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Xu Bo looked at Liu Sanniang.

“Miss, take care.”

Liu Sanniang and Chu Yan left with General Black.

Wei Shilai looked at Xu Bo and Xu Yue.

“State Minister, you took away Miao Yins corpse.

This makes things difficult for me.”

Xu Bo said in a low voice, “Ill personally report this case to the emperor.

Theres no need for you to worry.”

Wei Shilai responded calmly.

“Then Ill leave it to you.”

After Miao Yin was dealt with, Wei Shilai was relieved.

He left without lingering.

The rich and powerful also left.

Xu Yue frowned.

“Should we report it to the sect”

Xu Bo shook his head.

“No need.

Theres no need to trouble the sect with such a small matter.

Just do what we need to do.”

Xu Yue nodded.

“Okay, what about these items”

Xu Bo looked at the items left behind by those people and said calmly, “Put them away.”

Xu Bo looked at Jing Yun and Jing Mu.

Jing Yuns face was pale, while Jing Mus expression was cold.

The two of them were kneeling on the ground, waiting to be punished.

Xu Bo walked over and reached out to tap two acupoints on Jing Yuns chest.

Jing Yun lowered his head and blamed himself.


He did not expect Miao Yin to lie to him.

If he had not seen it with his own eyes, he would not have believed that it was true.

He would always think that someone wanted to harm Miao Yin.

However, after seeing it with his own eyes, he could no longer fool himself.

Miao Yin was born evil.

She had taken so many lives, but she still refused to plead guilty.

Her voice and beauty did not belong to her, so Liu Sanniang exposed her ugly and real voice.

Xu Bo said in a low voice, “Dont think too much about this.

Do you want to ruin your cultivation for such a woman”

Blood flowed out of the corner of Jing Yuns mouth.

He had really fallen in love with Miao Yin.

He regarded her as a goddess and believed in her truthfully.

Now that his belief had collapsed, it was as if he had experienced a tribulation.

What Xu Bo said snapped Jing Yun back to reality.

He immediately sat cross-legged and focused on protecting his Dao heart.

However, even so, he was also seriously injured.

Xu Bo looked at Jing Mu.

“Are you alright”

Jing Mu nodded.

“Im fine.”

He was also a little affected, but after seeing Miao Yin covered in hands, he stopped believing in her, so he didnt suffer much backlash.

After seeing that Jing Yun had recovered, Xu Bo heaved a sigh of relief.

“Its not your fault.

There are too many demons in the world.

Dont take this matter to heart and mess up your Dao heart.”

Jing Mu nodded.

“Yes, senior.”

Jing Yun responded with difficulty.

“Thank you, senior.”

Xu Yue took out a bottle and poured out two black pills.

“Take them.

Rest well.

Cultivation is a long journey.

Dont rush it.”

Jing Yun and Jing Mu took the pills.

After taking the pills, they felt much better.

After Xia Hongyuan and Xia Qiluo left the Daoist temple, Xia Hongyuan noticed Xia Qiluos gloomy expression.

He looked at Xia Qiluo and asked.

“Qiluo, why are you so down”

Xia Qiluo looked at Xia Hongyuan.

The two of them were born from the same mother, so they were naturally very close.

She sighed.

“Brother, Im wondering if we royal family are failures.”

Xia Hongyuan reached out and rubbed Xia Qiluos head.

“Youre the most beloved and respected Seventh Princess of the Xia Dynasty.

How can you say such things to belittle yourself No one is more successful than you.

You will be loved for your entire life.

How can you be a failure”

Xia Qiluo looked at Xia Hongyuan and immediately smiled.

She leaned towards Xia Hongyuan and asked.

“Brother, do you really mean it”

Xia Hongyuan looked at the hand that was holding his arm and smiled.

“Of course I meant it.

Youre so likable and cute.

Who wouldnt like you Look at the Third Prince.

Even he, someone who shows no regard for the royal family, treats you with respect.”

Xia Qiluo smiled.

“Thats because others are afraid of him.

Im not afraid of him.

My brother is the crown prince.

What can he do to me”

Xia Hongyuan said with a smile, “Thats right.

Im your brother.

Who dares to make you unhappy”

Xia Qiluo was suddenly lost in thought.

She recalled that time back in Yuezhou.

She actually found it hard to accept that a man would eat what a woman left in her plate.

His eyes were very cold, but only when he looked at her would his eyes be filled with gentleness and love.

Xia Qiluo was a noble princess.

What kind of woman wouldnt be overshadowed in comparison to her But why didnt he even bother to cast a glance at her

Xia Hongyuan pinched Xia Qiluos cheeks and said gently, “Qiluo, whats wrong Who made you so unhappy Tell me, Ill help you.”

Xia Qiluo looked up at Xia Hongyuan.

“Brother, if you like a woman, but she already has someone she likes, what will you do”

Xia Hongyuan smiled.

“Who is so lucky as to win my precious sisters heart”

Xia Qiluo blushed.


Xia Hongyuan smiled.

Xia Qiluo stomped her feet in embarrassment.

“Brother, Im not talking about myself!”

Xia Hongyuan nodded.

“Yes, I know what you mean.

Let me ask you, if you like someone very much but you cant get him, will you feel sad”

Xia Qiluo felt uncomfortable.

“I dont know.

I just feel bad.”

Xia Hongyuan narrowed his eyes.

“That means you wont be happy.

In that case, get him.

Youre the most respected Seventh Princess.

Youre from the royal family, and you are privileged.

Its his fortune to be able to be liked by you.

Your mother is the empress, and your brother is the crown prince.

The entire Xia Dynasty will belong to your brother in the future.

Who is that man”

Xia Qiluo blushed.

“I wont say it.

Im not going to force him to like me by power.

I want him to fall in love with me willingly and submit to me.”

Xia Hongyuan smiled.

“It seems that I wont know your secret for the time being.”

Xia Qiluo raised her chin arrogantly.

“Youre not allowed to send secret guards to follow me.

Otherwise, Ill be angry.

Ill complain to Mother.”

Xia Hongyuan laughed.

“Alright, alright, alright.”

He did not need to send someone to follow her, because he had a fortune-teller working for him.

He could even predict the trajectory of the dynasty, let alone Xia Qiluo.

Liu Shun followed behind the carriage with the guard.

He was deep in thought.

When he heard the laughter coming from the carriage, he felt a little depressed.

Why was it so different from in his dream

In the dream, there was no Miao Yin or Wu Ju.

Many things had never happened.

He could not tell if his dream was just a dream or the real future.

Actually, other than Liu Sanniang and Chu Yan, nothing was different.

Many things had not changed.

The Third Prince was still ambitious and would fight for the throne.

The crown prince was naturally the final winner, so he had to side with him and prove his loyalty.

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