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Wei Zhicheng and Wei Zhigao were unwilling to go out.

Their father must be hiding something from them, and it was something very important.

Wei Nanxi was already on the verge of flaring up.

Wei Zhicheng and Wei Zhigao wanted to say something, but their wives pulled them out.

First Madam Wei instructed.

“Close the door.

Everyone, leave.”

The servants closed the door and left silently.

Wei Zhigao gritted his teeth.

“Brother, Father must be hiding something from us.

Why doesnt he want us to know”

Wei Zhicheng frowned.

“I want to know too, but Father… Forget it.

There must be a reason why Father doesnt want us to know.”

Although they had already grown up, their fathers words still had absolute power in this family.

Even if they had good intentions, it was useless.

As soon as the door closed, the killing intent in Wei Nanxis eyes became even stronger.

His expression was sinister and he said, “Miss Liu, I know that youre extraordinary and that your cultivation is high.

You are powerful, but are your family members powerful just like you Everyone has weaknesses, right”

Liu Sanniang smiled.

“Commander Wei is right.

Everyone has weaknesses.”

Wei Nanxis eyes darkened.

“If you save my wife, Ill give your family a lifetime of wealth.

Money, rank.

I can promise you anything.”

Liu Sanniang looked at the empty space beside Wei Nanxi.

“Commander Wei, do you feel his pain”

Liu Sanniang looked at the gradually appearing man with a calm expression.

Wei Nanxi looked to the side and his face turned pale.

“He, he…”

Liu Sanniang smiled coldly.

“Commander Wei, dont you know him But he is your son.

Do you really not know him”

The man smiled bitterly.

“Father, Ive helped you and Mother for thirty years.

Isnt that enough You promised me.

Now that Mother is fated to die, are you going to go against it”

Wei Nanxi looked away.

“You, youve always been an obedient child.

Since youve been obedient for thirty years, why cant you be obedient for the next thirty years I dont have many years left to live.

Cant you be obedient again”

Wei Nanxi looked at Liu Sanniang firmly.

“Either you save my wife, or you wait to see your family die.”

As a first-grade commander, he had an entire army under his command.

It wouldnt take much effort to deal with an ordinary family.

No matter how powerful Liu Sanniang was, she wouldnt be able to protect so many people.

The man looked sad.

“Father, how cruel you are!.”

Liu Sanniang said calmly, “If you force her to stay, you will only harm yourself and others.

Your wife should have died long ago, but you used your sons life to sustain her life for another 30 years.

He has already grown up, but he has never lived like a normal human.

Do you know the pain and torture hes going through”

Wei Nanxis expression was cold.

“Are you going to save my wife or not”

Liu Sanniang looked at Wei Nanxi.

“I am.”

Wei Nanxis eyes darkened.

“Then why are you waiting for”

Wei Nanxi watched as the figure disappeared, and his gaze on Liu Sanniang darkened.

Liu Sanniang walked to the bed and looked at Mrs.

Wei, who had her eyes closed.

Did she know that her life was sustained at the cost of her sons life

Liu Sanniang grabbed Mrs.

Weis hand and sent her power into her body.

Soon, Mrs.

Wei woke up.

She opened her eyes and saw Wei Nanxi.


Wei Nanxi smiled and the coldness in his eyes disappeared.

He held Mrs.

Weis hand and said gently, “Madam, dont abandon me again.”

He did not have many years to live.

In a few years, they would leave this world together as they had promised to each other.


Wei smiled.

“Master, why do I feel so weak”

Wei Nanxi smiled.

“Madam, youre just too tired.

When youre rested, youll soon have strength.”


Wei smiled.

She wanted to say something, but her eyelids were getting heavier and heavier.

She fell asleep.

The smile in Wei Nanxis eyes disappeared.

He looked at Liu Sanniang coldly.

“Miss Liu, I dont want to fall out with you.


Liu Sanniang held Mrs.

Weis hand and sent her power into her body again.

She broke her mental defense and sensed her memories.

After a while, she slowly let go.

As soon as Liu Sanniang let go, Wei Nanxi looked at Mrs.

Wei nervously.

“When will she wake up”

Liu Sanniang looked at Wei Nanxi and said calmly, “Does she know that you used her first child to extend her life”

Wei Nanxis expression darkened.

“I know youre a capable psychic.

Perhaps in your opinion, this is unreasonable and against the heavens, but in my opinion, as long as I can keep her, Im willing to do anything.”

“Im not afraid to tell you that that was my first son.

I was happy about him coming to this world, but as soon as he came, he took my wifes life.

He shouldnt have been born.

Isnt it only right for him to pay for my wifes life with his life”

“A life for a life.

I wont have long to live, nor will my wife.

After were gone, well release him.

He has suffered for thirty years.

Why cant he suffer for a few more years”

Wei Nanxis expression was sinister.

He knew that the man was behind him, but he was not afraid.

He was his father.

What could he do to him

If he hated him, so be it.

Liu Sanniang looked at Wei Nanxi without any change in expression.

“Arent you afraid that your wife will never forgive you when she finds out about it”

Wei Nanxi frowned.

“How can that happen She will love me for the rest of her life and never leave me.”

Wei Nanxi glared at Liu Sanniang and turned to look at Mrs.

Wei gently.

“Originally, I gave up my life just so that she could get back on her feet in her dying years.

Its all your fault for being a busybody and ruining my plan.

Whether Miao Yin is a goddess or not is not important to me at all.

As long as she can save my wife, its fine.”

Wei Nanxi looked at Mrs.

Wei gently, his eyes filled with pain.

“If it werent for you being a busybody, my wife would still be fine.

In the next few years, she can walk and run.

She wont have to be sad about her legs anymore.”


Wei sniffed, and a tear fell from the corner of her eye.

Wei Nanxis expression changed drastically.

He reached out to wipe her tears and said in a panicked voice, “Madam, Madam.”


Weis lips trembled.

As if she did not want to see him, she tilted her head to the side.

Wei Nanxis face darkened as he looked at Liu Sanniang.

“What did you do”

Liu Sanniang said calmly, “I gave her a chance to choose.”

Thirty years ago, Mrs.

Wei did not have a chance to choose.

She didnt even know the truth.

Now that she knew, it hurt her so much that she felt like being dismembered.

The one she loved the most was beside her, but she did not even want to open her eyes to look at him.

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