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Chapter 4 - The Tea Shed

The next morning.

Fangxian, dressed in a pale whiteish green robe, bid his farewell to his parents and disappeared into the smoke as he made his way out of the village.

“The ocean is only vast because fishes leap, the sky is boundless as the bird flies!”

Stepping on the vast road, his heart was filled with a certain youthful enthusiasm, which was a very novel experience for an old otaku that has already lived two lifetimes.

“Hmm, also the name Wang Xiaoer has very bad taste.

I will make myself be known as Fangxian when I wander the underworld… The underworld is treacherous” if possible leave without leaving your name, but use a pseudonym if necessary!” (By underworld, it refers to a society of martial arts)

This is why you break ties with family and friends from the beginning, to protect them from getting hurt.

“The most important agenda currently is to find real classic records of inner strengthening techniques and develop internal Chi!”

Fangxian’s “Fierce Tiger Fists” was learned secretly from the county city, relying on his natural talent【Eye of the Mysterious Caverns】to memorize its contents.

However, he was unable to fully understand many of the techniques which required the movement of internal Chi.

“When it comes to classic records, I only have one ‘Secret Transcript of the Mysterious Caverns’, which may surpass many martial arts classic records.

It is a supreme evil skill, but it was not because I was unwilling to practice, even if I am willing, I would not be able to learn it.

This may be related to the world, and more likely related to the unknown existence… ”

Fangxian guessed that the key was establishing contact with that evil entity when it comes to cultivating the ‘Secret Transcript of the Mysterious Caverns’”.

In the beginning, he only awakened the natural talent,【Eye of Mysterious Caverns】, after dreaming of weird scenes.

Eye of the Mysterious Caverns, the secrets of the Caverns, has to be studied in great detail.

"In other words, the key to cultivating this evil thing lies in the 'connection' and the 'frequency'.

Maybe that entity, like an evil god, existed like a 'signal' from the depths of the universe, while the ‘Secret Transcript of the Mysterious Caverns’ is to adjust the human body to become a 'radio'.

The human body can only be adjusted after receiving the signal, and it will gradually become ‘inhuman’.

Once the universe has changed, the connection is severed, and the signal cannot be received, which meant cultivation was impossible, but the "Eye of Mysterious Caverns" that has been successfully practiced will be retained.

I’ve earned it, ate my slice of cake, and threw the timebomb back… "

Fangxian was worried.

Although it was only his guess, it was very likely to be true.

Taking advantage of such an entity… was not a good thing.

Moreover, the sinister “Secret Transcript of the Mysterious Caverns” had given him a choice without influencing him.

"You can go to the county city by walking a few hours on the mountain road, but I used to secretly learn martial arts from inside the martial arts hall there.

Although I crawled on the fence and only watched it for half a day, it was better safe than sorry… Besides, there may be acquaintances in the county city.

Changing your name would be useless.

After all, no matter how secluded the Wang Laogen’s family lives in the countryside, they had already gone to the county city a few times before already..."

Looking at the crossroads in front of him, Fangxian hesitated slightly and chose the other road leading to Yaofeng provincial city.

Needless to say, the provincial city was much glamorous than any county city!

Even though some experts prefer to live a secluded lifestyle in the mountains and forests, many martial arts tycoons enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.

Given the prosperity of martial arts in the county, there is always a chance to secretly learn such tricks.

"If we could foresee life and death events, it would be an even more enjoyable experience...

It would also be good to join a sect, you can't always learn martial arts secretly..."

Fangxian couldn’t help but heaved a sigh when he thought of this.

Practicing martial arts without practicing strength would be meaningless!

This was something he had overheard from the county city’s martial arts hall.

The so-called martial arts refers to the various moves, techniques, and external skills.

And strength would refer to the internal strength to be able to develop internal Chi!

“To accomplish a difficult task such as developing internal Chi based on purely physical strength, to become truly outstanding, one would have to apprentice for a skilled master and pick up internal strength development techniques!”

“Internal Chi, what is it”

Fangxian was very curious about these supernatural powers.

But he thought about his own birthrights, family background, and decided it was hopeless to impress any famous sects to accept him as an apprentice under a legendary teaching master.

However, equipped with the 【Eye of Mysterious Caverns】, he could disguise it as a natural-born gift of “photographic memory”.

He wondered if any masters would be willing to accept such an apprentice.

Fangxian didn’t mind apprenticing for a new teaching master.

If it hadn’t been for the family’s poor background, he couldn’t hand up school fees and he wouldn’t have to learn in secret.

He carried his baggage and wandered for a few days, and was only half a day away from Yaofeng provincial city.

Along the road, there were many farmlands in the distance, which is much more prosperous than the surroundings within the county city.

On the roadside, there was also a tea shed for pedestrians to rest.

Fangxian looked at the sun, the blazing sun scorched the sky and heatwaves bellowed with the winds.

He walked into the tea shed and bought himself a bowl of tea with a copper coin.

The tea here was average, it was warm enough to quench his thirst and not too cold such that it made his stomach upset.

Fangxian drank a bowl and then another, took out a few pieces of biscuits, and nibbled slowly.

This time, he scanned detailedly his surroundings and at all the people under the tea shed.

There were not many people at this time, there were only three tables of people who sat under the tea shed.

At one table sat an old man and his grandson, dressed in plain clothes like ordinary farmers.

At the other table, there were a few young men and women in blue overalls, armed with swords and knives, dressed as people of the underworld.

In addition to the people here would be himself, a seemingly ordinary young boy.

“Senior brother, we are about to reach Yaofeng provincial city soon.

Are there any famous martial arts residences, martial arts halls, and sects Will there be any young heroes in the city”

At this time, a young girl with an oval face among the young men and women suddenly spoke.

Fangxian couldn’t help but continued listening intently while pretending to chew on his biscuit.

“If we are considering today’s new talents in the underworld, it would be the most famous eight heroes, sixteen new stars… Among them is Tianluo star, Baoqian, whose birth originates from Yaofeng province!”

The senior apprentice among the young men and women replied.

“Tianluo star...”

Several junior apprentices were full of yearning expressions: “If we to make a name for ourselves in the underworld… it would be worthwhile for this lifetime!”

“Hmmm, dear brothers and sisters have to buck up and work harder… ”

The young senior male apprentice encouraged, rolling his eyes subtly.

He knew that if there was an impossible task without any miracles.

At this very moment, another carriage was parked beside the tea shed.

The servant tied the horse securely to the side.

A pretty melon-seed face maidservant in red overalls with a red hairpin carefully stepped out of the carriage.

She glanced around the tea shed, nodded, and reported to the person in the carriage: “Miss, I think this tea shed is pretty clean, shall we rest here for a while”

“That would be great.”

A low response was heard from the carriage as a palm was stretched out, and a young woman got out of the carriage supported by her maidservant.

She had a graceful figure, but her face was covered with a veil, obscuring visual below her bright eyes.

“Ugh… ”

A low sigh reverberated.

It was one of the junior apprentices from that table.

Originally, he already thought the maidservant had quite a beautiful visual and started imagining how stunning the young lady would be.

However, upon witnessing this scene, he felt inevitably disappointed.


This little thought was nothing at all, but the junior female apprentice next to her had noticed.

She snorted coldly and stared at the young lady with a hint of jealousy and curiosity.


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