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Lu Qingqing was a little touched.

“My mother knows you cant do this but still asked you to do it.

Isnt she intentionally making things difficult for you”

Qin Lin smiled.

“Qingqing, dont blame your mother.

She is doing this for your own good.”

Lu Qingqing looked at Qin Lin seriously.

In the past, perhaps she liked Qin Lin because of the Infatuation Poison.

Now, she felt that she had really fallen in love with him.

Qin Lin was also unaware of the Infatuation Poison.

Lu Qingqing knew very well that this had nothing to do with Qin Lin.

It was just a trick by her father and Concubine Yun.

Lu Qingqing said, “Qin Lin, is there anything you like or want to do”

Qin Lin smiled and said slowly, “I want to join the army.

I am muscular and I want to fight a name for myself, but…”

Before Qin Lin could finish, Lu Qingqing interrupted him.

“Theres no problem with joining the army.

Ill tell my mother about it.

I think you can definitely make it.”

Qin Lin smiled.

He hadnt finished what he wanted to say before he was interrupted by Lu Qingqing.

She pulled Qin Lin.

“Lets go and tell my mother about this.

She will definitely agree.”

Qin Lin frowned.

He was not done speaking.

He wanted to join the army and accumulate fame, but he hoped that the Su family could support him financially.

He did not want to be like Lu Shiming who ended up with nothing.

Lu Qingqing took Qin Lin to see Su Qiong.

After Su Qiong heard that, she looked at Qin Lin.

“Thats fine, but there are conditions you need to meet before you will be allowed to join the army.

However, if you have this ambition, I can help you.”

Lu Qingqing patted Qin Lin.

“You must work hard.

I believe you can make it.”

Qin Lin smiled and nodded.

He lowered his head to hide his displeased look.

He only said half of what he wanted to say.

If only Lu Qingqing had listened patiently.

At this moment, Su Qiong must feel like she owed her daughter a lot.

As long as the request was not too much, Su Qiong would satisfy her.

Lu Qingqing was a rich lady who knew nothing.

She was always self-centered.

If he married such a person, he would surely lose his sense of self.

If not for her family business, a woman like her would not even be able to get married.

Lu Qingqing happily pulled Qin Lin out of the mansion.

She wanted him to play with her.

Su Qiong looked at Lu Zhen, who was following behind like a log, and sighed.

When Qin Lin returned to his house, Lu Qingqing went back to the mansion.

Lu Zhen followed behind with the things Lu Qingqing had bought.

As soon as she entered the courtyard, Lu Qingqing said, “Put the things in my room.”

Lu Zhen put down everything and Lu Qingqing poured herself a cup of water.

When she turned around, she almost bumped into Lu Zhen.

She said angrily, “Lu Zhen, what are you doing You scared me.”

Lu Zhen looked at Lu Qingqing without blinking, his eyes deep.

Lu Qingqing was stunned and took two steps back.

“Lu Zhen, why are you looking at me like this”

Lu Zhens gaze was so intense that Lu Qingqing was frightened.

When Lu Zhen took two steps forward, Lu Qinqin took two steps backward.

She opened her mouth and said, “Lu Zhen, stop.

Dont scare me.

You are my servant.

Dont you dare scare me again!”

Lu Zhen stopped.


When Lu Qingqing heard Lu Zhens low and hoarse voice, her heart skipped a beat.

She looked away and instinctively wanted to escape.

Lu Zhen said without warning, “I like you.”

These three words took all his strength.

As soon as he finished speaking, he did not dare to look at Lu Qingqing and his clenched fists trembled slightly.

When Lu Qingqing realized what Lu Zhen had said, her mind felt like it had been struck by lightning.

She looked at Lu Zhen and gritted her teeth.

“Lu Zhen, I already have someone I like.

I dont like you, so you better give up.

I… In short, its impossible between us.”

Lu Qingqing was a little annoyed.

She never expected that the bad romantic encounter Liu Sanniang was talking about was with Lu Zhen.

Why didnt she realize that Lu Zhen had such thoughts before

Lu Zhen said coldly, “I understand.”

He walked out.

He was afraid that if he did not leave, he would lose control of his emotions in front of Lu Qingqing.

She looked at Lu Zhens back and bit her lip.

“Strange, why do I feel so uncomfortable”

Lu Qingqing stomped her feet.

“Lu Zhen, why, of all the people, do you have to like me”

All these years, since she was young, Lu Zhen had been her guard and also her family.

She would never hold back anything in front of him.

However, now that Lu Zhen told her that he liked her, everything changed suddenly.

Lu Qingqing was not happy.

As she had promised, Su Qiong helped Qin Lin get the qualification of joining the army.

Qin Lin thanked Lu Qingqing, but she was distracted.

Qin Lin could feel the change in Lu Qingqings mood.

The guard beside her was gone.

Qin Lin held Lu Qingqings hand and said, “Qingqing, can we get engaged first I know this is a little too sudden, but I love you.”

Lu Qingqing looked at the eager look on Qin Lins face and nodded.

“Then, lets get engaged.”

After cutting off the bad romantic encounter, what was left was the good one.

It would be better if they could get engaged as soon as possible.

She didnt know where Lu Zhen was and was a little worried.

When Lu Qingqing brought it up, Su Qiong looked at Qin Lin.

She wanted to say it was too soon, but Lu Qingqing took the initiative to say, “Mother, you said youd respect my decision.

My decision is to get engaged to Qin Lin.

It doesnt matter if hes successful or not.”

Su Qiong nodded with resignation.

Lu Qingqing heaved a sigh of relief.

However, she still felt uneasy.

Perhaps she would only feel at ease after the engagement.

After choosing the date, all they needed to do was wait for the engagement day to come.

However, that night, Lu Qingqing was woken up by the smell of alcohol.

She opened her eyes and was shocked to see the person standing in front of the bed.

“Lu Zhen, what are you doing in my room Dont mess around.

Get out.”

Lu Zhens eyes were cold.

He quickly reached out and touched Lu Qingqings acupoints.

Lu Qingqing fainted before she could even scream.

In the silence of the night, a figure flew through the air.

He tiptoed over the eaves and disappeared into the night.


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