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Therefore, it was extremely difficult for monarchs to defeat overlords above their level.

They needed various favorable conditions! For example, the environment… attributes… abilities to counter… Beast Taming Talent, and so on.

Even if a top-notch master was said to be able to resist an overlord for a short period of time, that was built on the foundation of all pets.

And if he wanted to kill an overlord, he had to rely on various factors.

For example, although Ji Feng, Tong Yan, Shi Yu, and the others had battle results of killing overlords, it was actually very difficult to replicate.

Ji Feng had used the energy crystal mineral vein to set up the array in advance and planned for a long time to lure the enemy in.

Then, with the help of his talent, he communicated with a large amount of natural power and combined it with the power of many pets.

Only then did he successfully erupt with a dazzling attack head-on and kill the other party before the overlord ferocious beast could react in time.

As for Tong Yan, he relied on carefully concocted poisons to slowly kill with various methods.

He still didnt fight head-on.

In a head-on battle, who would want to take the enemys poison

Even Shi Yus destruction of the two overlords was mostly a tactical component, not a frontal confrontation.

Moreover, ever since then, Baby Ginsengs skill cooldown had not recovered for months.

Therefore, it was really difficult to defeat the other party head-on while the overlord was fighting seriously.

Zheng Hai, Ji Feng, and the others looked at Shi Yu solemnly again, curious about what he would do.

“I hope its an easy guy to deal with.

Theres only one chance.”

Shi Yu rested for two hours before setting off again.

This time was already very fast for the various Beast Tamers watching the battle on the sky ship.

They looked at Shi Yu, who continued walking forward, with burning gazes.

As for a huge beast at the end of Crown Rainbow Mountain, which had been guarding the end of the road of champions, it suddenly opened its eyes.


It walked towards the cliff step by step, revealing its domineering figure.

When it roared, the wind and clouds changed, and a rainbow light flashed.

This was a huge tiger more than five meters long, tall and powerful, covered in golden hair.

The moment it roared, Shi Yu, the Beast Tamer of Dong Huang, and the Beast Tamers of the seven islands looked up at the mountain.

< Name > Heavenly Cloud Tiger

[Attributes]: Wind, Light

[Race Level]: Mid-level overlord

[Level of Growth]: Overlord

Energy Points: 54,910,000


The moment this huge tiger appeared, Zou Yun was shocked.

F*ck, the seven islands really didnt treat humans well.

This huge tiger didnt look easy to fight.

“The Heavenly Cloud Tiger is the overlord of the Crown Rainbow Mountain Range.

It has been designated as the guardian of the tenth level from the start.

It has always been like this.

Even the Beast Tamers of the seven islands have to face it if they come to the tenth level.”

Legend of the Warring States slowly said to the Tyrannical Sea Legend beside him, meaning that they werent targeting them.

“This huge tiger…” The fourth-ranking Jiang Tianyang was stunned.” So, is the path of champion really prepared for the young people of the seven islands ”

In his opinion, that Demon Blade Shen Dai just now was already very overboard.

And the path to clearing the championship still required him to defeat this thing.

As expected, the seven islands didnt want anyone to pass.

As expected, they didnt want to give their challenger legendary resources!!

“Wind, light… Tiger… Mid-level overlord race…” Legend Sea Tyrant was stunned.

This was troublesome…

At the side, the legend of the Warring States muttered to himself quietly, “If you have the ability, insta-kill it again!! Instant kill!”

So what if that ice-element pet erupted with more than 50 million energy points 70 80

It was still impossible to instantly kill the overlord-level Heavenly Cloud Tiger.

This was the suppression of life level.

Apart from having a high energy level, overlord-level creatures physiques would also undergo a qualitative change.

Their affinity for natural power would also undergo a qualitative change.

Although the Heavenly Cloud Tiger wasnt a top-notch overlord, it was definitely strong among conventional overlords.

It wasnt something a hooligan overlord like the Prediction Owl could compare to.

After all, its race was the king of beasts.

The seven islands indeed didnt think that their contestants could defeat it, but that didnt mean that the seven islands couldnt pass it.

The path of the champion was originally set up to test and choose the elites of the seven islands.

As long as the time was right, they would let Shen Dai and the Heavenly Cloud Tiger go easy and let the seven islands geniuses pass and obtain legendary resources.

There would be rewards and training.

However, at this moment, the seven islands definitely wouldnt let the Heavenly Cloud Tiger go easy on Dong Huangs contestant.

Therefore, this battle was unsolvable.

The legend of the Warring States didnt believe that Lu Bai could still pass this level.

“Its also a cat.

Steady…” At this moment, Shi Yu also noticed this big guy.

For some reason, he suddenly heaved a sigh of relief.

It wasnt a difficult undead overlord, nor was it a difficult mechanical overlord, nor was it a difficult elemental overlord.

In terms of attributes, it didnt have fancy attributes like the spatial element.

Moreover, it was a cat.

There was hope!

“Lets go.” Shi Yu took a deep breath and continued walking towards the mountain.

After a long time, he climbed the mountain under everyones gaze.

The Crown Rainbow Mountain towered into the clouds.

The wind was cold and the altitude was already relatively high.

Shi Yu approached step by step.

High above, the gaze of the Cloud Tiger also stared deeply at this challenger.

As the overlord of the Crown Rainbow Mountain Range, the previous nine battles had already fallen into its eyes.

This young man was indeed different from the previous seven island Beast Tamers.

However, it was too simple to challenge it with just this level.


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