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Lin Qiye also had a headache regarding the Painted-skin Demon.

He didnt know anything about it even if he wanted to use the Deduction of Genesis.

The demons existence was strange.

Even if Lin Qiye wanted to deduce its location, he would have to spend millions of movement points.

After all, Lin Qiyes understanding of the Painted-skin Demon was too little.

Luckily, he saved the country by killing the Destroyer, the Son of the Netherworld, and other geniuses, weakening the Painted-skin Demon.

Thinking of this, Lin Qiye shook his head.

On the other side, while Lin Qiye, Zhu Yuheng, and Jiang Lianyi were training in seclusion, the five mental-type experts who had helped Lin Qiye kill the Destroyer also ended their training on the Sea Monster Island and returned to Yanjing.

“Hows your improvement”

“This mineral vein is too precious.

The quality of my talent seems to have increased by 20%!”

“My mental power has increased by 30%!”

“It seems that everyone has gained a lot!”

“After all, were following Mr.


The five people smiled brightly.

Apparently, they had gotten more benefits than years of bitter cultivation.

As a result, the quality of their talents improved tremendously.

Although it was not enough to upgrade their talents from SS to SSS-Grade, every 10% increase in the strength of a God-level powerhouse was an exaggerated increase.

If they were ranked in the top 50 among powerhouses before, they could be ranked in the top 10 now.

The increase in strength was so exaggerated!

They could feel the changes in each others combat strength.

The five were full of astonishment.

“The reserves of this mineral vein are hard to estimate.

If all of it is used to increase the strength of our races geniuses, then the overall strength of the human race will definitely increase greatly!”

“Lets go.

Well rush to Yanjing immediately and report the situation to the higher-ups.”

Thus, the five mental-type powerhouses returned to Yanjing and reported the news to the organization without resting.

When the group of higher-ups heard the news of their return, they hurriedly put down what they were doing and came to participate in the meeting.

“You went with Mr.


Who is the guy youre dealing with”

Some people were curious about Lin Qiyes target.

Lin Qiye didnt even ask for help from the higher-ups of the human race when he was fighting the Demon Emperor and the Son of the Netherworld.

Therefore, it was hard for them to imagine what existence could make Lin Qiye ask for help.

And at the mention of the Destroyer, the five top-tier mental Awakeners all had lingering fear and palpitations on their faces.

“You might not believe it.

The guy we fought this time is way too powerful!”


The five of us joined hands, but we were suppressed by that guy.

Its terrifying.”

The five of them felt their scalps go numb.

However, the higher-ups frowned.

“You are the best mental Awakeners in Country Hua, but you cant resist him”

“Such a strong opponent”

“Yeah, if the five of us were to face that guy alone, Im afraid we wouldnt even be able to block a single move.”

A single move

The higher-ups present looked at each other in dismay.

“Is there such an exaggerated mental-type Awakener”

“You guys took so long to return.

You must have experienced a bitter battle, right”

Upon hearing that, the five looked at each other in dismay and could not help but reveal bitter smiles.

“A tough battle”

“Its not really a tough battle…”

“The five of us have suffered, but this battle, how do we put this”

“It was like fighting a boss in a team.

We resisted for a second.

Then, Mr.

Gu killed the boss in one second with a powerful move…”

The five recalled the scene where Lin Qiye killed the Destroyer and described it in a daze.

“One powerful move”


“At that time, Mr.

Gu said we only needed to withstand it for a while.

Then, he instantly killed him.”

The five of them shrugged.

“We cant understand the battle between top experts.”


Gu and that expert are too terrifying.

Mere ants like us cant understand.”

The higher-ups looked at each other.

“Alright, forget it if you cant.


Gu is a genius who can suppress two SSS-Grade talents at the same time.

Its normal for us not to understand a battle at this level.”

The five of them immediately nodded!

“Also, Im afraid Ill scare you guys if I say this.

Big Brother Gu has awakened a new SSS-Grade talent, and its even mental-type!”


When Mr.

Gu had just awakened his talent that day, we almost vomited blood from the pressure he released.

Im afraid that his talent has already surpassed SSSS-Grade!”

The five people spoke one after another in an excited tone.

“What did you say Mr.

Gu has awakened another talent!”

“In other words, he has five SSS-Grade talents”

Even those usually calm and collected couldnt help but start exclaiming when they heard the news.

Five SSS-Grade talents.

Was he still human

The higher-ups were in an uproar.

At this moment, an old but energetic cough came from behind.

“You are all the pillars and higher-ups of Country Hua.

How can you have a meeting without any order Whats the point of making a fuss”

The high-ranking officials fell silent.

They turned their heads to look outside the door.

At the conference rooms door, a beautiful female secretary pushed an old man in a wheelchair into the room.

When everyone saw the old man, they stood up and bowed to him.



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