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Ninth level, in the valley.

A cold wind blew, and ice clouds covered the sky.

As Shi Yus mysterious ice pet erupted with dazzling power and instantly shattered the number one person below the legends of the seven islands, the Beast Tamers of the two countries fell silent.

45 million…

Such a ridiculous situation made the seven island legends tremble.

The ninth level was cleared just like that

All the way… instantly

“This doesnt make sense!!!”

Thousand River Hundred God widened its eyes and said with all its might.

Just as he finished speaking, Susu beside Shi Yu slowly closed its eyes, its energy falling to a low point.

Its entire body seemed to have disintegrated, gradually turning into an ice flower.

Its body became an ice elemental core like an ice bead, as if it had finally exhausted its strength this time.


Seeing that Shi Yus pet had finally lost its battle power, the Beast Tamers of the seven islands were still not happy at all.

It suddenly erupted with overlord-level power.

If it could still fight even after that, that would be even more unscientific.

But now, Shi Yu had already cleared the ninth level.

What was the difference if the pet lost its battle power or not!

Moreover, the challenger on the road to champion had a total of ten hours to challenge.

There were a total of six contracted pets to use.

Even if this pet lost its battle power now, who knew if Shi Yu could take out other more powerful pets Who knew if this ice pet would recover later

In short, the Beast Tamers of the seven islands were completely afraid of this Beast Tamer named “Lu Bai”.

Not only the new generation, but also the older generation.

Even the legends standing at the top of the seven islands felt their hearts race as they looked at the young man below in shock.

“Hahaha, the ninth level is cleared!” After being stunned, Tyrannical Sea Legend laughed out loud.

He laughed very happily and instantly felt that this trip was not wasted.

As for the legend of the Warring States beside him, his expression was extremely ugly.

He never expected such a ridiculous situation to happen.

Although Demon Blade only sent one pet, under the effect of transferring talent, the damage and consumption of him and the Demon Blade could be transferred to other pets to a certain extent.

In fact, to a certain extent, it was no longer purely 1VS1, but it still followed the rules! After all, using ones Beast Taming Talent was forbidden.


Facing such a demon blade, he had never thought that anyone could win.

“Really… Not bad.” The legend of the Warring States couldnt maintain his calm anymore.

He took a deep breath and kept comforting and hypnotizing himself.

It was nothing, it was nothing.

It was not a big deal.

It was just that he couldnt buy Dong Huang resources at a low price during the transaction.

The normal price was acceptable, and it was profitable.

Didnt he just have to let Dong Huang explore the unsolved ruins mystic realm of the seven islands He didnt believe that Dong Huangs Beast Tamer could gain anything in a few days!

As long as Dong Huang didnt pass the tenth level, it was fine.

Letting Dong Huang use the Mythical Ruins would really consume a lot of energy!

It wasnt a big problem… Not a big problem! The tenth level was definitely not something that non-legendary Beast Tamers could pass!

“ThisLu Bai… Dont tell me his other pets also have such strength” Legend of the Warring States gritted his teeth.

If other pets werent inferior to this mysterious ice pet, that would be difficult to understand!

But no matter what, he had to suppress this guy in the tenth level!

“This…” Legend Sea Tyrant couldnt say for sure again.

However, at this moment, he was also inclined to believe that this Blue Sea Sprite Reincarnation was either second or first in Shi Yus team.



At this moment, someone suddenly realized that Shi Yu had stopped moving.

After he sat beside the frozen Demon Blade Shen Dai, he seemed to be resting on the spot.

Seeing this, countless people cried.

Did this guy finally start to rest on the spot Did he finally stop challenging

“Rest for a while before continuing,” Shi Yu said.

Shi Yus performance made the seven islands heave a sigh of relief.

Now, the seven islands had also determined that the Tyrannical Sea Legend was most likely not lying.

The reason why this guys pet was so strong was definitely because of a special cultivation talent, so that was why he didnt use his battle talent the whole time unless he was hiding his strength!

Since he didnt use battle talent or skills like possession, the one resting was definitely not Shi Yu himself, but his pet.

“This Lu Bai still plans to challenge using this pet!!!”

Soon, the people of the seven islands judged.

After all, if they wanted to use other pets, the difference between resting and not was not that big.

The reason why this result made the Beast Tamers of the seven islands heave a sigh of relief was that since he was facing an overlord-level pet, Shi Yu didnt plan to change pets.

Instead, he took the opportunity to rest and still used this pet that had consumed too much energy.

This meant that that frost pet was 100% Shi Yus trump card.

Shi Yu was only confident of challenging an overlord when he used this pet!

After seeing that Shi Yu didnt have other reliable pets, they relaxed.

If Shi Yu could still take out other powerful pets, their hearts would really collapse! One monster pet was better than two…

“No one cares about this uncle” When Shi Yu sat down to rest, a miniature summoning array appeared on his fingertip.

A wisp of dark blue ghost fire floated out and floated towards the Demon Blade Shen Dai.

In the next moment, the blue ghost fire melted the ice and snow.

The frozen Demon Blade and Divine Generation gradually recovered their consciousness, but they were still in indescribable shock.

Shi Yu immediately supported the ninth guardian who was about to fall with one hand and looked in the direction of the Sky Ship.


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