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As expected, after a day, Lin Qiyes research team delivered the results.

It was a pill that cost more than 3 billion to develop.


The pill was mixed with the bacteria that the research team had selected.

It could secrete pheromones that could suppress terminal illnesses.

The suppression effect was not heaven-defying, but when combined with diet and immune therapy, Lin Qiyes body condition unexpectedly improved.

His face became much ruddier.

His strange state gave the doctors a fright, and they almost thought that Lin Qiye had a brief revival before the end.

They quickly carried out a full-scale examination of Lin Qiye.

The results showed that the rate of proliferation of the diseased cells in Lin Qiyes bone marrow had indeed decreased by 20%.

The medical team was shocked as if they had witnessed a medical miracle.

However, as time passed, the disease in Lin Qiyes bone marrow multiplied once again.

The pills suppressive effect was far from enough.

Lin Qiyes body lost its balance and fell into weakness at a speed visible to the naked eye.

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Fortunately, Lin Qiyes luck was quite good.

The “revival effect “a while ago gave Lin Qiye enough time to catch his breath.

Lin Qiye managed to survive until the time of his death!

Lin Qiye, who was supposed to be devoured by the diseased cells, was still alive.

As usual, he completed the treatment at night and returned home.

He sat in front of his desk and read the first draft of the thesis submitted by the students.

Suddenly, Lin Qiyes spirit jolted, and he immediately laughed out loud.

His aggressive smile made him look out of character.

He was like a monk who had cultivated ascetically for many years and finally achieved a positive result, or like a poor scholar who changed his fate after ten years of study.

“Ive finally broken through the limits of my life.

Eighteen years! A whole eighteen years of hard work! All in exchange for todays heaven-defying fate change.”

Lin Qiye couldnt help but cry.

And in his mind, the sound of the notification became clearer and louder and finally occupied all of Lin Qiyes thoughts!

[Successfully defying heavens to change your fate: 16 years old.

You have been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

It is rare enough to be named after you.]

[Successfully defying heavens to change your fate: 17 years old.

You have fought against your terminal illness.

As a master in the field of life sciences, you have found a way to prolong your life.

At the same time, you have guided your assistants and published 13 top-tier papers.]

[Successfully defying heavens to change your fate: 18 years old.

You are still fighting against the terminal illness in your body.

You are still alive.]

[Congratulations! You have broken through the limit of your life! The Life Lantern Gem is permanently formed!]


[Life Lantern Gem: Its current energy could support you to enter the galaxy world twice.

Every time you fail, the energy will be halved.

After breaking through the limit of your life, you will recover half of your energy.

If you use up all of it, it will take a year to recover.

You can also use special items to recover it.]

[You have obtained 6,000 movement points! (Currently remaining 9,450 walking points)]

[You have obtained an A grade.

The score reward will be calculated after your soul returns.]

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[Do you wish to return]


Lin Qiye shook his head in his heart.

The knowledge he obtained from school told him that he must not return when he had broken through his limit.

He must persevere until the moment of death!

Because the longer he lasted, the more events he experienced, the higher his score would be, and the more generous the reward!

In laymans terms, every day that Lin Qiye lived after this would gain him many benefits!

It was even to the extent that if he raised his score to S, Lin Qiye would receive a heaven-defying reward!

“However, an S grade is especially difficult.

Usually, one would have to simulate over a hundred times to coincidentally get an S grade…

“However, I seem to be able to challenge it!”

Lin Qiye fell into deep thought.

His intuition told him that if he could get an S grade during this simulation, it would be great.

And one of the prerequisites to get an S grade was to conquer cancer.

“At this stage, I only need 4,500 movement points to conquer cancer.

“Its a little expensive, but I might be able to take a gamble… But, even if I conquer cancer, I still cant completely eradicate my incurable disease.”

Lin Qiye was a little surprised.

“Looks like my incurable disease is a pain in the ass.”

Lin Qiye thought deeply for a while.

In the end, he still decided to take a gamble!

After all, the reward of an S grade score was too generous.

Lin Qiye could not resist the temptation!

Hence, after consuming 4500 movement points, Lin Qiye activated the Deduction of Genesis.

The deduction was complicated.

It was as if Lin Qiye had entered a galaxy in his head, where countless stars were born and destroyed.

A few seconds later.

In Lin Qiyes mind, 300 milestone papers appeared.

The contents of each paper were imprinted in Lin Qiyes mind.

It was as if Lin Qiye had personally done the experiments.

With just a thought, he could master all the applications of the principles.

Lin Qiye was slightly surprised.

He spent half an hour carefully combing through the contents of the papers.

Half an hour later, Lin Qiye raised his head.

The pleasant surprise in his eyes disappeared in a flash.

“Hmm The combination of the techniques in these papers might not be able to cure my disease completely, but it is enough to allow my body, immunity, and the diseased cells in my bone marrow to reach a miraculous dynamic balance.”

“Even if the diseased cells proliferate at twice the rate, I can still live safely.”

Lin Qiye was pleasantly surprised.

“It seems that my intuition is right.

I can definitely get an S grade!”

His eyebrows flew up.

If he lived for another ten years, he would change his fate for ten years.

If he lived for another twenty years, he would change his fate for twenty years.

Lin Qiye could not imagine what rewards he could get after spending a whole twenty years earning points!

All in all, it must be an unbelievable sum!

Lin Qiye laughed until he was gasping for breath.

He quickly took a sip of hot tea and then slept soundly.

The next day, he formulated a new treatment plan and handed it over to the medical team for implementation.

A month later, Lin Qiyes body had indeed reached a kind of subtle dynamic balance!

Lin Qiye no longer looked sickly.

Instead, his skin became ruddy and full of life.

Lin Qiye, who used to pant when he walked, could now walk as fast as the wind.

Regarding this outcome, the entire medical team was in a state of shock.

“Professor Lin, this is amazing! Although the lesions in your bone marrow are multiplying rapidly, the speed of elimination and recovery of your bodys functions are also fast.

The three of them are maintaining a certain dynamic balance!”

“A medical miracle! This is a medical miracle!”

The doctors laughed loudly.

Lin Qiye also smiled and nodded.

“You have to congratulate me, dont you”

“Congratulations! Of course, congratulations! But, Professor Lin, you still have to come for a check-up every day.”

Lin Qiye nodded and agreed.

“No problem.”

While answering, he walked with vigorous steps and arrived at the laboratory that he had not seen for eight months.

In the laboratory, the students saw that Lin Qiye had recovered to his original state.

With tears streaming down their faces, they hugged Lin Qiye tightly.

“Professor… You have recovered, right”

“Professor, you have overcome a terminal illness.

You are indeed the man who will lead mankind to conquer cancer!”

“Lets celebrate Professor Lins recovery!”


“Lets give him flowers!”

The students were extremely excited, and their cheers resounded throughout the entire laboratory.

Then, Professor Yuan also received the news.

He skipped class at the last minute and rushed over.

While running, he lost a shoe.


However, he didnt care at all.

Instead, he pulled Lin Qiye into his embrace, and the moisture in his eyes blurred his thick glasses.

“Child… Its been hard on you!”

Not long after, Lin Qiyes parents also rushed over.

The two of them hugged Lin Qiye, crying and laughing as they touched his body to ensure he is healthy.

During Lin Qiyes treatment, the bruises on his body made it difficult for them to fall asleep at night.

Fortunately, Lin Qiye survived!

Lin Qiyes parents teared up, crying from extreme joy.

Feeling their sincere emotions, Lin Qiyes nose twitched.

“Im fine.

Im alive! I can continue my research.

This time, my scientific achievements will definitely be higher!”

Lin Qiye said proudly.

And so, for the next year, Lin Qiye used the money he earned from the short video app to establish four high-precision research institutes and recruited nearly 200 researchers.

Each researcher had an annual salary of millions.

Lin Qiye spent 300 billion a year!


He spent all of his money on scientific research, and he didnt ask for anything in return!

In just a short year, Lin Qiye had transferred all 300 papers in his mind onto paper.

He bombarded the world with tens and hundreds of papers and applied for technology patents one after another.

He was also on most of the covers of reputable scientific journals.

The big shots in the field were surprised to find that Lin Qiye was creating myths every day since his return!

What was even more ridiculous was that without realizing it, the leaders in the global life science and technology field had all come to Country Xia for scientific research.

For a time, Country Xia became the holy land for research in life science and technology.


Time passed quickly.

Spring passed, and autumn came.

In the blink of an eye, it was Lin Qiyes 19th birthday.

The day before his birthday, Lin Qiye, who had always kept a low profile and isolated from the world, suddenly announced in a high profile.

The four research institutes under him will hold a global press conference!

And the theme of the press conference is…


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