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Who had killed such a huge heretic

While they were curious, they also began to speculate.

More people guessed it was the battle maniac, but what they couldnt understand was how this Grade A heretics corpse ended up in the canteen.

While everyone was talking about it, something else fell from the sky… ah no, jumped.

He jumped onto the head of the snake very handsomely.

At that moment, he was the center of attention.

Fu Ye had a devilish and arrogant smile on his face.

There was a child under his arm, head down and feet on the ground.

In the helicopter, Lu Beifeng glared at the people below with a gaze that could kill.

If not for the fact that he was held back by the instructor and could not jump down, he would have fought Fu Ye to the death.

Fu Ye exclaimed and raised his middle finger arrogantly at the person above.

It was so exciting to jump off the plane after snatching a child!

There was something more exciting.

Lu Xiaocha pulled his fingers away expressionlessly.

The moment her feet landed, she kicked Fu Ye off the snake.

Fu Ye, who was flying out, was still shouting indignantly, “Its so exciting to jump out of the plane!”

Lu Xiaocha was expressionless.

“Then Ill let you experience some more!”

This bastard didnt care about manners at all and jumped off the plane just like that.

And he dragged her along with him!

Lu Xiaocha stroked the snake and looked at the canteen enviously.

“Come down quickly.

Lets deal with this snake together.”

Fu Ye, who had landed on the ground, waved.

Lu Xiaocha was happy.

Did that mean that she could eat the snakes meat immediately

When they heard that the corpse of a Grade A heretic was placed at the entrance of the canteen, the members of the heretic bureau were alarmed.

Those big bosses who were usually invisible also appeared and ran to the heretic bureau to watch.

Basically, the entire heretic bureau was here.

There were less than two hundred people in total, and those who were powerful could be counted on one hand.

From this, it could be seen that the heretic bureaus serious lack of manpower was not an exaggeration.

By the time those big bosses arrived at the scene, Lu Xiaocha had already instructed Yin Shian to remove the scales on the snakes tail.

The black, pure hard scales were each the size of a dish.

Ordinary knives could not leave any marks on them.

If others had obtained such a scale, they would definitely treat it as a treasure.

However, it was casually thrown to the ground by Yin Shian and Lu Xiaocha.

The onlookers hearts ached.

As for Lu Xiaocha herself, she was holding the dagger that she had given to Fu Ye previously and waving it around to cut the snakes tail.

After cutting off a pot of snake meat, she asked Yin Shian to guard it and not let anyone touch her snake meat.

She hugged the pot of snake meat and ran into the canteen.

“Chef, can I borrow the kitchen Please help me cook.”

As she spoke, she placed the snake meat in front of him.

The chef was speechless.

F*ck, she was really going to eat this heretic!

Lu Xiaocha looked at him with bright eyes.

“Some of it will be fried into snake steak, some will be boiled into soup, and the rest will be stir-fried.

I believe in your culinary skills.

Make it delicious.”

The cook took the basin of snake meat with trembling hands.

Then there was a cry from outside.

“Holy sh*t! This is a f*cking Grade A heretic, Dark Golden Snake!”

The chef holding the snake meat staggered and almost fell.

AAA… Grade A heretic!

When this news came out, many people gasped in shock, and their hearts pounded.

Grade A heretic.

Many of them had never seen one before.

Now that they had, it had actually become food in someone elses mouth.

That young lady was really a little too cruel.

But… they actually wanted to try how a Grade A heretic tastes like now.

Lu Xiaocha waited eagerly at the window, ignoring the probing gazes of the others.

Fu Ye was worried about how many freezers it would take to fit such a big snake.

She definitely wouldnt be able to finish it all in one go.

This little brat was still so protective of her food.

Unless she was willing, no one else could get anything.

“Fu Ye!”

Suddenly, a loud shout was heard, followed by a person flying in from outside.

It indeed looked like he was flying.

Then, a sharp machete that looked like a crescent moon spun at high speed and slashed at him.

Fu Yes face darkened.

He raised his arm and blocked the machete with the dagger.

The two clashed against each other, causing sparks to fly.

He knocked the machete back and a fair-haired youth caught it.

That person was about the same age as Fu Ye, but he was the most dangerous person in the heretic bureau before Fu Ye came.

Not only was he a battle maniac, but he was also a super bloodthirsty lunatic at heart.

If the heretics hadnt been discovered for him to play with, he would probably have become a homicidal maniac who endangered society.

“Hahaha… we havent decided the winner last time.

Lets do it again.”

Fu Ye clicked his tongue and looked at him unhappily.

“Im not free now.

Please pay attention to the occasion.

This is the canteen!”

However, the white-haired youth didnt care at all.

“So what if its the canteen As long as Im around, it will be a battlefield.”

With that, he started to attack without any hesitation.

Fu Ye laughed in anger and faced the attack head-on.

Everyone in the canteen instantly ran outside to avoid being accidentally injured.

On the empty battlefield, Lu Xiaocha, who was still standing at the window waiting to eat, was very conspicuous.

“Chef, put a little more chili in it.

The snake steak has to be fried tender.

And that soup.

Just roll the meat slices thinly inside and dont cook it for too long.

Oh, and dont put too much seasoning in the soup…”

Bang bang bang…

Because of the fight between the two of them, the entire canteen was now in chaos.

Lu Xiaocha was not affected at all.

The canteen chef was speechless.

At least turn around and look behind you!!!

A table was flipped over and thrown at the young lady.

The onlookers outside exclaimed.

The chef was so shocked that his face turned pale.

Everyone couldnt bear to look at her anymore.

If this little girl was hit, she would either die or be crippled.

Just as the table was about to hit the little girl, a flash of red appeared.

Yin Shian appeared behind Lu Xiaocha almost instantly.

He raised his arm and grabbed the table that was flying over and put it down.

Lu Xiaocha turned around and saw that Fu Ye could handle it, so she continued to stare at her food.

“Chef, its almost burnt.

Hurry up and move!”

The chef finally reacted to her fierce growl.

In a daze, he quickly moved.

When Lu Beifeng saw his sister, who had almost been implicated, his handsome face suddenly darkened, and his eyes burned with fighting spirit.

Lin Qings lips twitched.

“Dont go over and cause trouble.

Dont tear down the canteen.”


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