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Golden Wind Drizzle Building.

Fang Xian, who was entering meditation, was shocked and woke up.

He put on a coat and came to the outside world, staring at the bright moonlight: “Is it almost there”

On August 15th, the martial arts conference!

With the arrival of this day, the number of martial artists in Yuanwu City is soaring at an astonishing rate.

“Unfortunately… I still haven’t found any trace of Nie Yinlong.”

After all, the other party is the owner of the Star Picking Tower, and it is impossible to find openings so easily.

Fang Xian glanced at his attribute column:

[Talent: The Eye of the Mysterious Caverns] 

[ Hunyuan True Qi: Small Success ]

[ Seven Killing Fist of the White Tiger: Level 2 ] 

“Understanding the ‘sky and man united’ of Chu Madman, these days, I have discussed martial arts with Zhou Xuan and Jade Dragon Beauty, the two great masters, and it has been really beneficial…”

Fang Xian was like a statue, standing quietly among the flowers.

Not long after, the morning sun rose to the east and the red light was vast.

”It’s finally here!”

He returned to the house and changed into a white robe, feeling refreshed.

Thousands of people in all corners of the world have sacrificed their lives, roaming around the world, and honing their martial arts, in order to be famous at the martial arts conference!

Although Fang Xian is not so superficial, many martial arts masters duel face to face and demonstrate martial arts, which is still very attractive to him.

’After this time, how deep will my martial arts development be ‘

A trace of anticipation rose in his heart and he walked out of the guest house.


Fang, I wish you your fame today in advance.” Jade Dragon Beauty dressed as a man in a pitch-black samurai uniform and stepped forward to congratulate him with a smile.

”I have no intention of turning up and dueling…”

Fang Xian replied seriously.

If he is dueling now, if not to challenge the first-level Grandmaster of the Twin Dragons, the Four Kings, or Six Sects, he is simply bullying others.

”I received the news that the Five Form Sect and Zhang Family are here this time.

When the time comes, I’m afraid it’s not up to you anymore…” Jade Dragon Beauty shook her head slightly.

”The matters of jianghu will be dealt with in jianghu ways… I don’t really have another choice.” Fang Xian lowered his eyelids: “Where’s Nie Yinlong”

”I still haven’t found him, but he won’t miss the martial arts conference.”

Jade Dragon Beauty waved his hand: “Please! “


Fang Xian performed qin gong, and the two of them skimmed the high wall and came to the open in an instant.

On the way to Guishe Mountain, they saw more and more people from different walks of life.

Some of them performed light kung fu, some rode fast horses, and most of them were ordinary warriors who were not good at kung fu and could only walk honestly.

Guishe Mountain.

This mountain is located on the outskirts of Yuanwu City, with layers of green hills and pleasant scenery.

In particular, there are two peaks.

From a distance, there are turtles and snakes entrenched in the sky, so it is named.

Many literati and calligraphy explore the secrets and leave a lot of calligraphy.

But today, other idlers and others have been excluded, and only people from the rivers and lakes can enter the mountain.

On a hilltop and flat land, a large number of wooden sheds have been built. 

As a landlord and a major force in the rivers and lakes, Jinfeng Drizzle Building naturally occupies a good place.

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At this time, there are already many martial artists who have come one step ahead, and there are thousands of them.

”It’s really crowded, why not directly in Yuanwu City”

Fang Xian sighed as he looked at the crowded crowd.

”After all, we have to prevent Emperor Yuanwu from suddenly going crazy, close the city gate, and send a large army to suppress the crowd…” Jade Dragon Beauty was very indifferent.

Even if this happens, most of the masters can still run away, and the ones who die the most are the rookies.

However, the inheritance of martial arts from generation to generation is composed of countless ordinary warriors, and they have to think about it.

”It’s him!”

”The thief!”

”Fang Xian, little thief, return my master’s life!”

Suddenly, a look fell on Fang Xian, causing a large crowd of angry shouts.

”Who is it”

Fang Xian looked back and couldn’t help but be startled.

It was a team from the northwest corner, and the banner he had was very familiar with the Wuxingmen of Yaofeng County!

In addition, the Fengyun Gang, the Changhe faction, the Zhang family, the Liu family, and the Leng family were also there.

Fang Xian even saw ‘Liu Yun’, who was looking at him with a very complicated look.

”Those who betrayed the sect, why don’t you come out and die!”

An elder jumped out of the Five Form Sect, and he must be angry.

This violent shout immediately attracted a lot of attention, and the other martial arts idlers all looked at Fang Xian who was surrounded by a play.

”I have no guilt towards the sect.

You sent someone to hunt me down first…”

Fang Xian chuckled, and the soft voice rang in the ears of everyone around.

”Huh This person is Fang Xian His real qi cultivation is not bad…” The Five Form Sect Master ‘Xie Kun’ asked his disciple with a slightly complicated expression.


Zhou Wuming looked at Fang Xian, feeling unspeakable in his heart.

At this time, he is still unable to break through the innate, and the other party has far surpassed him.

”Sect Master, this time we must avenge Zifan and Elder Ao!”

Elder Zhang clan next to him roared.

”Yeah, don’t listen to this little thief, just kill it!” In the Zhang family, a woman’s face was twisted: “This person is a martial arts scum, we don’t need to follow the rules of the jianghu with him, let’s go together!”

”Very good.”

Among the Liu family, an innate level elder came out to answer, obviously having some secret hatred for Fang Xian.

Fang Xian looked around: “You…are you not waiting for the martial arts conference to start”

He actually wanted to ask, are you so eager to seek death

But if you think about it carefully, you can also understand.

Perhaps the first-level leaders of the six factions knew about his defeat of the eight heroes, but ordinary warriors did not.

As for the confrontation with the Red Ape Sect Master Chiape, the other party is ashamed and will definitely not publicize it.

Jade Dragon Beauty, Zhou Xuan, and Bao Gan are all tight-lipped people, so although Fang Xian’s name is a bit sensational at the top, he still hasn’t made a reputation in jianghu.

At most, they only know that he is a traitor of the Five Form Sect, killed a congenital elder, that’s all.

Now, it is obvious that we have to come together and go after his life.

”You are the sect and family of Yaofeng County What are you going to do” During the commotion, a steward of Golden Wind Drizzle Building came over.

As half the landlord, he has the responsibility of governing the people in it.

Seeing Fang Xian, she unconsciously lowered her head, her momentum stagnant.

”This is a personal grievance between us and this kid, and it won’t disturb the process of the conference! Please keep your hands high!”

Xie Kun strode out.

In an instant, from the Five Forms Sect, two more innate masters came around.

Among the Zhang family, there were also two people on the line, plus the elders of the Liu family, a full six congenital, surrounded Fang Xian: “Boy, you can’t flee today!”

”You go, don’t worry about it!”

Fang Xian waved his hand, He waved back the steward, and sincerely said to the people around him, “I advise you, don’t attack me, stop fighting!”

”Boy, I’ll kill your son first, and then you try and tell me to stop fighting”

An elder from the Zhang family roared.

”So that’s the case, there’s no other way, just do it with me, and be prepared to be beaten to death by me…” Fang Xian shook his head: “Come on together! I’m not targeting someone, but even if you all come together, none of you are still good enough to be my opponent!” 


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