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Her two hearts were beating like a drum.

In the bucket, Lin Qiye turned to look at Zhu Yuheng, his eyes shocked and surprised.

“Are you sure”

“Im sure, but if you dare to look around recklessly, Ill pull out your eyeballs and feed them to the dogs!”

Zhu Yuheng warned coldly, her expression especially serious.

Lin Qiye was helpless.

“I wont look around.

Im only focused on research.”

Lin Qiye was quite confident in his willpower.

What he focused on was always getting higher grades and better rewards.

Lust and love were not his pursuits.

After all, Lin Qiye would never forget that he was only a newbie Gold Practitioner in the main world who could not even afford a gold-tier cultivation technique.

The day before, he was even ambushed by the Jianghu faction.

He was only a hairs breadth away from death.

Even after becoming a Gold Practitioner, he still did not feel safe!

After all, the Jianghu faction still had a Platinum Practitioner eyeing him like a tiger to its prey!

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Lin Qiyes heart was calm.

He only wanted to become stronger step by step and get rid of Li You forever!

He wanted to let Li You understand that provoking him would only lead to death.

Lin Qiye was a vengeful person!

If he did not kill Li You, a thorn would always be stuck in his heart!

As he thought of this, Lin Qiye immediately stood up and put on his clothes in the blink of an eye.

He came in front of Zhu Yuheng, his eyes filled with gratitude.

“Thank you.

Please follow me.

I swear I wont look around.”

While he was talking, Lin Qiye brought Zhu Yuheng to the underground cultivation room.

“Lie on the stone bed and take off your clothes.”

Zhu Yuheng kept quiet.

Although she had made her decision last night, her heart was still beating wildly when they reached this step.

But no matter what, she could not show her fear at this point.

Zhu Yuheng pursed her red lips, took off the white tiger fur, and untied her robe.

Although Lin Qiye was a gentleman and did not look askance, his eyelids still twitched in fright.

He could not help but exclaim how big her boobs were!

To tell the truth, Lin Qiye had never seen such a scene before.

His heartbeat involuntarily sped up, and his body felt a little hot.

However, Lin Qiye quickly held his breath and suppressed the restlessness in his Dantian.

Then, his gaze became serious.

He reached out his finger and lightly tapped Zhu Yuhengs soft heart.

At the same time, his thoughts entered Zhu Yuhengs body along with a wisp of Holy Violet Genuine Qi.

He carefully observed Zhu Yuhengs two different hearts.

Opposite Lin Qiye, Zhu Yuhengs mind was blank.

Lin Qiyes fingers touched her heart!

Although it was only a light touch, those two fingers were hotter than a red iron.

It made her two heartbeats overlap, thumping wildly, unable to stop for a moment.

She closed her eyes and held her breath, but her shoulders were still trembling slightly, and her ears were already glowing red.

Fortunately, Lin Qiye did not make any unusual movements.

He only observed Zhu Yuhengs two hearts and the wonders within them.

While it made Zhu Yuheng feel slightly at ease, there was also an inexplicable sense of disappointment.

One day, two days, one month, two months.

The two would get along like this every day.

In the beginning, Zhu Yuheng could not calm down.

But after some time, she got used to it as she realized Lin Qiye was really studying her hearts seriously!

As he observed, his mind raced rapidly.

He was often so mentally exhausted that his forehead was covered in sweat.

His gaze was focused as if he was pouring his heart into it.

He was attentive and meticulous.

When his mind was undistracted, he seemed to radiate with light, as if a special effect had been added.

Zhu Yuheng was a little surprised.

Six months later, the research was still continuing.

Lin Qiyes forehead gleamed with sweat.

But suddenly, the light of contemplation between Lin Qiyes face disappeared.

Instead, his eyes were rapidly gathering with an excited twinkle.

“I understand!

“Thank you, Miss Zhu! I know how to light up the two Gates of Heaven in my wings.

Thank you! You can put on your clothes and leave first.

I want to go into seclusion!”

Lin Qiye was thrilled.

He suddenly stood up and wiped the sweat off his forehead as he panted heavily.

Zhu Yuheng was speechless.

She raised her eyebrows in a furious arc for the first time.

Her phoenix eyes were wide open in anger.

There were flames of fury burning.

After using her, he immediately threw her away

Why did she feel so uncomfortable

It was too infuriating!

Zhu Yuheng clenched her fists and threw a punch at Lin Qiyes face.

Lin Qiye rolled on the ground for a few meters.

He was stunned.

“Why did you hit me”

Zhu Yuheng was speechless.

She couldnt say what she really thought.

She snorted, “You looked at my body for six months.

Its not too much to hit you, right”

Zhu Yuheng quickly put on her clothes and white tiger fur.

She looked down at Lin Qiye.

She was fuming, not because Lin Qiye saw her body, but because he had studied her meticulously for six months without any thoughts.

He didnt have any extra lustful thoughts!

And after using her, he asked her to leave.

Although she understood that Lin Qiye felt ecstatic after studying her painstakingly for six months and suddenly had an epiphany, she couldnt take this lying down no matter what!


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