lips and smiled: “The reason why I want to kill this person is because I have a grudge against him.

You can take the rest of the items yourself.”

“Why did Nie Yinlong come to Yuanwu City, is it because of the martial arts conference” Fang Xian guessed.

“Perhaps… This martial arts conference doesn’t seem to be simple, there is a feeling that the mountains and rains are coming…”

Jade Dragon Beauty looked up at the sky.

The dark clouds floating from nowhere obscured the bright moon and cast a large darkness.

thatched cottage.

Fang Xian got a little closer and felt the difference.

In front, there seems to be a huge stove.

Suddenly, the fire in it poured over and swept towards him.

A figure was swiftly thrown out of it, hit by one palm, containing the mysteries of heaven and earth, the truth of the stars.

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Fang Xian’s mind moved, the white tiger possessed the body, and the seven fists became one.


The fists and palms meet, and the wind is overflowing.


The tray that Bao Gan was holding fell to the ground and hurried over: “We’re on the same side! We’re on the same side!”

“Nonsense, of course, I know!”

Zhou Xuan retracted his palms and calmly said, “You are Fang Xian Sure enough, you are full of talent.

Now I believe that you can hold your own against that old monkey…”

He suddenly bowed and said: “Thank you junior for saving our lives!”

“You’re welcome, I just happened to be there during the meeting… The technique a while ago, is it the ‘Zhou Tian Xingchen Palm’ It really is an innate skill!”

Fang Xian returned the courtesy politely.

“Haha… This martial arts is difficult to practice tightly, although the power is very powerful after training, but if you are not careful, you will go crazy, and with the aptitude of  Bao Gan, before the age of forty, I would not dare to let him practice it…”

Zhou Xuan didn’t care about the bitter face next to him and suddenly said: “With your talent, it is possible to practice this martial arts to the highest level.

How about I pass this method to you”

This is preparing to use an innate unique skill to repay the previous kindness.

“Thank you senior, but I have no intention of dabbling in other…”

Fang Xian refused with a smile.

He feels that he fits the ‘Seven Killing Fist of the White Tiger’ very well, and he has not yet mastered this unique skill, so why should he be greedy

“Focused, good!”

Zhou Xuan rubbed his palms and praised: “Your fist technique has the shadow of the Seven Killing Fist of Star Picking Tower, but it is even more above it.

I heard that the Seven Killing Fist of Star Picking Tower is not complete, you have to be careful that the little loach troubles you.”

“Nie Yinlong”

Fang Xian’s expression suddenly became solemn: “I don’t know if I can ask what senior knows about him”

“Proficient in assassination, but still a martial fanatic… In addition, you have to be careful, Star Picking Tower will kill people if you give money, they have no bottom line…” Zhou Xuan replied with a sigh.

“Hmph, I would like to see and try them out.”

Fang Xian narrowed his eyes slightly, looking within himself.

In his body, the three acupoints that had been blasted had recovered, and the White Tiger Demon God among them was gradually condensed.

Even the fourth acupuncture point was opened.

The acupoint focus of the second level of ‘Seven Killing Fist of the White Tiger’ was originally a process of accumulation in ordinary times.

If a dam was built to store water, the gate would be opened again at the right time.

After each outbreak, it is necessary to re-visualize and cultivate the evil spirits.

Of course, this is much easier than opening it up.

“Haha, that’s how young people should be.”

Zhou Xuan has always had a fearless temperament.

Hearing this, his appetite was opened.

If Fang Xian’s martial arts had not been chosen, he would have planned to accept him as a disciple.

After a pause, he continued: “You are looking for that loach, is it Jade Dragon Beauty from Golden Wind and Gentle Drizzle Tower who asked you to This girl’s father and brother were both assassinated by Star Picking Tower, and the hatred for each other is undeniable… Well, the strength of Golden Wind and Gentle Drizzle Tower is very promising in Yuanwu Kingdom.”

Although he was arrogant, he was not a fool, and he immediately figured out something.

“Forget it, I also owe Jade Dragon Beauty a favor… Right now…”

“Master!” Bao Gan was in a hurry when he saw this, and quickly pulled Zhou Xuan’s arm.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going by myself, I’m going to introduce another helper for you… As long as you can find Nie Yinlong’s whereabouts, he will be dead.” Zhou Xuan said firmly.


Fang Xian’s eyes lit up.

“Later, you can go with me to see a senior, and Bao Gan, you don’t have to go.” Zhou Xuan got up and acted resolutely.

“A… senior”

Fang Xian was a little surprised that Zhou Xuan acted this courteously, there should not be many in the martial arts world.

In Fang Xian’s heart, he couldn’t help but feel a little more expectation and curiosity.


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