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“Kaede Takahashi, even though you lacked the skills, you have worked hard these days and have proven your strength to join the National Institute team.

But is joining the National Institute team your only target You have to stand out in the World College Tournament among the powerful Mages and geniuses.

You have to reclaim the countrys glory.

Hence, you have to pay full attention even though this is just training, understand!” said the instructor, Shou Watani.

“Noted, Mr.


Thank you for putting a painstaking effort on me!” Kaede Takahashi nodded and dared not to think of anything else.

Shou Watanis training was harsh.

He seemed to be tireless.

Outside the arena, when the crowd noticed Shou Watanis figure, they talked about him.

“Isnt that Shou Watani Hes the leader of the Japanese team that won the last World College Tournament,” said a man in a kimono and slippers while taking a sip of iced beer.

“Its him.

Never thought hes the instructor of the National Institute.”

“The members of the Twin Guardian Towers invited him to be the temporary instructor for the National Institute players.

Hes even stronger than the experienced professors.”

“Shou Watani is upset with the fact that he hadnt been able to achieve a better result in the last performance.

Its no wonder the players of the State House for this batch are so strong.

They repeatedly defeated the teams from the National Institute!”

The training was mainly about the formation and cooperation among the members.

They had to learn to keep calm in the face of a crisis.

Daylight faded.

Before they even saw a sunset, it was already twilight.

It seemed to arrive earlier than before.

Lingling sat there impatiently.

She wondered when Mo Fan would wake up from his sleep!

She took out her phone and called him.

His phone rang a few meters away from him.

Mo Fan yawned and took his phone.

He did not answer it.

Later he met her personally.

‘Hows it going” Mo Fan asked.

“I dont have definite clues yet, but many bizarre incidents have happened in the Twin Guardian Towers,” said Lingling.

She did not gather much information.

Fortunately, they still had a couple of days left before the moonless night.

Thus, they could take their time to find more clues.

They had to learn about the cunning Red Demon Kazuakis purpose and his aura.

They had to make early preparations before taking it down.

Sharjah had mentioned that the Red Demon Kazuaki was going to hold its Ascension Ceremony in this place.

There must be something like an altar that stored massive evil energy.

After all, it was impossible for the Red Demon Kazuaki to become an emperor in a single swoosh as soon as it reached the Twin Guardian Towers!

Since it chose to ascend and transform in the Twin Guardian Towers, the towers must contain something that it needed.

It was either that the environment played a part in assisting him during the ascension and transformation, or the towers contained certain substances that it required.

It would be good if Lingling and Mo Fan could sort things out.

Otherwise, how could they stop the Red Demon Kazuaki How could Mo Fan become a Forbidden Mage in the process

“Never mind.

Take your time.

Lingling, are you still a kid How can you still leave the grains on the side of your mouth when eating a rice ball” Mo Fan noticed some grains near her lips.

Lingling did not bother about it.

She was still facing the laptop.

Mo Fan reached out and scraped the grains from her cheeks roughly.

“Oh gosh! I just applied powder on my face!” Lingling was angry.

“Youre still young.

Why do you even have to apply face powder Your skin is good without it,” said Mo Fan with a huff.

“I recently developed a fondness for black, metal rebellious look.

I prefer those with nose rings, earrings, Ghana braids, and so on!” Lingling complained.


You look good anyway.”

Meanwhile, on the training ground, Nagayama rushed over to Kaede Takahashis side with a great sense of urgency when the instructor was not paying attention to them.

“Your love rival is here! I saw a dashing man with the new girl whom you have been hanging out with! Why are you still training here You might even lose your dinner date later!” Nagayama said.

Kaede turned his head around and saw Lingling with Mo Fan.

Judging from the way they interacted with each other, he could easily guess that the two were lovebirds.

Lingling interacted intimately with the man who appeared out of nowhere.

When they chatted, they looked accustomed to each other.

“Kaede Takahashi! Wind Disc!” Ikuko Ishidas voice rose on the training ground.

Kaede Takahashi was lost in his own thoughts when the Wind Disc struck him.

Fortunately, he had a solid foundation and was able to form a Light Wall using Light Element magic to hold back the attack.

After the Wind Disc dispersed, Shao Watani went over to him.

Kaede Takahashi looked down.

Shao Watani glared at him before turning to look at Linling in the corner.

Shao Watani noticed where Kaede Takahashis gaze was a while ago.

“The tournament is around the corner, but your mind is somewhere else.

You disappoint me,” said Shao Watani.

Kaede Takahashi was aware of the problem.

He also wondered why his heart was captured by the Chinese girl whom he met just a while ago.

He was curious if he was attracted by her beauty or her mysterious identity as a Seven-Star Hunter Master.

“Sir, Im sorry.

I…,” Kaede Takahashi apologized to Shao Watani earnestly.

Even before he could finish his words, Shao Watani walked to Lingling!

Kaede Takahashi was petrified!Was Shao Watani about to scold her

Kaede Takahashi quickly caught up with Shao Watani.

However, his teacher increased his pace and reached Lingling.

“I recognized you,” said Shao Watani.

Kaede Takahashi caught up with him.

He was about to stop him when he noticed that Shao Watani wasnt looking at Lingling but at the man beside her.

The man looked like a scatterbrain.

“Me” Mo Fan pointed to himself.

“Youre Mo Fan,” said Shao Watani.

“Who are you” Mo Fan stared at Shao Watani.

He looked familiar but Mo Fan couldnt recall where he had seen him.

Shao Watani looked a little unhappy.

He was the strongest player in the Japanese team.

Even though Mo Fan took the first place in the World College Tournament and was known as the strongest young Mage, he had expected Mo fan to at least remember him.

Shao Watani sucked in a deep breath.

“You and I havent crossed paths, so you might not remember me.”

Mo Fan tried his best to recall Shao Watani.

Still, he could not remember who he was.

Just then, a familiar lady walked over to them.

“Mo Fan, hes Shao Watani.

Hes the leader of the Japanese National Institute.

When the Chinese team competed with our team in Venice, you didnt play the game,” Chihaya said with a warm smile.

“Oh, now I remember! Shao Watani, weve seen each other in the Caribbean Sea, right” Mo Fan finally recalled.

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