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At this moment, Li Yous eyes widened with regret.

He would definitely chase after Lin Qiye and cut him into pieces if he were given another chance!

Hearing Li Yous words, Lin Qiye smiled contemptuously.

He raised his saber and chopped off Li Yous head cleanly.

His head flew up high and landed heavily on the ground.

A crisp sound rang out, and fresh blood splattered all over the ground.

Li Yous head rolled a few miles and stopped beside Lin Qiyes feet.

He looked up and stared at Lin Qiye as if he would not rest in peace even if he died.

He wanted to hold a grudge against Lin Qiye.

Lin Qiye raised his right foot and crushed Li Yous head with one step.

“Its over.

In your next life, remember to avoid me.

Im very vengeful.” Lin Qiye sneered.

Not far away.

All the practitioners widened their eyes as they watched everything.

“He… Hes Lin Qiye”

“Hes really not an evil demon”

“He must have been possessed!”

“Run! Inform someone!”

The practitioners scattered like birds and beasts.

Lin Qiye shook his head slightly.

He raised his eyes and glanced at the remaining 3,000 Silver Practitioners and 43 Gold Practitioners of the Jianghu faction.

His figure instantly disappeared from the spot.

Not long after, the Jianghu factions practitioners heads separated from their bodies and fell to the ground.

Their heads rolled slowly.

“There isnt a single innocent person in Li Citys Jianghu faction! I killed all of you as justice for the heavens, even though Im not a good person myself.”


Lin Qiye snorted coldly andlooked at the corpses on the ground indifferently.

“Buzz buzz buzz!”

In his hand, the Extreme Flame Ring Saber trembled slightly.

Wisps of red light flowed on the blade as if it was quenched.

Lin Qiye raised his eyebrows.

“Did killing tens of thousands of people absorb enough killing intent and karma to give birth to a Soul Weapon

“That shouldnt be.

It is a silver-tier saber that has a chip on its sharp end.

How could it give birth to a Soul Weapon Could it be that my saber will also become a peerless divine weapon In the future, just how powerful will I become”

Lin Qiye raised the blade andstudied it carefully.

The sabers quality was not good enough to give birth to a Soul Weapon.

It must be his contribution.

Lin Qiye nodded slightly.

He was too strong that he also raised the level of his saber.

“Alright then.

Since youve accompanied me for so long, Ill find a highly-skilled craftsman and forge you into a gold-tier weapon after I go to Star City! Anyway, I have quite a lot of forging materials.”

Lin Qiye kept the saber and lookedat the corpses strewn all over the ground.

His heart didnt waver.

“Its a pity I could not obtain any rewards from killing in the main world.

Otherwise, I would have earned a hundred million movement points!

“Its such a pity…”

Killing in the main world would not result in getting any treasures.

In fact, Lin Qiye could not even enter the other partys Life Lantern Gem.

If he wanted to rob the other partys treasures, he could only do it when he used a Malicious Artifact Fragment to enter a battle in the galaxy world.

This mechanism proved that the main world does not favor senseless killing.

But at this moment, Lin Qiyes heart ached.

“1 billion movement points! Recently, Ive lost 1 billion over the Painted-skin demon, and now Ive lost another.”

Of course, Lin Qiye only complained for a moment.

He was still unwilling to sacrifice his lifespan to use the Malicious Artifact Fragment to rob someone.

His intuition told him that it was best not to use that stuff.

It had enormous hidden dangers!

On the one hand, the main world didnt support mutual slaughter.

On the other hand, as Lin Qiye knew more about the demons, he felt that the demons deliberately released the Malicious Artifact Fragment to lure the practitioners into using it.

There was a conspiracy behind it.

If he used it, he would be in big trouble.

Of course, it was merely his guess.

Lin Qiye shook his head.

“I dont know about the Malicious Artifact Fragment, but I will not use it.

Lets not think too much into it.

“Ill go to Star City first.

Chen Fan and the others are still waiting for me.

It is not safe outside the city.”

Lin Qiye glanced at the Diamond Level demon lair in the distance, and his heart skipped a beat.

He sped up and left the scene.

Star City was a second-tier city in the middle of the map.

Compared to Li City, Star City was a hundred times safer.

Two kilometers away, he could see a dark red city wall in the distance.

The city wall was made of a huge Blazing Sunstone.

The Blazing Sunstone was an unusual stone that absorbed the rich power of the sun.

At night, it could release a light similar to the sunlight demons hated and make them feel uncomfortable.

Demons below Platinum Level hated the Blazing Sunstone like how snakes didnt like realgar.

As for Diamond Level or special demons, their figures would become even more detectable after being exposed to the Blazing Sunstone.

The Blazing Sunstone became a precious resource because of this effect.

Only prosperous cities had the capital to use the Blazing Sunstone as a city wall.

Looking at the city wall from afar, Lin Qiye clicked his tongue in wonder.

“As expected of a prosperous city, its extravagant.

The safety of the commoners is higher, and the citys defense is even stronger.

Even if a Diamond Level demon attacks the city, it wont be easy to destroy it.”

Just as he exclaimed, about 100,000 migrants meandered past Lin Qiye.

There were many people, including civilians, practitioners, and slaves in tattered clothes.

However, the chains on their bodies were broken.

They were rescued.

Lin Qiye raised his eyebrows.

He made way for the migrating civilians.

At the same time, his gaze swept across the group.

Finally, he saw a young Diamond Practitioner and three Platinum Practitioners in the group.

Among them, the young Diamond Practitioner was particularly eye-catching.

He was a handsome young man of seventeen or eighteen years old.

Although his body was riddled with wounds, and his clothes were covered in blood and scabs, he was in high spirits.

There was a vigor that belonged solely to youth between his brows.

“Captain Wen, we saved over a hundred thousand people this time.

How should we settle them Will those families in Star City still give in”

“Yeah, more and more people were saved.

It seems like theres no place to settle them…”

Captain Wen looked troubled.

“I dont know either.

I can only give the others a headache.

There must be a way to settle the civilians.”

While the group was discussing, Captain Wen suddenly frowned.

His gaze locked onto Lin Qiye as if he was displeased.

“Hey, that young man, why are you covered in the smell of blood Youve just killed thousands of practitioners.”

Captain Wens figure flashed as he spoke, and he rushed to Lin Qiyes side before Lin Qiye could react.

His palm rested on Lin Qiyes shoulder.

At that moment, Lin Qiyes heart suddenly stopped.

The blood over his body was so cold that it almost froze.

An unprecedented terrifying aura made Lin Qiye freeze on the spot, and he couldnt even open his wings!

Cold sweat dripped down Lin Qiyes forehead.

“Why did you kill so many people!”

The young mans voice was gentle, but his tone was cold as if he was interrogating a criminal.


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