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However, Zhu Yuheng began to hesitate in her heart just as the words slipped out of her mouth.


As the saying goes, hesitation leads to defeat.

In less than a second, the old emperor interrupted Zhu Yuheng without hesitation.

“Since youre not in a hurry to see Little Seventeen, wait quietly in the imperial palace.

Little Seventeen will be back in half a year.

“Also, you can freely cultivate our imperial familys heaven-tier martial art techniques in the imperial palace.

Whatever resources you want, take it! As long as the national treasury has them, I can send them all to you!”

The old emperor was forthright.

However, in the depths of his eyes, there was a crafty light Zhu Yuheng could not detect.

It flashed and disappeared!

There was no doubt that the old emperors action was to make Zhu Yuheng endure so that she would understand the suffering of missing someone.

Zhu Yuheng came back to her senses and wanted to explain, but the emperor spoke again, “Of course, Miss Zhu, if you really want to see Little Seventeen, you can go look for him now.”

The old emperor hummed, his sarcastic tone provoking Zhu Yuheng.

What kind of person was Zhu Yuheng

Hearing the old emperors words, she instantly extinguished the thoughts in her heart.

Her eyes became cold, and an icy aura spread from her body.

“I dont want to see Xia Ji.

Im just here to see if hes cultivating properly.”

The stubborn woman raised her fair chin arrogantly, putting on an air that no one could shake her state of mind, and left arrogantly.

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“Miss Zhu, why dont you stay in the imperial palace The imperial city is noisy, and the palace is more conducive for quiet cultivation.”

However, Zhu Yuheng raised her brows with a determined gaze.

She left the imperial palace without turning back.

The old emperor looked in the direction where Zhu Yuheng had disappeared and couldnt help but laugh.

“Little Seventeen, this is the best I can do for you.

This unruly woman has an extremely arrogant personality.

If she suffers more, she will be able to face her inner feelings.”

The old emperor had a calm smile on his face.

He had been through this before and had seen through everything.

When he saw Zhu Yuheng just now, he instantly decided to goad her into staying.

The woman was unwilling to return to the imperial city with Little Seventeen back then.

After more than a month had passed, didnt she still run over here eagerly

Now, he would continue to torture her for another month.

He would torment her with bone-deep longing and sleepless nights.

No matter how unruly she was, she would fold in the end.

Thinking about his dirty tricks, the old emperor stood with his hands behind his back.

His eyes shone with flames of confidence.


I, the Qin Dynastys emperor, spent my entire life as a soldier, and I was ruthless to the point that even the previous Wolf Lord had to be wary of me.

“In the end, I had to use my emperor skills to find a wife for Little Seventeen.

How pitiful are parents!”

The old emperor blew at his beard.

Although he sighed, the joy in the depths of his eyes could not be concealed no matter what.

Of course, the old emperor did not lose anything.

Lin Qiye did not lose anything either.

Only Zhu Yuhengs inner world was injured.

She had thought that she could see Xia Ji if she rushed to the imperial city without rest, but that fellow was at the Qing Xuan Sect!

Moreover, that old emperor was really annoying.

As expected.

Like father, like son!

Zhu Yuheng cursed in her heart.

She had no choice but to find an inn near the imperial palace and enter seclusion.

Unfortunately, every inn in the imperial city was close to the bustling streets.

Outside the window, there was heavy traffic, and the bustling city was lively with activity.

Peddlers peddled their wares everyday; children fooled around on the streets; and fortune-tellers played iron trigrams.

The boats floated over the river again and again, and the girls sang melodiously while gazing at each other.

The drunkards and scholars embraced each other on the boat and drank heartily.

It was extraordinarily lively.

However, the lively atmosphere belonged to others.

Zhu Yuheng only felt that it was noisy!

Although she would not notice the sounds outside when she was cultivating, she would feel sullen once she had nothing to do.

After two days, Zhu Yuhengs face waas cold as ice as she left the inn.

She found a remote mountain villa to stay in.

However, the quiet environment made her even more upset.

Every time she finished cultivating, Zhu Yuheng would let out a long breath of turbid air.

She frowned, and her phoenix-shaped eyes lost their radiance.

There was a bit of sadness within the heroic spirit between her facial features.

Ten days later, she could no longer control her gaze and looked in the direction of the Qing Xuan Sect.

In the Qing Xuan Sect, two months had passed since the massacre.

Eunuch Cao had borrowed manpower from the officials of the Western Province to clean up the corpses.

The Qing Xuan Sect was also transformed into an important western region of the Qin Dynasty.

In the future, the Science and Technology Academy and the Cultivation Academy of the Western Province would both be located in the Qing Xuan Sect.

Lin Qiye, who had come to supervise, stayed in the main hall of the Qing Xuan Sect.

Of course, Lin Qiye was not here to enjoy life.

He had been patrolling the remote mountain villages on the first day here.

On one hand, he wanted to supervise the cultivators who were doing their jobs because the cultivators of this world had not changed their mindset yet.

It was especially true for the imperial palaces cultivators.

They were corrupted, and if half a kilogram of pork passed through their hands, they would have to keep a part for themselves.

Even though Lin Qiye had issued the new law, warning them of corruption and suppression, they still didnt think much of it.

On the other hand, Lin Qiye wanted to find the ancestral land of the Qin Dynasty!

He didnt forget the requirements to obtain an SSS grade.

To obtain an SSS grade, he had to accomplish seven things.

One: To defy heaven and change his fate;

Two: To save the Fated Empress;

Three: To find the Qin Dynastys ancestral land, save his acquaintances and descendants, and obtain the mysterious inheritance within the land;


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