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[Comments: Doomed!]

[Main World Notification: The Heavenly Dao of this universe has died, and the world will be devoured by demons.

No one can change it.

All the Galaxy Practitioners attracted here will become nutrients for the demons.]

[Main World Notification: As you are a special practitioner, the Life Lantern Gem will once again illuminate your life as a guide after you defy the heavens and successfully change your fate.]

After reading the comments, Lin Qiye frowned.

“As expected, this is a dangerous world.

“The Heavenly Dao is dead, which means the world is out of balance.

The demons and winged wolves have a huge advantage, and even if I survive past one year, every step I would take is terrifying.

I am in grave danger.”

Lin Qiyes intuition told him that this trip was extremely dangerous.

In fact, in the eyes of the main world, it was an incurable and irreversible universe!

However, since he had already started the simulation, there was no reason to be afraid.

He could do it!

Furthermore, every time he succeeded in changing his fate, the Life Lantern Gem would light up once more, giving him a hint.

It would allow Lin Qiye to predict the specific dangers ahead of time.

If he could predict them, he would be able to utilize his Deduction of Genesis to its limit.

“Therefore, even though this trip is dangerous, its not unsolvable!”

Lin Qiye smiled as his soul entered spacetime.

[Entering simulation.

Your unique life is beginning.]

In Jiangdong Hospitals delivery room, a loud cry was heard.


The cry echoed through the room.

The nurse carried the baby and carefully cleaned up the wrapping.

She used warm water at a suitable temperature to wipe away the blood stains on Lin Qiyes body.

After cleaning up, Lin Qiye was wrapped in a warm cloth and handed to the heroic woman lying on the bed.

Her face was slightly pale.

“Its a chubby boy.

He weighs at least seven pounds.

Hes very healthy.”

The woman took over Lin Qiye and looked at him, whose skin was wrinkled and crying loudly.

A smile filled with maternal radiance appeared on her face.

Outside the delivery room, aman walked over carefully.

He sat by the bed and held Lin Qiye with both hands in a slightly restrained manner.

“I heard from the doctor that he weighs seven pounds.

Hes healthy.”

“Yes, he will definitely be a man of indomitable spirit in the future.”

As they spoke, the couple looked up at each other and smiled warmly.

“Lets call him Gu Shaoshang.

I hope he will become an Awakened in the future and is able to protect himself.

At the same time, I want him to suffer lesser injuries from the fight against the Winged Wolf King and the demons.”

“Sure! Ill listen to you, husband.”

And so, Lin Qiyes name in this world was Gu Shaoshang.

Of course, hisname was not important.

Lin Qiye was feeling the spiritual energy of heaven and earth.

“Theres no spiritual energy Whats going on”

He realized that something was wrong.

“And my Thousand-year Dragon Body was suppressed to the point that it cant be used…

“Hmm… The Wisdom Card is not suppressed.

“What about the Dao Repository Technique”

Lin Qiye was a little flustered.

He quickly circulated the Dao Repository Technique and held a mouthful of innate Qi.

Under Lin Qiyes circulation, nine wisps of innate Qi emitting a milky white light quickly gathered in the depths of his heart, shining with a light rarely seen by ordinary people.

They had already been refined by the Dao Repository Technique and could be freely controlled by Lin Qiye.

They would never dissipate.

Then, the nine wisps of innate Qi quickly swirled around Lin Qiyes tiny internal organs, nourishing them with magical energy.

Everything happened in an instant.

It only took about ten seconds.

Lin Qiye had already completed the initial operation of the Dao Repository Technique.

“Phew… Fortunately, I can still use the Dao Repository Technique.

If I cant, it would be equivalent to a super trump card being destroyed.

“What a relief.”

Lin Qiye rejoiced.

The Dao Repository Technique was the foundation of his invincibility!

And with its circulation, the Holy Violet Root Bone hidden in his heart also had a faint possibility of recovering.

However, to fully recover, he still needed to achieve his Innate Divine Body.

Of course, his wisp of Immortal Qi and 110 wisps of Holy Violet Genuine Qi do not have any prerequisites.

It was in Lin Qiyes body!

When Lin Qiye circulated the Dao Repository Technique, 110 wisps of Holy Violet Genuine Qi increased its speed.

It was even faster than in his previous life.

He estimated that he could nurture 100 wisps of innate Qi in a day.

At the same time, the Immortal Qi was also nourishing the quality of his innate Qi.

Lin Qiye focused silently.

“I only have ten wisps of innate Qi now, but I can nurture 100 wisps in just one day.

In five to six days, I can probably nurture over a thousand wisps in one day.

In other words, I only need three to four months to refine the Innate Divine Body.”

Lin Qiyes gaze burned.

Due to the nourishment of the innate Qi, his wrinkled skin had already become smooth and shiny.

His eyes were like black gemstones and grapes, looking around in his watery eyes, full of spiritual energy.

His parents were stunned.

“Is there something wrong with our son”

“Wasnt he still wrinkled just now and ugly”

The two looked at Lin Qiye in great surprise.

Lin Qiye completely ignored the discussion between his parents.

Instead, he was filled with worry as he thought, “How can I prevent my parents from turning into ashes when Im one year old

“If they die, I wont be able to escape the disaster when I am one year old…”

While thinking, his grandparents came in with a seven-year-old girl from outside the door.


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