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Suddenly, a wisp of Holy Violet Genuine Qi rampaged through Lin Qiyes body, causing him to spit out a few mouthfuls of fresh blood.


His violent act and the sound of vomiting blood shocked his parents for a few seconds.

A few seconds later, their faces turneddeathly pale.

They hurriedly rushed in front of Lin Qiye and helped him up from the table.

“Oh, sh*t! What happened What happened”

“How could this be Hes always been so healthy.

Why did he vomit blood”

Mother Gu was so heartbroken that she cried.

“Quick, quick, send him to the hospital! Send him to the private hospital of the Awakened.

Even if we spend a little more money, we cant leave any side effects.”

Thus, Father and Mother Gu hurriedly drove Lin Qiye, who was vomiting blood, to the hospital.

They carefully examined him from top to bottom for half an hour.

Lin Qiye was sent to the recuperation room and lay on the bed for an infusion.

“Your childs life isnt in danger.

However, his internal organs were injured by a mysterious force.

“As Awakened ones, if you have any strange things or utensils in your house, dont let the child come near.

Do you understand The child cant withstand their power.

“Of course, although his life is not in danger, he still needs to recuperate in the hospital for a month!”

The doctor warned seriously besides the hospital bed.

“Doctor Lin, will there be any sequelae Will there be any adverse effects on his Awakening in the future”

“That wont be.

After recovering for a month, he wont have any major problems.

“You should feel happy because this injury is likely hinting at extraordinary talent.

“However, dont let him come into contact with the Awakeneds stuff too early.

“My suggestion is to buy an Evolvement Crystal to suppress the abnormal movements of supernatural ability in his body.

Even if there are changes in his internal organs in advance, it can still be suppressed, and his overflowing talent can be tempered.”

Lin Qiyes parents let out a long sigh of relief.

But when they heard the wordsAwakening Crystal, both of them had difficult expressions on their faces.

There was no doubt that the Awakening Crystals value was relatively high, so much so that they felt it was somewhat challenging to obtain it.

At this moment, the pale-faced Lin Qiye secretly cursed the doctor.

‘Quack! I was clearly injured, but in the end, you gave me a diagnosis that turned me into a gifted genius! How about you eat sh*t

Lin Qiye shook his head helplessly.

He could not tell the truth.

He could only act pale and weak.

He looked pitifully at Father and Mother Gu.

“I want you to stay with me.

Dont go outside, okay Leave when Im a little older…” Lin Qiye said weakly.

As the youngest son in the family, Lin Qiye was born with intelligence.

He was obedient and sensible.

At such a young age, he was already gifted and handsome.

At this moment, his pleading made Mother Gu cry subconsciously.

Her heart softened.

She pursed her lips and glanced at Father Gu.

The expression in her eyes was complicated.

There was reluctance, heartache, hesitation, and struggle.

On the one hand, she had been staying at home for more than a year.

It had been a long time since she had gone on a mission with her teammates, so the family did not have much money.

On the other hand, the two wanted to accumulate some resources for Gu He and Gu Shaoshang.

For example, better Awakening Crystals and sufficient mission point so that they could enter the Evolvement Tower and train a few more times when the children awakened.

However, the injuries and pleas of Little Shaoshang made the two of them hesitate.

They gritted their teeth and struggled on the edge of being ruthless.

At the side, the eight-year-old Gu He looked at her younger brother and had hazy tears in her eyes.

“Dad, Mom, little brothers injuries are too grave.

Please dont leave, okay Every time you leave, its for a few months… I really hope that you can spend more time with us.

Brother is still so young…”

Gu He confided, crying so hard that her face was wrinkled.

Her tears and pleas successfully destroyed their last line of defense.

In the end, they could only shake their heads helplessly.

“Lets not go on the mission for the time being.

The child is still too young and injured.

Well do some tutoring on a daily basis.

Itll be enough.”

And so, they sent their captain a video message.

“Captain, our son just vomited blood and was hospitalized.

It seems we wont be able to accompany you on this mission… Im sorry.”

Captain Zhao touched his bald head, looking concerned.

“Why would the child vomit blood What did the doctor say There wont be any sequelae, right”

“Its alright, Captain.

The doctor has already examined him.

His internal organs have suffered some inexplicable damage.

He needs to recuperate for a month.

Im sorry, Captain Zhao.”

The captain waved his hand.

“What are you saying Why are you being so polite to us Anyway, weve already completed a few big missions.

Why dont we take a break for some time

“Ill discuss it with the others later and come back to Jiang City to visit you and your wife!”


And so.

Under Captain Zhaos suggestion, the demon-hunting squad the Gu couple were in decided to give up on the next mission at the last minute.

They crossed a city to visit Lin Qiye and his parents.

Two days later, the five-person demon-hunting squad arrived at the Jiang City Hospital.

In Country Hua, a demon-hunting squad typically consists of a 7-people team.

Captain Zhaos bald head was shiny like a light bulb.

His muscles were like a dragon winding around his body.

He was two meters tall.

Standing there, he gave off an oppressive feeling.

His awakened talent was the B-grade talent, Super Strength! When his talent was 100% developed, he could lift five tonnes easily.

Although his muscles were bulging, he was actually an archer.

He carried a heavy bow made of Snake Demon bones and tendons.

When he pulled the bow, it could even kill a general-grade demon beast!


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