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Jian Hong’er saluted again, her eyes wandering, and she said softly, “The little girl has no way of repaying the kindness of the young master.

She is willing to be a slave and a servant of the young master.

From then on, she will always be with him, making your bed and stacking your quilt…”

“Saving you is just a coincidence, you don’t have to do so.”

Fang Xian waved his hand, slapped the six imperial horses, and the fake horse neighed and flew towards Xuding Mountain.

Seeing the escape light disappear, Jian Hong’er’s face immediately turned indignant: “Blind rogue… You really thought that this girl was willing to stick to you! Hehe… No matter how slick you are, you have to drink the old lady’s foot wash before you can dream of being with me.”

Ordinary loose cultivator women of course have to make all kinds of backward gestures when they see a true disciple of the famous sect.

What’s more, there is a life-saving grace, if not, it will be suspicious.

”I have the Taoist method of Refining the Treasures of the Void Cauldron.

As long as I can refine a magic weapon and go to the world to hang out, I don’t know how happy it is…”

Jian Hong’er has an idea.

Looking at the sky, she quickly chose a direction to escape.

After running until it was dark, he found a cave, killed the black bear living in it, and began to practice happily.

Xuding Mountain is famous for refining treasures, which Jian Hong’er has been coveting for a long time for its secret recipe for refining treasures.

At this time, he took out a treasured 100-year-old peach wood heart and recited the Great Treasure Refinement Mantra.

This incantation is also in the level of the earth evil, and if you recite it 1,800 times with mana, you can add a layer of earth evil prohibition to the magic tool, and the highest level can be refined to the seventy-two level of the earth evil.

Going up, that Xu Ding disciple didn’t know the follow-up technique either.

In the sound of Jian Hong’er’s incantation, that wood heart slowly changed, forming a wooden hairpin, which sparkled with aura.

Seeing this, Jian Hong’er was even more delighted, biting the tip of her tongue and squirting out a mouthful of blood.

But at this time, she suddenly felt that her eyes were dark, and the mana in her body violently rushed into the wooden hairpin.

”Is this… the backlash causing insanity”

Jian Hong’er was terrified, but she had no choice but to watch her body gradually dry up, with strands of blood on the wooden hairpin.

In the end, a corpse fell to the ground, with a wooden hairpin instrument next to it.

If someone discovers this place in the future, it will be considered an opportunity.

Jian Hong’er didn’t know that this Xuding Treasure Refining Technique was derived from the ‘Xuding Twelve-character Secret Technique’, which is the fundamental inheritance of the Xuding School.

The twelve characters are: Heaven, Earth, Yin, Yang, Treasure, Pill, Big, Path, Mystery, Heavens, Technique, and Restriction, each word is a book of Taoism.

The ancestors of the Xu Ding School had only four Taoist books, ‘Technique’, ‘Treasure’, ‘Mystery’, and ‘Restriction’.

Among them, the Xuding Treasure Refinement Art, although it is a genuine product, cannot be suppressed by the Xuding faction, and it is extremely easy to backlash.

Many side-door cultivators thought that they could cultivate with just a few words, but they didn’t know that there were many other ways, and there were countless people who were tried.

This Jian Honger’s mana is shallow, yet she dares to make magic tools, since she was greedy, she suffered a catastrophe.

But in the end, the blood essence of the whole body was absorbed by the wooden hairpin, which was regarded as a ‘sacrificial instrument’, and the wooden hairpin was reluctantly given a heavy restraint, and it finally became the lowest-level magic weapon.

Fang Xian didn’t know that there was such a change after he left.

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At this time, he wanted to explore Xuding Mountain.

”Master! It’s him!”

In the middle of the flight, a black cloud suddenly floated in front of you.

There are two people above, one of them is not that Hei Yuan, and who is it

”It’s you who hurt my apprentice”

The Master of Hei Yuan urged Black Cloud to block Fang Xian’s way, showing his true body, also a burly man.

”Huh Divine Ability Realm”

Fang Xian narrowed his eyes slightly.

The cultivator of the supernatural power can not only fly in the flesh, enter and exit the Qingming, but also prolong life, which is no trivial matter.

Just looking at this guy’s mana, it’s also top-notch.


The big man shouted, reaching out and grabbing it.

A black gas transformed into a dragon shape,

The momentum was ten times that of the apprentice, and he rushed towards Fang Xian.

Fang Xian looked surprised and ran away on the six imperial horses.

Hei Yuan was on the side, and his heart was burning: ‘This magic weapon is good, I have to think of a way to get the master to give it to me.

Suddenly, Fang Xian stretched out his hand and threw it back, a yellow light flew out, and he shouted: “Prepare for the flying sword!”

The Master of Hei Yuan jumped in shock, his mana surged out, and the black dragon roared, sticking out his big claws.

With just a light grab, he grabbed the yellow light in his hand, and the talisman flying sword appeared, which shattered when squeezed.

”Ha…haha… This is also considered a flying sword Do you want to laugh the old man to death so that you can inherit the old man’s treasure bag”

The Master of Hei Yuan laughed.

Suddenly, nine fire snakes appeared in the clouds below!

Fang Xian released the flying sword, which was originally a strategy of attacking the east and the west.

He secretly deducted the Nine Heavens Profound Fire Mirror and released nine fire snakes.

Xiong! Xiong!

The power of the magic weapon, is it ordinary These nine fiery snakes swooped in the middle, and any body protection spells were burned to ashes.

Hei Yuan’s master and apprentice were killed by real fire without saying a word!

Fang Xian made a move, and a small black gourd fell into his hands.

With a look of divine sense, he directly refined the original master’s mana, opened the mouth of the gourd, and a void appeared.

It’s not big, it’s only the size of a compartment, and there are a lot of things in it.

”Sure enough, there is a universe inside It’s a good baby…”

Fang Xian’s face flashed with joy as he looked at the spiritual valley, clothes, fire, and ladle inside.

Daoist people don’t always carry a big bag wherever they go.

They must have a storage device to be considered a fairy.

If he had more things on his body, it would be cumbersome.

At this time, he had a black-skinned gourd, which just solved the urgent task.

”Meeting me dictates your end!”

Fang Xian swept through his spiritual sense inch by inch and found two more evil instruments, a white bone hammer, and a white bone flag, all of which were made by the cultivator of the supernatural power, but he was careless for a while and never took them out to fight the enemy.

As a result, he suddenly broke out and was beaten to death, which was considered a bit of injustice.

In addition to this, there is also a piece of bone, which records the cultivation method of these two people, which is called – “Profound Handle Demon Dragon Method”!

However, it is a method that uses martial arts to enter the Dao, but the spells recorded in it are only at the level of the magic formula, and the highest can only be cultivated to the supernatural power state, and it is impossible to touch the threshold of the formation of elixir in a lifetime.

This kind of thing is going to be disgraced when he encounters the disciples sent by those famous sects.

After slaughtering a supernatural power, Fang Xian didn’t care, and still rode his horse and came to Xuding Mountain.

This mountain is green and full of aura, and it looks like a small cauldron from a distance, which is indeed quite strange.

At this time, at the foot of the mountain, a lot of escaping light has gathered.

Fang Xian fell, and saw a group of monks who built some houses with magic and gathered together, not knowing what they were waiting for.


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