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“Take the video of Brother Wen capturing the three demons and send it out.

The Seven Cities Alliance Army will take the initiative to invite me.”

Hearing that, Wen Shuhong was stunned.

Then, he looked at Lin Qiye with realization.

“Little Qiye, you… youre really a talent!

“Alright, Ill send the video out immediately!”

Wen Shuhong left with a smile.

After the video was released, it immediately spread throughout Star City.

The Seven Cities Alliance Army, the Science and Technology Association, and the Light and Shadow Group couldnt help but feel their scalps go numb after seeing the video content.

The three Practitioners that even Diamond Practitioners couldnt see through were actually demons!

If it werent for Lin Qiye, who exposed them, these three people would have been able to infiltrate the higher-ups!

A new force like Ideal Island had three demons.

What about them

What about their own forces Did they have any demons

The demons were so powerful that no one could detect them.

Perhaps they had already spread to the higher-ups!

Thinking back to the night before, the demons had disguised themselves as Lin Qiye and Chen Fan and killed their geniuses to sow discord between their forces.

They couldnt help but break out in a cold sweat.

It was impossible to guard against their own people!

The demon had been lurking around them, and they are not aware of their presence.

The demons could also use the most vicious methods to sow discord between the factions.

It was a terrifying sight!

If the demons were not caught, they would not be able to sleep or eat in peace!

Even a peak Diamond Practitioner could not detect the presence of the demon.

The higher-ups of the various major factions immediately held a meeting.

“Hurry up.

Every Diamond Practitioner will lead a team and investigate thoroughly!”

Not long after, the Seven Cities Alliance Army, the Science and Technology Association, and the Light and Shadow Group were all in chaos.

They were investigating the matter of the demons.

However, after tormenting themselves for an entire night, they could not even find a single hair of the demons.

“Where are the demons Is this a joke”

“There are no suspicious signs at all.”

Some people complained.

However, the Diamond leaders of the Seven Cities Alliance Army, the Science and Technology Association, and the Light and Shadow Group were even more terrified.

“As expected, even peak Diamond Practitioners cant detect them!”

“Then how many demons are there in our territory”

“They can openly kill the strongest genius of the Wang family in the past three hundred years and then swagger away.

Next time, they can kill more geniuses and even assassinate Peak Diamond Practitioners!”

“We must find them.

If not, everyone will be in danger!”

“But how do we find them”

Everyone looked at each other.

Finally, anextremely unwilling face appeared in their minds.

The face was young and handsome, but what he had done in the past made them uncomfortable.

“Lin Qiye…”

“Perhaps only Lin Qiye can find the demons.”

“Should we ask him to help”

The Wang familys patriarch frowned slightly.

Finally, he looked as if he had given up on something.

“Ill invite him personally.

I, Wang Li, am the Alliance Leader of the Seven Cities Alliance Army.

I represent the face of the Seven Cities Alliance Army.

Ill go and invite him personally.

Its also a form of respect.”

“But that fellow is incomparably arrogant.

He injured…”

Alliance Leader Wang waved his hand.

“It was our attitude that was wrong.

We treated him as the murderer.

Now, we are the ones begging him to do something.

How can we not lower ourselves

“Furthermore, he could suppress three peak Diamond Practitioners and four Diamond experts by himself.

His strength is terrifying, and he will definitely not be willing to stay low in the future.

“If we can resolve a grudge with this genius using this opportunity, lets do it.

“Go prepare a tribute-level gift.

Ill personally meet Lin Qiye.”

After Alliance Leader Wang gave the order, no one said anything else, but a few Diamond Practitioners had flickering eyes.

After half an hour of preparation, he set off.

It was eight oclock in the morning.

Alliance Leader Wang led the mighty team andheaded to Ideal Island.

Along the way, Practitioners were discussing.

“Whats going on”

“I dont know.

I heard that the Seven Cities Alliance Army has a conflict with Ideal Island.

Are they going to fight”

“There are so many demons outside the city, but they are having internal conflicts”

“Who knows”

While everyone was discussing, Alliance Leader Wangs team arrived at the entrance of Ideal Island.

“The Seven Cities Alliance Army, Alliance Leader Wang Li, is here to see Lin Qiye.

Please welcome us,” Wang Li said elegantly.

The guards looked at each other.

“Seven Cities Alliance Army Those arrogant guys who came to cause trouble yesterday”

“What are you guys doing here”

The guards expressions were cold.

Alliance Leader Wang chuckled.

“Im sorry.

What happened yesterday was a misunderstanding.

Our Seven Cities Alliance Army didnt do it right.

Today, I brought a gift to apologize to Lin Qiye.”

As he said that, Wang Li waved his hand.

The curtain lifted, revealing shining treasures.

There were weapons, armor, various spiritual herbs, and some precious ores.

They were not ordinary stuff.

The guards eyes widened.

“Alright, lets go report it!”

However, an hour passed, and there was no reply.

The Diamond Practitioner beside Alliance Leader Wang could not help but feel indignant.

“Whats going on Are they purposely ignoring us”

“An hour has passed, and he still hasnt come to see us.

What a bad temper!”

“We came with sincerity.

What attitude is that”

Alliance Leader Wang waved his hand.

“Dont speak nonsense.

We are here to ask for help! Such a small matter is nothing.

Wait here until Lin Qiye comes out.

“When he comes, you must greet him with a smile.”

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