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After a long time, Liu Yinniang managed to move her arms a little.

It was dark outside, and as usual, no one came to check in on her.

She got up and put on her clothes with difficulty, tears falling.

In the darkness, Liu Yinniang cried silently.

She had already paid the price for her choice and regretted it…

However, in this world, there was no shortage of regrets.

She looked forward to dying early.

If only she didnt wake up every time she fainted.

All her suffering would be over, but every time, she would wake up from the pain.

She once thought that Liu Sanniang would definitely regret giving up such a good husband.

However, after tasting the bitter fruit, she realized that the person who regretted it was her.

Even if she lived a luxurious life, what was the use Under the gorgeous clothes, she was covered in wounds and in pain.

‘Sanniang, I was wrong.

I regret it.

Can you save me

In the small courtyard, General Black was chewing on a duck.

An iron plate was sizzling and emitting a fragrance.

The two of them sat on the stone bench while grilling the food.

This was the first time Liu Sanniang had cooked food with this method.

She was prepared to give it a try.

The taste of food in the capital was very different from Yuzhou, but everyone had a discerning palate and they all liked everything delicious.

Yuzhous food was spicy and fragrant.

Most of the food in Yuezhou was bland.

However, in the capital, one got to try all kinds of flavors and food from across the country.

Grilling was a method that could prevent the food from losing too much of its original flavor and freshness.

After eating, Chu Yan went to wash up.

Liu Sanniang made a pot of flower tea with mint.

It was cool and fragrant.

After leaving some for Chu Yan, she returned to her room to rest.

After washing up and laying on bed, she couldnt help but fall into deep thought.

After subduing Miao Yin, her strength had increased.

If ten was the ultimate level of cultivation, then she was perhaps at one.

She wondered if she could reach ten when she was old.

In her previous life, her second brother had started looking for potential matches in April, but she was far from her home and could only write letters to ask.

The few sources of evil in the capital were still increasing.

Those evil seeds that had been deliberately planted were devouring the vitality of the world every day.

If all the vitality was sucked away, then the world would be left in a completely desolate state.

Liu Sanniang thought of Chu Yan.

He had the ability to smell evil.

Was he destined to help her

Her power alone was still not enough.

In a daze, she frowned and opened her eyes to realize that it was almost dawn.

Liu Sanniang stood up and looked at the worm next to her pillow.

Why was it from the commanders mansion

She thought of the loving couple.

They probably wouldnt welcome her, but she still had to go.

Liu Sanniang got up.

Chu Yan was still asleep.

She went to the kitchen and washed the fish.

Chu Yans culinary skills were excellent, but hers were not bad either.

She washed the rice and cooked it.

Her appetite was average in the morning, so eating some fish porridge was extremely good.

Outside, the sky gradually brightened.

Liu Sanniang had already started the fire.

Just as she was about to go and call Chu Yan, she realized that he had already woken up and was standing by the door.

She couldnt help but remember the first time she saw Chu Yan last year.

At that time, he stood by the door with a sickle while she was cooking.

She remembered that he would be the future General of Dingbei.

She had heard about him.

Everyone said that the General of Dingbei was extremely powerful and could tear apart barbarians with his bare hands.

She had once wondered who would become his wife.

It must be very unlucky and terrifying to be his wife.

If he was angry, he might kill his wife.

Liu Sanniang let out a long sign.

It turned out that she was that unlucky woman!

Chu Yan walked to Liu Sanniangs side and asked with a smile.

“What are you thinking about”

Liu Sanniang blushed.


Lets eat.”

Chu Yan went to get the bowls and chopsticks.

The two of them ate silently like an ordinary couple.

Chu Yan said calmly, “Do you like General Black”

Liu Sanniang did not know why Chu Yan asked this.

She replied.

“Of course I like General Black.”

General Black was simply a gift from the heavens.

He was not an ordinary dog.

However, even if he was an ordinary dog, she would still like him all the same.

She had never had a dog, but when she did, she knew that she would really like it.

They were loyal soldiers who would protect their masters for their entire lives.

Chu Yan looked at Liu Sanniang with dark eyes.

“Then, can I be your General Black”

Liu Sanniang was instantly stunned.

She felt that Chu Yans eyes seemed to be on fire.

She lowered her eyes and stammered.

“Youre not a dog.

Youre more like a wolf…”

Many times, she felt that Chu Yan was extremely dangerous.

He was gentle and attentive now, but that was just his disguise.


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