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It was good news.

But to create an improved version of the Awakening Reagent, he had to be able to enter and exit a high-precision biological laboratory freely.

Lin Qiyes eyes burned.

“I must get my parents to contact a high-precision laboratory for me in Jiang City.

With my first lifes accumulation, I can win the professors favor.”

Lin Qiye was full of confidence.

He immediately began to implement his plan to Awaken in advance.

And so, in the next month, Lin Qiye consciously revealed his talent as a biologist.

He fully expressed his interest in demon beasts, demons, and all kinds of creatures, as well as his research talent.

Many times, Lin Qiyes thoughts and opinions made Father and Mother Gu freeze on the spot.

A thought appeared in their minds: Their son might be a monster!

A month later, Lin Qiyes words got more and more shocking.

His high intelligence madeMother Gu unable to hold it in anymore.

“Ah Xuan, does our little one have talent in biological research

“He was the one who speculated about the pipeline coral and came up with the idea for the Devil Starfish! So, will he become a genius biologist”

Father Gus gaze was gentle.

“Its not bad to be a biologist.

He wont have to fight the demons, and he wont die on the battlefield…”

Mother Gu was a little conflicted.

“If our little cub has talent in biological research, we should naturally support him.

But… Recently, the demons have become more and more rampant.

He still needs to awaken his talent, can fight, and even has his demon-hunting squad.

Only then will he have the foundation to survive!

“After all, he cant rely on other peoples protection.

In many disasters, dont scientists suffer heavy losses”

Father Gu nodded.

“Yes, but with the talent of Little Shaoshang Cant he have both On one hand, hes a knowledgable biologist with a deep understanding of demonic beasts and demons.

On the other hand, he has superb talent and astonishing combat ability.

“Only then can he be considered a monster.”

Father Gu couldnt help but look forward to it.

He had high expectations for Lin Qiye.

After all, Lin Qiye was only one year and six months old, but he had already reached the height of an eight-year-old.

His IQ was even more terrifying than an adults.

So what if he was a little monstrous

Seeing how confident Father Gu was, Mother Gu snickered.

“What you said makes sense.

Anyway, we have enough points now.

Theres no pressure to develop an interest for the little one.”

A mission at Emerald Lake had earned the Gu family 120,000 points.

It was more than enough to support Lin Qiyes interest.

Therefore, Father and Mother Gu didnt hesitate too much.

They immediately contacted the biologists in Jiang City, the laboratory, and wanted to send Lin Qiye there to study.

After a month, a piece of sensational news came from every city in Country Hua.

Under the lakes, there were demons digging tunnels.

Some had just started work; some were already half-excavated; some were completed.

Tens of thousands of demons were preparing to invade.

Fortunately, the military commander of Jiang City had discovered the hidden danger ahead of time and found a solution.

Every city started pouring large amounts of Devil Starfish into the lakes and rivers.

In a short month, thousands of cities in Country Hua had cleaned up each lake and river.

These lakes were specially dug out by the cities after the first demon invasion to store water.

They thought it would be foolproof, but they didnt expect the demons to be hiding down there.

Luckily, they discovered it in time!

They could have lost hundreds of millions of people and hundreds of billions of wealth!

And so, Jiang City received a huge reward!

The share of resources distributed to Jiang City each year increased from 0.04% to 0.12%.

It had tripled!

Such a jumpmade the other cities envious.

If they did not make a huge contribution, how could theyobtain such a share

The other cities could only be envious!

The Jiang City commander, who had received the glory, smiled so much that his lips curved up for a few days.

He even went to Lin Qiyeshouse to reward the Shanhai demon-hunting squad with extra gifts.

It made the already wealthy families even richer.

“Thank you, Commander.”

“No need to thank me.

It is what you deserve.

If we have any missions in the future, please give me some ideas.”

The commander smiled as he left.

At this moment, in the room, anotification sounded out in Lin Qiyes mind once again.

[Successfully defying heavens to change your fate: You have indirectly saved hundreds of millions of humans in Country Hua.

The extinction of humanity was delayed by ten years.

You have obtained 500,000 movement points.

You now have 2,910,000 points.]

“I obtained another 500,000 movement points

“It seems that these two changes are major events.

The timeline has strayed from its path, but the final result is still the same…”

Lin Qiye raised his eyebrows slightly.

He changed the future, but not completely.

However, as long as he did not die, he had to complete this simulation, save the Empress, and destroy demons and demonic beasts!

Lin Qiyes gaze burned with determination.

In his mind, the notification sound of the Life Lantern Gem continued.

[The Life Lantern Gem is lighting up your future path: Due to the destruction of the lake passage plan, your parents and the demon-hunting squad worked under the Jiang City commander.

You lived until you were three years old.]

[When you are three, a Mountain-level demon-hunting squad was infected by the Scale-skinned Demon.

A month later, the Shanhai demon-hunting squad was infected, and you and your sister became Scale-skinned Demons.

Two months later, an Alp-level squad was infected, and three months later, the commander of Jiang City was infected.

River City was controlled by demons.]

“Hmm” Lin Qiye frowned.

“Scale-skinned Demon It is the strongest demon in the Empress Universe.

Did it directly control Jiang City

“Looks like the Emerald Lake incident in Jiang City attracted the attention of the higher-ups.

The Shanhai demon-hunting squad became the second target because the Scale-skinned Demon was taking revenge…

“A Mountain-level squad will be infected when I am three.

Im afraid the Scale-skinned Demon has been plotting this for a year or two.

“In other words, the Scale-skinned Demon has always been hiding among the humans…”

Lin Qiye frowned.

“How annoying.

I have to create the Awakening Reagent and divert my attention to deal with the demon!”

Lin Qiye cursed, but there was nothing he could do.

The situation in the Empress Universe was just that grim.

He had to fight.

Hence, Lin Qiye studied in the laboratory during the day to gain the professors trust and researched the hideout of the Scale-skinned Demon at night.

Time passed in the blink of an eye.

Lin Qiye was two years old.

Due to the suppression of the rules, Lin Qiyes maturation rate slowed down rapidly.

He had only reached the maturity of a nine-year-old.

It would take another eight years for him to fullymature.

But fortunately, Lin Qiye gained the professors trust in half a year and could use the laboratory freely.

He did not have to report his actions or the equipment he used.

He could conduct research in private anddid not need to worry about being questioned.

Hence, Lin Qiye could finally show off his skills.

[This deduction will cost one million movement points.

You will have 1.91 million points remaining.]

[Deduction successful: You have obtained the manufacturing method of the improved version of Awakening Reagent.]

After getting the manufacturing method, Lin Qiye worked overtime and rushed to produce it.

One month later, he produced a tube of the Awakening Reagent.

The purplish-green potion in his hand made Lin Qiyes heart pound.

He was a little excited.

“The improved version of the Awakening Reagent has been successfully developed.

I can finally step into the stage of cultivation!”

Lin Qiye grinned.

He put the Awakening Reagent into his backpack and calmly left the laboratory as usual.

After returning to Emerald Lakes villa area, Lin Qiye locked himself in his room.

From his drawer, he took out a few small jade boxes.

Inside was a healing herb Lin Qiye had ordered a few days in advance.

This herb was usually only used by Awakened, who could extract the essence of the medicinal liquid.

Other than healing, it had no other uses.

The price wasnt too expensive.

Lin Qiye bought ten stalks and used them to awaken himself.

‘The effects should be the same as heavenly treasures.

If twenty stalks arent enough, my innate Qi and Holy Violet Genuine Qi could help!

‘I wont fail.

After preparing all the materials, Lin Qiye took a deep breath.

He silently activated the Deduction of Genesis.

“Deduce the probability of awakening a combat-type SSS-Grade talent after I use my Talent Quality Enhancement Card.”

Just in case, Lin Qiye didnt awaken right away.

Instead, he first started to deduce.

After all, Lin Qiye didnt want to awaken a lousy talent!


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