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Without hesitation, she pounced on Lin Qiye and hugged him tightly.

After eight months of torture by the old emperor, she didnt have the slightest bit of hesitation at this moment.

“So youre really burning your life to save the human race”

“Dont be like this, okay Its my fault.

Ive been trapped for a hundred years because of my meaningless self-esteem.

If I continued cultivating for those hundred years, I could have helped you kill the Wolf Lord.

You wouldnt…

“Dont be like this… I finally admitted that I like you.

I admitted it with all my heart!”

Lin Qiye was stunned, but the Life Lantern Gem was already counting down.

“Im sorry.

I cant change it…”

Hearing that, Zhu Yuheng hugged him even tighter.

She buried her face in Lin Qiyes chest as if she was afraid he would disappear.

However, countless lightning bolts shot out from the void and pierced into Lin Qiyes body, blasting him into a sky full of bright light feathers.

The feathers of light floated in the air and gradually disappeared, leaving behind only a word of “take care” that rang in Zhu Yuhengs ears.

Zhu Yuheng hugged the air in disappointment.

Her expression was dull.

She frowned, and a layer of shadow covered her phoenix eyes.

She stood there at a loss.

Her two hearts beat alternately.

It was as if they were pulling her back to a year ago.

At that time, she was in the middle of a battle with the Wolf Lord.

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Her heart was shattered, and endless darkness and cold rushed into her body.

She was afraid of the cold and subconsciously begged Lin Qiye to hold her tight.

Not only did Lin Qiye hold her tight, but he also injected boiling innate Qi into her body and even condensed her heart again.

At that time, she opened her eyes, and her heart beat wildly.

The beautiful scene of being wrapped in warmth again overlapped with Lin Qiyes handsome features.

Lin Qiye was warm.

Lin Qiye was beautiful.

But now, he was blasted into ashes by the lightning in the sky.

That beautiful scene vanished into thin air.

Once, when Lin Qiye was by her side, Zhu Yuheng was unwilling to admit her feelings.

But now, her hearts were hurting uncontrollably, as if they were going to break again.

Zhu Yuheng took a deep breath.

Even though she used to look down on Ji Qinghuan and mocked her in front of the real Brother Ye, she understood now.

Some people pursued greatness, some pursued wealth, some pursued knowledge, and some wanted unparalleled strength.

None of them are wrong.

Based on the same principle, pursuing love in ones heart should not be shameful.

“If only I had understood this from the start.

Unfortunately, I understood it too late!” Zhu Yuheng sighed deeply.

But soon after, her eyes lit up.

“Perhaps its not too late.

Lin Qiyes not dead.

Hes just reincarnated! I have a chance to catch him!

“The next time we meet, I must tie him to my side so that he can not run away no matter what!”

Zhu Yuheng snorted coldly, her gaze burning.

Two days later, the news of the 17th prince killing the Wolf Lord spread throughout the cities of the Qin Dynasty.

It lifted the spirits of everyone!

The whole kingdom rejoiced!

Every city was decorated with lanterns as if it were the new year.

And amidst the uproar of the nation, Zhu Yuheng found Qin Xingtong.

She told Qin Xingtong how Lin Qiye was struck by lightning and turned into bright feathers.

Qin Xingtong was stunned on the spot.

He was dumbfounded, and his breathing was stagnant.

“Its like this again! History has repeated! King Lin led the human race to victory, but he burned his life.

“Moreover, his lifespan is getting shorter! This time, he only lived for eight years!”

Qin Xingtong felt upset and could not help but cry.

Zhu Yuhengs eyes were also red.

However, she did not show any sadness and only turned around silently.

“I will complete the great undertaking that you have yet to accomplish! I will do it perfectly.”

Zhu Yuheng clenched her fists.

On the third day, Zhu Yuheng announced to the outside world.

“The seventeenth prince is currently in seclusion and is about to break through to the true Nascent Soul Realm! He will become the first person in a million years!”

Once this information was released, the human race fell into a frenzy, and the people cheered.

They celebrated for a year.

Lanterns, gongs, drums, dragon lanterns, and lion dances were everywhere.

It was lively.

Unfortunately, the lively atmosphere belonged to the other people.

Zhu Yuheng endured her sadness alone and silently followed the policies Lin Qiye had left behind.

Step by step, she completed Lin Qiyes unfinished business.

Five years later, Qin Xingtong nurtured many scientists, and the Death Warrior Reagent entered the mass production stage.

The effects shocked Zhu Yuheng.

In a year, the human race produced three million Golden Core cultivators.

They rushed into the Wolf Tribes territory and carried out a suicide invasion.

Three million Golden Core warriors flattened sixty cities of the Wolf Tribe and killed 1.8 million Golden Core experts.

Fifteen years went by in a flash.

The human race produces three million Golden Core cultivators every year.

They charged into the Wolf Tribe and took their revenge.

The Wolf Tribe suffered defeat each time.

Finally, the humans marched in and wiped out the wolves!

At this time, twenty years had passed since Lin Qiye left.

In the 20th year of the New Qin Calender, the human race finally recovered all of their homelands and retook control of the Qin Dynasty Universe.

The Golden Dragon of Fortune reawakened, and the Qin Dynasty began to move towards a prosperous era.

However, people were curious why the seventeenth prince had not come out of seclusion.

Zhu Yuheng could only announce to the outside world: “The seventeenth prince is at a critical moment of his breakthrough.

The human race could defeat the Wolf Tribe because he was commanding from behind.”

The commoners were puzzled.

They were grateful to Lin Qiye but did not know where to begin.

They could only draw Lin Qiyes portrait and respectfully call him the God of War.

The old emperor and Consort Ning were skeptical and asked Zhu Yuheng several times.

However, she smiled every time to reassure the old emperor and Consort Ning.

In the 300th year of the New Qin Calender, the old emperor and Consort Ning passed away.

The new emperor ascended the throne.

His ability was far inferior to the seventeenth prince, but he followed the rules.

Zhu Yuheng stayed in mourning for the old emperor and Consort Ning for three years.

After that, she silently returned to the snowy plateau and cultivated alone.

In the 340th year of the New Qin Calender, a demon-hunting squad from the Xia Universe descended into the Qin Dynasty universe.


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