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“This time, we have three friends from Poison Dragon Pool, Master of the Black Mountain, Jade Cloud Fairy… They are all well-known loose immortals, and they will definitely be able to take advantage of the civil strife of the five palms of Xuding Mountain and get lots of benefits…”

Fang Xian disappeared in the distance and easily mixed in.

He found that everyone’s clothes and habits were very different.

After listening to it for a while in an open space, he was able to somehow grasp the situation.

This group of people who really want to take advantage of Xuding Mountain to create chaos and take advantage of the opportunity to get some benefits, and the leader was five supernatural ability realm cultivators.

’It is the Master of the Black Mountain…’

Fang Xian secretly slandered: ‘Isn’t that the dead ghost Why does it seem to be famous and has the title even as a Loose Immortal ‘

He doesn’t know this, but from the perspective of the other side, if one can already reach the supernatural power realm, then he is already regarded with very strong mana, and longevity, and can definitely be regarded as a first-class immortal.

Calling him a ‘scattered immortal’ is also a kind of flattery.

’Speaking of which, Lao Tzu just killed a loose immortal Hmm… that sounds really more compelling…’

Fang Xian was dressed in a Taoist robe and looked like a first-class loose cultivator.

He was able to successfully and easily mix in.

He also found out that the ancestor of the Golden Pill of Xuding Mountain had indeed been reincarnated.

The next five palm cauldron messengers are all in the supernatural powers realm.

Although Xu Dingshan is not an authentic Xuanmen, it also has a splendid reputation in the side doors.

The magic powers of these ‘main sect’ masters are definitely better than ordinary scattered cultivators.

Therefore, even if these loose cultivators gathered the five supernatural powers realm, they dared not try to barge into the mountain gate.

They only dared to wait for the internal chaos within the sect for Xu Dingshan, and then to go for a bargain.

’If it were the real masters of the side door sects, they would have been invited up the mountain long ago, and each would support a cauldron envoy… 80% of the people who stay here are weak chickens like the people in the Black Mountain…’

Fang Xian was a little disdainful.

However, his cultivation base is talented, and he doesn’t want to get involved in trouble, so it’s better to hang around here.

After all, the original body and master didn’t know much about the practice world, so it was time to make up for it.

”Why hasn’t the Master of Black Mountain come yet” Fairy Jade Cloud was wearing a lake green palace dress and holding a flower basket, her brows were a little sad.

She looks young, but she is actually over 100 years old, and there is a family of cultivators backing her.

It’s just that the inheritance is too inferior, and I know that I have no hope of forming a pill in this life.

“This fairy is invited.”

  While he was pondering, he heard a voice, looked up, and saw a young Taoist with a smile on his lips, walking gracefully: “Are you Fairy Jade Cloud”

  ”It’s me and you are”

  Fairy Jade Cloud saw that Fang Xian was so young and had the cultivation of at talisman realm.

He can already be a ‘rare’ genius among loose cultivators, so she didn’t dare to neglect him.

  ”Under the Immortal, a loose cultivator, it is rare to meet so many fellows here to join in the fun.” Fang Xian replied with a smile.

  ’Loose cultivators really Could it be from Luo Shan and the Hundred Gu Sect’s great sects Or is it the three islands of the East China Sea, the Kunlun Magic Palace, or is it simply a person from the authentic origin of Xuanmen ‘

  Fairy Jade Cloud thought to herself.

  In this world, there are five famous sects: Shushan Sword Sect, Yuxu Palace, Xuantian Dao, Xiaoyao Wenxin Pavilion, and Xuanguang Authentic.

There is also the Kunlun Demon Palace of the Demon Sect, which gathers a group of old demons, under whose command thirteen secret biography, thirty-six outlanders, and seventy-two side branches, causing chaos in the world.

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In addition, in the East China Sea, there are three large islands: Penglai, Jasper, and Lingao. 

It is said that there are more monks than on the mainland, and the products are rich, and there is no atmosphere.

After that, there were Zen schools such as the Jin Chan School of Buddhism, Jinguang Temple, and even the Luoshan School, Baigu School, Bai Cao Tang, Miaoshan Road, and other side sects.

Several unearthed figures in the demon clan also passed down the Taoism.

Xu Dingshan is one of the side sects, but its momentum is naturally much inferior to that of the Luoshan School and Bai Cao Tang, which have produced Master Fang Xian.

Even so, in the eyes of Jade Cloud Fairy and other loose cultivators who have no roots, they are like giants.

Fang Xian has a cultivation base of talisman realm at a young age, and his flames are pure in color, and his breath has an unfathomable taste, which made Fairy Jade Cloud stunned and asked: “Do you come here for the sake of Xuding Mountain “


Fang Xian shook his head: “To tell the truth, the next trip is just to find some Big Dipper and Malignant Star fire, seeing so many fellows here, so I am happy, come down and find another one Two.”

Fang Xian really didn’t like the inheritance of Xuding Mountain.

On the contrary, the suffocating spirit that he treasures, the treasure of fire, and so on, is a bit fascinating.

It’s just that Fang Xian knows his own family affairs, and it’s okay to bully a supernatural power like that Master of the Black Mountain.

Even if he encounters one or two of the palm cauldron of Xuding Mountain, he is not afraid.

If he cooperates with the defense of the mountain, he will be the one to run.

What’s more, if the magic weapon of Nine Heavens Profound Fire Mirror is exposed, no one knows how much trouble it will bring.

”It turns out that it is simple.”

Fairy Jade Cloud said happily: “I will send a letter to a few fellow Daoists.

How about an exchange party”

She sent out a few syllables, waved her hand again, and a few soybeans took root, giving birth to a few yellow scarves, carrying tables, chairs, benches, and placing melon dishes and refreshments.

This one-handed method of spreading beans into an army is also an unpopular technique.

Although the Yellow Turban Warriors spawned are extremely powerful and can tear apart tigers and leopards, in the eyes of cultivators, it is only a matter of mana to suppress at will, so they can only do miscellaneous things.

Like a servant.

Not long after, a few people came over.

The first three, dressed in dark green dark clothes, UU reading www.uukanshu.

com The faces are similar, they are the three brothers of the same country, they are called the three demons of the skull, and the three friends of the poisonous dragon are also here.

In addition, there are several female cultivators.

The faces are like peach blossoms.

: “My sister called me to wait, why is it”

”Everyone, allow me to introduce this fellow Fang xian.

I want to come here to exchange some suffocating energy and cherish the fire, but I really don’t have it, so I invite you to open a Small meeting.”

Fairy Jade Cloud asked everyone to sit down with a smile and then spoke.

”How difficult is it to collect the Qi of Big Dipper and Malignant Star Cherish the fire is also impossible to find, what do you use in exchange”

The second child of the three demons of the skeleton looked at Fang Xian’s promotion to the Talisman Realm at a young age, and he felt jealous and sneered in his heart.


This side door is a crooked idea.

If Fang Xian really comes upon something good, he might just grab it.

Fang Xian looked around, laughed, patted the black leather gourd on his waist, and took out the two magic tools obtained from the people of Montenegro: “These two magic tools, one can be used for a combination of Qi of Big Dipper and Malignant Star or cherish the fire, how”

”White Bone Hammer”

”White Bone Banner”

One of Dulong’s three friends and Fairy Jade Cloud exclaimed, “What is your relationship with the Lord of the Black Mountain”

”It doesn’t matter, I just killed it coincidentally…” Fang Xian smiled, he didn’t have the heart to pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger, and said directly: “There is also a “Profound Handle Demon Dragon Law”, whoever wants it, just bring it directly.


The side door scattered immortals, the friendship is the weakest, the master and disciple of the Black Mountain all died in his hands, and the best friends are afraid even to come to revenge.

Even if he dared to come, just some people from the Supernatural Abilities Realm, Fang Xian would only regard the item as a gift


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