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After getting five Qianyuan Tongbao, Fang Xian still went to the street the next day, wanting to see if he could pick up a leak.

Unfortunately, the opportunity was not a mere Chinese cabbage.

After a day of shopping, he found nothing, so he could only return to the inn angrily.

Several days passed.

Just when he was about to set off and continued to look for his chance, he suddenly heard a few drinkers talking: “Wanbao Building has a new second idiot who exchanged silver for copper coins, tsk tsk… It’s a pity we don’t have that much stock of idiots, Otherwise, they would have gone too.”

“These brothers, don’t know what you are talking about”

Fang Xian heard this, his heart moved, and he stepped forward with a smile, gave these people a jar of wine, and immediately let these people talk smoothly.

It turned out that a strange man lived in Wanbao Building today and spoke to all the shops in the city, willing to buy copper coins at a price of one tael of silver and a thousand wen, which immediately attracted the attention from all directions, which was a strange thing.

The copper coins circulated in the Daqian court, a thousand wen is consistent, and the official value is one tael of silver.

But in fact, because of the different fineness, texture, and weight, it was fine when the country was founded, but now it is customary to cast it privately, and it takes about 1,200 or 1,300 wen to exchange for a tael of silver.

Wouldn’t that person be taking advantage of it for the price of a thousand taels

Another drinker sighed: “Unfortunately that person only accepts ‘Qianyuan Tongbao’, even if it is privately manufactured, it is too late…”

”So that’s it, thank you for letting me know.”

Fang Xian handed over to go out and went directly to Wanbaolou.

It is located in the city, and it is the place where the merchants from all directions gather.

It opens eight doors and has a great spirit.

Fang Xian went in, and sure enough, he saw a group of people carrying bags of copper coins, exchanging money at a counter.

Behind the counter, there are shopkeepers and servants, holding account books, writing brushes, and their faces are full of pain.

Although they were all lent to the merchants by Wanbao Building, it was heartbreaking to see the silver of Baihuahua flow out like water.

The real owner was a young man dressed as a scholar, his eyes swept slightly at the many coins, disappointed and nodded: “Send them all to the warehouse.”

Fang Xian opened the [Eye of Mysterious Caverns] and knew that this person was a practitioner.

Not only that, the aura on his body was righteous, pure, and not evil, and he was obviously an authentic disciple of a famous sect, so he walked over directly.

If this person belongs to an evil sect of demons, or if he is a sidekick, he will never be like this.

”This little brother, but want to exchange copper coins”

The shopkeeper who collected the money asked with a smile.

”Well, this one, how much do you think it’s worth”

Fang Xian smiled and found a ‘Qianyuan Tongbao’!

”This…” The little servant next to him was angry: “This guest, is it possible that he is here to entertain us It takes at least a thousand wen to exchange it!”


The young proprietor’s eyes lit up, staring straight at the copper coins in Fang Xian’s hand: “I don’t know what this little brother is going to exchange Gold and silver, I have everything here.”

”Haha!” Fang Xian laughed and pointed to the quiet room next to it, which was specially used for Hao to discuss business: “How about we go in and talk in detail”


The young proprietor entered the quiet room with Fang Xian under the incomprehensible gaze, and his face quickly turned calm: “Unexpectedly, in this city of Luzhou, I can also see a practitioner, I am from Xuanguang Authentic Sect, Cao Qiu.

May I know the name of the little brother and the sect and teacher you’re under”

”My name is Fang Xian, I’m just a loose cultivator.

I got this copper coin by chance.

I know it’s extraordinary, but I don’t know why… When I heard this brother exchange copper coins, so I came to see…” Fang Xian replied with a smile: “I don’t know if brother can help me explain As for this copper coin, I will give it to my brother.”

At this time, Cao Qiu had already accepted the copper coin and nodded: “It really is Tongling Baoqian! But you and I are both cultivators, so how can we just accept your gift Spells, talismans, I have all of them…” Read the most updated version of this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at Novel Multiverse – “NovelMultiverse dot com”

Fang Xian showed an ‘as expected’ expression.

Official sect’s authentic monks are very particular about fate.

If he encounters a Demon Sect or a random cultivator from a side door today, they will be robbed, and they won’t have one left for the fart.

However, Xuanmen’s orthodoxy is different.

Their elders cultivate the way of heaven, are good at calculations, and know the truth that Bodhisattvas are afraid of karmas among all living beings.

If Cao Qiu took the copper coin carelessly and did not return the favor, he would have forged a deep fate.

After some time passes, and it gives him an edge in his cultivation, by then he must give Fang Xian a bigger ‘fate’.

At that time, it will not be the mere gold and silver, spells, and runes to give in return.

Of course, killing Fang Xian directly would be enough.

But killing evil is brewing, and the final catastrophe will become crueler, which is not taken by wise monks.

A well-known and upright cultivator has received the attention of the elders, knows this truth, and what he does should always be in line with the way of heaven.

On the other hand, the Demon Sect and the side door loose cultivators do not know this truth, or they knowingly commit crimes and act recklessly in order to kill and break the calamity.

This is the difference in the concept of cultivation.

Although most of them fell in the calamity, if they can break out of the calamity, the Dao Xing Divine Ability will be extremely amazing!

”I still want to hear the origin of this Tongli Baoqian.

Of course, if it involves the secrets of my brother’s sect, then there is no need to say it.”

Fang Xian figured this out, so he was confident.

After all, he has ‘given away’ copper coins to other people, even if this person is not right, there is no reason to trouble him again.

”It’s not a secret thing, and it’s widely circulated…”

Cao Qiu smiled wryly and replied: “This Tongli Baoqian is the main material for refining a side door flying sword – the Tongling Baoqian sword! This side door sword refining technique is widely circulated, it is not a unique one.”

Then he explained it further, Fang Xian realized that the copper coin in his hand could actually make a famous flying sword!

Of course, this requires at least three hundred and sixty-five Zhoutian numbers to be collected, and just the five in his hands are useless at all.

Although this ‘Tongli Baoqian sword’ is widely circulated, it is quite troublesome to refine, mainly because of this Tongli Baoqian.

At the beginning, it was necessary to refine and refine precious materials such as red yuan copper mother and hardware essence and turn them into copper coin embryos.

This material is rare, needless to say, the key is that such an embryo is too hot and dry to be used at all.

It has to be scattered into the human world to be circulated, and it will consume the red dust from the people’s hearts.

During the process, it should not come into contact with filthy things such as black dog blood and menstrual blood, otherwise, it will be discarded directly.

In this way, it will be about five hundred years or so, and the fire will be extinguished.

Become ‘Tongling Baoqian’, which can be used to refine swords.

This ‘Tongling Baoqian’ sword is not particularly sharp, but after unfolding it, it has an air of mortality in the world, and it is also quite mysterious, but it can only be regarded as the inferior level of flying swords.

’In order to refine this sword, it actually takes five hundred years If it wasn’t for Master Jindan, I’d be dead of old age…’

Fang Xian heard this and was speechless.

”My master was going to practice this flying sword, he calculated with his fingers, and ordered me to wait for my apprentices to come out and collect the treasure’.

Only then can we turn back to the division gate…”

After Cao Qiu finished speaking, he also sighed.

”So it is.” Fang Xian nodded, understanding the cause and effect.

”It’s your destiny to get one of it from you today.

I have to make up for it…Tell me, what do you want” Cao Qiu said quite boldly, after all, Xuanguang Official Sect is also one of the famous sects, the disciple’s net worth is quite rich: “I have gold and silver, spells, magic tools, and the side door books I collected, but unfortunately you only have one, you can exchange for a small spell, if you have more, you can exchange it for a Magical weapon, don’t think about the Taoist book, you can’t finish it without thirty pieces…”

”Who said I only have one” Fang Xian smiled and took out four more identical psychic treasures.

Even if he had collected three hundred and sixty-five pieces, he didn’t have the magic power to refine the ‘Tongling Baoqian sword’, so he might as well have it exchanged.


Cao Qiu is overjoyed, with these few coins, he can finally go back to the sect to finish the errand: “What do you want, little brother, just say it!”

”I don’t dare to think about the Daoist book, but please change it to a magic weapon of a flying vehicle!”

Fang Xian walked slowly on the road every day, it was really annoying, and he said after thinking about it.

”That’s simple…”

Cao Qiu rubbed the magic bag on his waist with his right hand, then there was a puppet horse in his hand: “This ‘six royal horse’ is a small magic weapon that I practiced at random.


As he said that, he passed the opening and closing mantra to Fang Xian.

”Thank you, brother!”

Fang Xian got the Flying Escape Artifact, so he said goodbye and walked out of the Wanbao Building.

Before walking a few steps, he saw a cloud of light escaping, swaying at the head of the city, letting out a burst of cheerful laughter, and flying away.

It provoked many people to kneel down and worship the gods.

’Sure enough, he is a person among the gods, and he disdains the world.

Once he completes the task, he does not care about anything and returns directly to the mountain gate… That’s right, gold and silver, etc., that is, things that are made by hand…’

Fang Xian looked at it and nodded secretly. 


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