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Hearing that, Lin Qiye raised his head and glanced at the mysteriously confident Zhu Yuheng.

Then, he patiently explained to Zhu Yuheng about the Doom Arrow.

After listening to the explanation, Zhu Yuheng still snorted arrogantly, but her gaze was intensely worried.

“Is there really a Doom Arrow Will its first target be Xia Ji or me

“If the two of us are trapped, and that stupid wolfs realm increases another level, we wont be able to defeat it!”

Zhu Yuheng was extremely displeased, but she had no way to counter it.

She could only look at Lin Qiye.

“I admit that you are quite capable.

So, do you have any tricks up your sleeve”

Zhu Yuheng was obviously curious, but she still insisted on being arrogant.

Lin Qiye laughed in his heart.

“The brilliant plan is simple.

Its to make everyone in the world as strong as a dragon! If everyone in the world becomes like a dragon, the Golden Dragon of Fortune can be resurrected even if its destroyed!

“Even though the Wolf Lords Doom Arrow is heaven-defying, it can only be used once every hundred years.

As long as I can make everyone become like a dragon, the Doom Arrow will be useless.

He is destined to die in my hands.”

As he spoke, Lin Qiyes cold but handsome features bloomed with strong confidence, which condensed into a flame that lit up his eyes.

It was to the extent that Zhu Yuheng was surprised to discover that Lin Qiye was different from everyone she had met.

He seemed to emit light and had his special effects.

Zhu Yuheng could not help but think of the day before when she was reborn.

Her heart beat again, and she embraced the warmth and comfort of the world once again.

That beauty and comfort quickly overlapped with Lin Qiyes handsome features, equating him to the beauty of being reborn.

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Strange thoughts swirled in her mind.

Zhu Yuheng was like a cat with bristles.

She suddenly glared at Lin Qiye.

Then, she turned around and left with a little anger.

She did not want to stay by Lin Qiyes side anymore.

It was so strange that it felt scary!

Thus, Zhu Yuhengs footsteps became faster and faster.

“Hmph, I will cultivate in seclusion and recover my cultivation!

“Then, Ill use all my strength to break through! When the time comes, Ill kill that stupid wolf so I can establish my majesty as the empress!”

As she spoke, Zhu Yuheng sat cross-legged on the bed.

She covered her heart and felt the beating of her new heart.

The Golden Dragon of Fortune could only resurrect people once.

Lin Qiye had used it for her.

If that stupid wolf attacked, and she could not win, he would probably die.

Zhu Yuheng secretly frowned.

He gave her a copy of the Dao Repository Technique, so she would return the favor.

She cannot owe him again!

With that thought in mind, Zhu Yuheng entered a state of penance.

While cultivating the Dao Repository Technique, she guided the pure spiritual energy in her body to nourish the new heart.

The spiritual energy that the new heart could withstand became more and more vigorous.

A few days later, Zhu Yuhengs new heart could already withstand the spiritual energy at the peak of the Qi Refinement Realm.

However, just as she was about to continue cultivating, Lin Qiye knocked lightly on the door.

Zhu Yuheng panicked for no reason.

“Whats wrong”

“I want to tell you a few things.”

Zhu Yuheng paused for a long time before finally opening the door and letting Lin Qiye into the room.

There was a faint fragrance in the room, and it smelled comfortable.

However, the fragrance on Zhu Yuhengs body was colder and lighter, reserved and restrained.

It was not as intense as Ji Qinghuans fragrance.

In comparison, Lin Qiye liked Ji Qinghuans fragrance more.

Of course, he did not come to Zhu Yuheng to smell her, but to ask her.

“I have to return to the imperial palace to take care of some things.

Are you coming”

Zhu Yuheng pondered for a moment.

If she was by Lin Qiyes side, she would have a tingling feeling every day.

She didnt like that feeling, so she shook her head.

“Im not going!”

Lin Qiye nodded.

“Thats fine.

Be careful on the northern border.

Dont put yourself in danger, understand

“You are now the human races hope.

You are the pillar of support for the human race.

You are the empress that we cannot lose.

You must not be rash!” Lin Qiye coaxed.

Zhu Yuheng raised her eyebrows.

She was quite pleased.

“What you said makes sense.

Ill allow it.”

She raised her chin slightly and said proudly.

Lin Qiye shook his head and laughed lightly in his heart.

This tigress was in his palms without even knowing it.

She was even full of pride.

How funny.

“I am going to the imperial palace and will be back in ten months.

At that time, the Wolf Lords Doom Arrow should be ready.

You have to be careful not to fall into danger.”

After saying this, Lin Qiye left and set off for the imperial palace.

“When I return, my identity as the seventeenth prince will be exposed.

Whether its the crown prince or the other princes, they will all feel despair.

“From what I see, the fight for the throne theyre playing is just a childs game.

“When ones strength reaches a certain level, all sorts of schemes and traps will be useless.”

Lin Qiyes gaze deepened.

This time, he returned to the palace not to do something as petty as fighting for the throne.

What he wanted to do was to make everyone as strong as a dragon!

It was to make the Wolf Lords Doom Arrow lose its effect!

Lin Qiye left the National Fate Pass.

There had been no war for a long period.

The Wolf Tribe troops that would come every three to five days to call for war and humiliate the human soldiers had disappeared completely.

While National Fate Pass soldiers feel proud, they were also not used to it.

However, Zhu Yuheng was even more unaccustomed to something.

She thought that after Lin Qiye left, she would not have any strange thoughts anymore.

However, a few days after Lin Qiye left, the chaotic thoughts in her mind increased even more.

When her innate Qi reached 100 wisps, she thought of Lin Qiye.

When her innate Qi reached 500 wisps, she thought of Lin Qiye again.

When her newborn heart reached the Foundation Establishment Realm, she still thought of Lin Qiye.

Even when her newborn heart was thumping under the warm sunlight, she couldnt help but recall the classical scene in her mind.

She was trapped remembering Lin Qiyes face when she was reborn.

“Is it because the feeling of being reborn after death is exceptionally strong, and he just happened to appear before me, so it overlapped

Zhu Yuhengs scalp went numb.

She forcefully suppressed the chaotic thoughts in her mind and continued to cultivate bitterly.

One month later, the innate Qi in Zhu Yuhengs body had reached 3,000 wisps.

However, she had a vexed discovery.

The frequency at which Lin Qiye appeared in her mind was increasing.

Sometimes, she could not help but think it would be great if Lin Qiye were in the National Fate Pass.

She could look at him and harrumph in front of him.

What could he be doing Was he concentrating on writing his plan

Was his plan to make everyone in the world as strong as dragons really effective

“Right… He is a prince of the Qin Dynasty.

Will he take in concubines”

As she thought about this, Zhu Yuheng subconsciously felt jealous.

“Ive been working hard in the National Fate Pass.

If that guy doesnt seriously think about how to deal with stupid wolves and dares to indulge in women, Ill be the first to kill him!”

Zhu Yuhengs mind went blank for a moment.

For a moment, she didnt know how to face this matter.

But soon, she found a perfect excuse and naturally vented the anger in her heart.

Three days later, Zhu Yuheng couldnt stay still anymore!

Although she kept controlling her emotions, she still gave in to the strong emotions of wanting to see Lin Qiye after more than a month of hesitation.

“Im only going to supervise his cultivation! Yes, only to supervise his cultivation.”

Zhu Yuheng curled her lips and hurriedly set off for the imperial city.

It would take 28 hours to reach the imperial city from the National Fate Pass if she moved at full speed.

Zhu Yuheng arrived in 28 hours.

She did not rest during this period.

She immediately headed to the imperial palace when she arrived at the imperial city.

The old emperor personally went out to welcome her.

“Miss Zhu, youre here Are you looking for Little Seventeen”

Zhu Yuheng nodded awkwardly.

“Im here to supervise his cultivation.”

The old emperor was a shrewd man.

How could he not hear the underlying meaning

He laughed in his heart, but his expression was somewhat regretful.

“Miss Zhu… Little Seventeen went to the vicinity of the Qing Xuan Sect to supervise the construction.

He probably wont be back for some time.

“If youre hurrying to see him, you can look for him directly.

Hes either at the Qing Xuan Sect or the Dragon Snake Sect.

He wont be too far away.”

Upon hearing this, Zhu Yuhengs heart exploded as if she had been shocked.

“Who said Im in a hurry to see him”

“Ill just wait here!”


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