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After thinking of a plan, Lin Qiye immediately carried it out.

He gave Grandma Lin a soft and cute smile and opened his arms to ask for a hug.

“Oh, my good grandson wants a hug Such a good and handsome child!”

Grandma Lin broke into a smile so wide that she couldnt close her mouth.

She hugged Lin Qiye in her arms, patted his back, and coaxed him to start schooling.

Lin Qiye let out a happy laugh.

His small hands pressed on the back of Grandma Lins neck.

Then, a wisp of innate Qi carefully entered Grandma Lins body, eliminating the hidden injuries and strain on her spine and waist.

Innate Qi was strong in the sense that it could strengthen ones body.

Grandma Lins spine and waist, which had aged for decades, suddenly returned to their original state of twenty years ago.

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Grandma Lin felt something strange on her neck and back, but she thought that the child was different, so she still carried Lin Qiye and paced around.

As she walked, she muttered, “The old saying is right.

A child is not afraid of the cold.

Look at this little palm.

Its even a little hot.”

In this regard, Lin Qiye only let out a soft and cute laugh.

Then, he twisted his body and placed his hands near Grandma Lins eyes.

Two wisps of innate Qi warmed Grandma Lins somewhat misty eyes.

Grandma Lin only felt that Lin Qiyes little hands were especially warm, so she closed her eyes and enjoyed it for a while.

When she opened her eyes, she felt that she could see clearly.

The presbyopia that once troubled her had disappeared, and her eyesight was as good as when she was young.

Grandma Lin blinked, thinking it was an illusion.


She didnt take it to heart.


After teasing Lin Qiye for a while, Grandma Lin went out.

She still had to catch a few lizards in the afternoon.

Otherwise, the baby wouldnt have enough to eat.

Grandma Lin knew that she might not be able to catch so many lizards in her old age, but she had to be responsible for the baby.

However, Grandma Lin never expected that she had become much more agile!

Her eyes and hands were quick.

She caught five fat four-legged snakes in one go.


It was a bumper harvest that she hadnt had in many years!

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Grandma Lin, who had returned with a full load, laughed until her wrinkles were folded together.

She squatted in a corner of the room and boiled a pot of fragrant snake soup.

The two of them ate their fill and felt happy.

For the next few days, the lizard hunter Grandma Lin returned with a full load every day.


She even went to dig out the birds nest.

Thus, this small family no longer lacked food.

Not only did Lin Qiye eat three meals every day, but Grandma Lin could also eat to her hearts content.

The lizard meat soup replenished the newly born Lin Qiye with precious nutrients.

After the food was sufficient, Lin Qiyes face was ruddy, full of energy and nutrients.

Whether it was during the day or at night, the cultivation speed of the Dao Repository Technique was even faster.

His innate Qi was increasing day by day, and his body was also developing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In just five days, Lin Qiye had the height and physique of an ordinary three-month-old baby.


Even his Dragon Elephant Body began to take shape.

An invisible phantom wrapped around Lin Qiyes whole body.

When Lin Qiye received passive or active damage, the Dragon Elephant Phantom would instantly surge out to block the damage.


At this stage, even if Lin Qiye fell off the bed, he would be unharmed.

After noticing this, Lin Qiyes heart was filled with both surprise and anticipation.

“A silver-tier Reincarnation Card does not disappoint!”

“What level will it reach after growing for another month”

Lin Qiye sighed.

He thought that his speed of rising would be average and that he would need to slowly endure until he was three or five years old.

But he never imagined that the Dragon Elephant Body had exceeded his expectations.

It was only five days since he was born, but it had already displayed a heaven-defying effect.

Lin Qiye fell into deep thought.

“In order for the Dragon Elephant Body to grow, I need to allow my body to develop faster.”

“Firstly, I need to eat my fill every day.

Secondly, the Dao Repository Technique extracts innate Qi.

Innate Qi can nourish my body, allowing my height to soar and my body to be strong.”

“This isnt difficult.”

Lin Qiye nodded and had a rough plan.

In the following month, Lin Qiye used innate Qi three times to strengthen Grandma Lins body.

At this moment, Grandma Lin felt younger by 20 years.

Her presbyopia had disappeared completely, and her legs were as agile as a 30-year-old woman.

She could return with a full load every day.

Naturally, Lin Qiye ate until he was healthy and chubby, not knowing what hunger was.

A month later, Lin Qiyes height and physique had already surpassed that of an ordinary one-year-old child.

He could speak and even walk on the ground.

However, Lin Qiyes personality was cautious, and he did not show it.

He only secretly ran on the ground when Grandma Lin went out to catch lizards.

Of course, to Lin Qiye, walking and talking after a month was not against nature.

What was even more heaven-defying was that Lin Qiyes Dragon Elephant Body had reached 1%.

The Faint Dragon Elephant Phantom was enough to block a blade attack.

If an ordinary adult were to swing the kitchen knife at Lin Qiye with all his might, it would be blocked!

And Lin Qiyes physical strength was also comparable to an adults.

One punch from him could make an adult dizzy.


“As expected of a silver-tier Dragon Elephant Body.

Ive fallen in love.”


Lin Qiye was overjoyed.

He was no longer a weak baby!

In the second month, the innate Qi in Lin Qiyes body increased rapidly, reaching as many as a thousand strands.


Although the innate Qi didnt increase his cultivation, Lin Qiye knew that it allowed his body to be spotless and flawless.

It was condensing a supreme cultivation foundation.

Therefore, Lin Qiye didnt cultivate the Qi Refinement technique at all.

On one hand, if he forcefully cultivated before the right age, it would hinder his potential.

On the other hand, Lin Qiye also wanted to condense the best foundation.

It wouldnt be too late to cultivate after he had a supreme foundation.

After all, sharpening a knife wouldnt delay the work of chopping wood.

Wouldnt it be wonderful if he could sharpen a peerless treasured knife

Moreover, the restoration of spiritual energy had not yet begun.

Relying on his Dragon Elephant Body, which had reached 2% power, Lin Qiye was invulnerable to knives and spears.

It was enough to deal with 90 percent of the situations.

However, the cautious Lin Qiye still carefully hid his genius side.

In the third month, Lin Qiyes Dragon Elephant Body rose to three percent.

His height grew to 1.1 meters, and his extraordinary growth was almost ridiculous!

Even Grandma Lin felt that something was wrong.

Was this a three-month-old baby

People would even believe her if she said Lin Qiye was four years old!

Grandma Lin fell into doubt, and she looked Lin Qiye up and down.

“Could it be that I fed the baby too well”

It should be so.

In the past few months, her efficiency in catching lizards had never been higher.

Therefore, although Lin Qiye was in the slums, he was healthy and chubby, and his face was as fair as jade.

He was as cute as the children raised by the rich in the city.

Even the children raised in the city were not as good-looking!

With this thought in mind, Grandma Lin raised her head proudly.

“It seems that after having a full stomach, I am becoming younger and younger!”

“Besides, this kid will be a big shot in the future! Its normal for him to be born different from ordinary people.”

Grandma Lin nodded.

“I have to catch more food for my good grandson! I cant starve him.”

Grandma Lin muttered to herself.

Lin Qiye, who was beside her, was a little worried.

Recently, Grandma Lin woke up earlier and earlier but returned home late at night.

She was also getting more tired, which meant that there were no more lizards to catch nearby.

Grandma Lin had to run to further and more remote places to catch lizards.

It was dangerous.

Lin Qiye had to stop her.

Therefore, he opened his mouth and spoke.


Hearing Lin Qiye speak, Grandma Lin was dumbfounded.

Then, she smiled so brightly that her wrinkles piled up.

“Hey, good grandson! You can speak now!”

At this moment, Grandma Lins heart melted.

The child that she had painstakingly raised could now call her grandma!

How wonderful!

Seeing a little life growing up was also a form of satisfaction for an old woman.

However, just as Grandma Lin was about to enjoy familial love, a man violently kicked on their door outside.

The kicking sound was mixed with unbearably filthy curses!

“Grandma Lin, get out here right now! Have you hidden any treasures in your room recently Hurry up and hand them over to me!”

Granny Lins expression changed drastically, and she hurriedly held on to the iron door.

“Hide under the bed.


Lin Qiyes expression did not change.

“Grandma, open the door.

Dont be afraid.”

Grandma Lin was extremely anxious.

“Quickly hide!”

However, in the next moment, the rusty iron door was kicked open, and Grandma Lin staggered back, almost falling to the ground.

Lin Qiyes gaze slightly darkened.

He watched as a muscular bald man with a mouthful of yellow teeth who smelled like smoke entered the room.

“Yo! Grandma Lin, you raised a child Are you going to sell it to the rich people in the city”

“The rich people in the city will definitely offer a high price for this kid!”

Greed flashed in the bald mans eyes as if he saw a gold mine.

Lin Qiye was too good-looking.

Such looks! He had bright eyes and fair skin.

The man could sell Lin Qiye for citizenship and two million angel coins.

It was hard to buy citizenship with money!

Two million angel coins was a huge sum of money.

One had to know that the middle-level people in the city could only earn 100,000 a year!

But now, the opportunity to get rich was right in front of him.

Who wouldnt be tempted

The bald man laughed wickedly.

“God treats me well.

Seeing that Im poor, he gave me a gold mine.


While he was talking, he suddenly grabbed Lin Qiye with his big hands.

“This little thing… Ill sell you and give you a reward of 100,000 angel coins!”

“Youd better not resist, or Ill beat you to death!”


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