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“Therefore, only 2 million Golden Core cultivators could fight in the battle for the Qin Dynasty.

Its 2 million against 20 million.

There is almost no chance of victory,” Zhu Yuheng warned seriously.

Upon hearing Zhu Yuhengs warning, Lin Qiye nodded slightly.

“I know the situation is still grim, but the scales of victory are leaning towards the human race.”

Lin Qiyes eyes were burning withconfidence.

Zhu Yuheng was a little skeptical.

“Is that so”


“I have the strength to kill the Wolf Lord.

The Wolf Lord will be so wary that he will choose not to send the troops.

“He has activated the Doom Arrow and only needs to quietly wait for the human races fate to be corrupted.

“In fact, if it werent for a random variable like me, the Wolf Lord only needed to wait for ten years, and the human race would be reduced to ashes under the iron hooves of the Wolf Tribe!


Lin Qiyes gaze was deep.

The Wolf Lord was indeed strong.

He could comprehend minor immortal techniques, and from a certain point of view, his talent was comparable to Qin Xingtong.

He would have won if it werent for Lin Qiye!

If Lin Qiye was not such an unexpected talent, all of the Wolf Lords plans and choices were perfect and correct.


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Lin Qiye smiled.

“The Wolf Lord firmly believes that he can win by waiting.

I can take advantage of the time he waited to nurture scientific research geniuses and mass produce Death Warrior Reagent.”

Lin Qiye had a perfect plan in his mind.

“However, I must complete one of the tasks in the SSS grading requirements while waiting.

I cant miss the opportunity.

By the time they react, Im afraid something will happen!”

Lin Qiye muttered to himself.

After all, if he didnt get the SSS grade rating, his reward would be drastically reduced!

At that time, he wouldnt be able to take the Holy Violet Genuine Qi, the Wind and Thunder Sword Qi, and the five gold-tier martial arts technique.

He would suffer a devastating loss.

As such, Lin Qiye quickly thought about it.

“Of the SSS grade requirements, the most difficult one was to kill the remaining two Gold Practitioners.

“The remaining two Gold Practitioners were in the Wolf Tribes territory.

If they decided to escape, I wouldnt be able to stop them far away here in the Qin Dynasty.”

Lin Qiye frowned.

Suddenly, the light in his eyes gathered and became bright.

He thought of a bold strategy.

Thus, Lin Qiye immediately told Zhu Yuheng about his plan.

Listening to Lin Qiyes plan, Zhu Yuhengs phoenix eyes stared at him as if she thought he was joking.

“Are you sure If you are ambushed, trapped by the Wolf Lord, or in a crowd tactic, do you have a way to escape”

Lin Qiye nodded confidently.

“I have lit up the Gate of Qian and Gate of Kun, and my speed has surpassed that of a Golden Core cultivator or even a half-step Nascent Soul Realm cultivator.

As long as I dont want to fight and concentrate on breaking out of the siege, Golden Core cultivators wont be able to trap me.

Even if the Wolf Lord and the Ten Heavenly Lords attack together, they could not do it.”

Lin Qiyes tone was sonorous and powerful.

A domineering aura known as self-confidence condensed on Lin Qiyes body.

However, Zhu Yuheng was skeptical.

Even Zhu Yuheng did not dare to guarantee that she could escape from tens of millions of Golden Core cultivators, not to mention a crowd tactic using millions of Golden Core cultivators.

If she tried to break away from three million Golden Core cultivators, she would have been exhausted to death.

Although Lin Qiye was special, could he really escape from by tens of millions of strong cultivators

Zhu Yuheng expressed her doubt!

“I dont believe you are so fast that youre not afraid of a crowd tactic unless you show me!”

Upon hearing this, Lin Qiye smiled calmly.

“Then Ill show you.”

While they were talking, Lin Qiye and Zhu Yuheng left the cultivation room.

They flew and landed on the eaves of the Yishui Palace.

“Watch carefully.

Ill let you see just how powerful the Gate of Qian and Gate of Kun are.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lin Qiye flapped his wings lightly, and two purple-gold Gates of Heaven burst with dazzling light.

Then, Lin Qiye turned into a lightning bolt difficult for the naked eye to catch.

He flew straight up from the ground!

In an instant, Lin Qiye disappeared from Zhu Yuhengs sight.

Even if Zhu Yuheng tried her best, she could not catch Lin Qiyes figure.

Zhu Yuheng raised her eyebrows in surprise.

“No wonder he is so confident.

With such speed, he can enter and exit the Wolf Tribes territory several times!”

Zhu Yuheng nodded slightly.

“Phew -”

Suddenly, Lin Qiye silently hovered behind Zhu Yuheng and patted her shoulder.

In an instant, Zhu Yuhengs heart skipped a beat, and a sense of crisis rose from the bottom of her heart.

Zhu Yuhengs heart couldnt help but beat wildly!

She held her breath, turned around,and glared at Lin Qiye.

“Do you want to die”

Lin Qiye looked at Zhu Yuheng with a smile.

“Im showing off in case you dont believe in my strength.

Do you now”

Zhu Yuheng nodded.

“I believe you.

Although the plan is a little bold, it doesnt seem too dangerous with your speed.”

Zhu Yuheng looked at Lin Qiyes wings.

She couldnt help but feel envious.

“How did you get your wings Can I have a pair too

“It would be great if I could have them too.

I have an extra heart.

With another pair of wings, I can light up three Gates of Heaven.

Then, Ill have eleven Gates of Heaven.

Im even stronger than you!”


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