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After some discussion, they finally decided to let Little Yi enter the First Peak and the forbidden area of the back mountain.

They would let the three hundred elders inside teach him personally.

After all, his identity was special.

No one dared to be his master, as they felt a little uncomfortable.

“Alright! This matter has come to an end for the time being.

Everyone, disperse.”

Meng Tianzheng waved his hand and was about to bring Little Yi to the back mountain when… another person ran in.

“Martial Uncle, that monkey is here again.”


As soon as these words were spoken, everyone was stunned.

What was this monkey doing again He came and left, and then came again.

Could it be that he wanted to repent

Just as they were feeling puzzled, they saw Monkey holding the hand of a little girl.

The corner of his mouth kept twitching as if he was very helpless.

He walked in speechlessly.

Everyone was stunned when they saw this.

They looked at the little girl beside him.

She was beautiful and cute.

Although she was young, one could see that she will definitely be a beauty when she grows up.

The most special thing was her eyes.

When she looked at him, she gave off a feeling of penetrating ones mind.

It was as if there was some kind of magic that could make one fall into it unknowingly.


Monkey, what are you doing” Meng Tianzheng walked up with a dumbfounded expression and asked.

Monkey shrugged and explained, “Dont ask me.

Im depressed too.

As soon as I left, I met this little fellow outside the mountain.

She knelt down the moment she came up, wanting to acknowledge me as her master and teach her skills.

I was stunned.

“I couldnt resist her enthusiasm, and I dont have a fixed home.

Currently, I have no intention of taking in a disciple, so I might as well bring her up the mountain.

“In any case, you can accept one or two.

Why dont you accept both”

After hearing Monkeys explanation, the corners of everyones mouths twitched.

They did not expect that the dignified Demon King would be rendered speechless by a little loli.

They looked at the little loli beside him.

She was only five or six years old and was eccentric.

She hid behind the monkey and poked her head out to secretly size up her surroundings.

At first glance, Lin Qingzhu was attracted by this little fellows strange appearance.

Suddenly, a wave of memories surged in her heart, recalling all the past events when Little Linglong went up the mountain.

After carefully sizing up this little loli, Lin Qingzhus heart suddenly trembled.

She had a familiar feeling.

However, she couldnt say where she was familiar with her, so he walked forward and asked, “Girl, whats your name”

The little loli grinned and said, “Hehe, Pretty Sister, my name is Mengli.

My father gave me this name.”


Lin Qingzhu pursed her lips and pondered for a moment before saying, “What about your father”

At this point, Little Menglis eyes suddenly turned red and her mood became low.

She pursed her lips and said dejectedly, “I dont know where Father went.

He placed me on the shore and told me not to run around, and to wait for him there, hell go back to find Mother.

But Mengli waited on the shore for several days and nights, he didnt return.”

Hearing this, everyone immediately understood something.

If nothing unexpected happened, her father would not be able to return.

No one said anything.

After a while, Little Mengli said, “Mengli is very hungry.

Father hasnt come back for a long time.

Im so hungry that Im about to faint.

Suddenly, a few big brothers appeared.

They gave me food.

After bringing me here, they went out again.”

Hearing this, everyone came to a sudden realization.

If nothing unexpected happened, the big brother she met later should be the Heaven Mending Sects rescue disciple.

They saved her from danger and brought her to Qin Chuan.

However, they were busy searching for more refugees and did not have the mood to take care of her.

After understanding the ins and outs, Meng Tianzheng sighed.

“Sigh… bitter child.”

“Sister, can you be Menglis master I heard from those adults that only by joining the Heaven Mending Sect can one cultivate powerful immortal techniques and become a powerful person.

Mengli also wants to become a powerful person.

This way, I can go back and find my parents.”

Lin Qingzhu couldnt bear to see her incomparably innocent gaze and felt touched.

Perhaps, that was why she had been lingering at the foot of the Heaven Mending Sect.

As soon as she saw the monkey fly out of the mountain, she went up and kowtowed.

No matter who it was, she only wanted to become his disciple.

She made Monkey speechless.

Lin Qingzhu looked at the little girl in front of her and thought of her past.

Her heart ached.

Then, she agreed and said, “Alright, from today onwards, follow me.”

She agreed, not out of pity, but because she considered it.

She was already in the Martial Monarch realm.

If nothing went wrong, it wouldnt be long before she could break through to the Deva realm.

On the other hand, she might leave the mortal world.

Currently, Violet Cloud Peak did not have a successor, so she had to consider the fact that she did not have a disciple.

Her master had passed Violet Cloud Peak to her.

She shouldered the heavy responsibility of Violet Cloud Peaks inheritance.

If she didnt take in a disciple now, when would she

“Alright… Master, please accept my bow.”

Little Mengli was very good at doing things.

It was unknown who she learned it from, but she knocked her head on the ground a few times until her forehead was red.


Everyone was amused by such a comical scene.

“Haha, this little girl is quite fierce.”

Qi Wuhui couldnt help but laugh.

When he thought of the Little Demon King on Violet Cloud Peak, everyone suddenly missed her.

It seemed like it had been many years since he last saw her.

After she fell asleep, the Heaven Mending Sect finally became much quieter.

After everything was arranged, the Heaven Mending Sect had two more young disciples, but there was a gap in seniority.

Hiding behind Lin Qingzhu, Little Mengli secretly sized up Little Yi behind Meng Tianzheng, her eyes filled with curiosity.

She glared at him and made a face.

Little Yi was also shocked.

Then, he reacted and counterattacked.

These two little fellows seemed to be natural enemies.

They fought as soon as they met.

“Haha,” When Meng Tianzheng saw this scene, he smiled and said, “Alright, everything is over.

Everyone, disperse.”

“Yes, Perfected Ones.

Sorry for disturbing you.

Ill take my leave first.”

Monkey bade farewell and left the Heaven Mending Sect.

Lin Qingzhu then left the Jade Pure Hall with Little Mengli and returned to Violet Cloud Peak.

As soon as she returned to Violet Cloud Peak, she saw Zhao Waner looking after the immortal peach tree in the garden.

She turned around and was stunned when she saw a little girl beside Lin Qingzhu.

“Senior Sister, this is”

Zhao Waner was stunned. Didnt Senior Sister go down the mountain Why did she suddenly bring back a little girl Could this be Masters illegitimate daughter

The gossip in her heart immediately surged.

Lin Qingzhu immediately saw through her thoughts.

She glared at her and said, “What nonsense are you thinking This is my new disciple, Mengli.”

“Ah,” Zhao Waners eyes lit up when she heard that this was her senior sisters new disciple.

Could it be that Senior Sister thinks Im lonely on the mountain and wants to catch a little loli for me to play with



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