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“I want to see Master Lin Qiye!”

“I want to see Master Lin Qiye.

Why are you arresting us We are not on the list of people exposed!”

“Master Lin, you said that we will only expose a part of ourselves! As long as we do that, you could infiltrate the higher-ups of Star City.”

“Why do you need to kill all of us I could give up my life, but why should my lover die Why should my child die”

“Master Lin, you cant do this.

It isnt what we agreed on!”

“We want to see Master Li.

Does Master Li allow you to kill all of us”

“We are all demons.

Why do you need to be so ruthless”

“We are all from the same root.

Why are you so anxious to kill each other”

In the sky prison, the captured demons revealed their true forms before they were hit by the Resentment Immortal Eye.

They wailed in the sky prison, their words making the expressions of the Diamong Practitioners turn dark.

The demons called Lin Qiye master.

Their mindset collapsed, and they revealed Lin Qiyes true identity – a demon.

Moreover, he was one of the demons higher-ups.

Was it true

They didnt know, but there were suspicious points.

To say the least, Lin Qiye was very suspicious.

Therefore, the Seven Cities Alliance Army, the Science and Technology Association, the Light and Shadow Group, and the Diamond Practitioners from Ideal Island all looked at Lin Qiye.

Their expressions were strange.

“Are you a demon or not!”

“Will a demon admit it”

Wen Shuhong frowned.

“Dont be fooled by the one-sided words of the demons! It is clearly a plot to sow discord!”

“You are close to Lin Qiye.

Maybe you have been possessed by the demons too!”

The Diamond Practitioners of Star City were panicking.

They had seen how terrifying the Two-faced Demons were.

If Lin Qiye was a demon, a big shot who had infiltrated the upper echelon of the human race, how terrifying would that be

At this thought, a group of Practitioners at the Incarnation Realm stared at Lin Qiye warily.

Facing the slander, Lin Qiye was in no hurry to explain.

He looked at the demons in the sky prison with interest.

A demon pounced on the cell and cried.

“Master Lin, you cant break the rules!”

“Back then, the elders protected you, and we were willing to sacrifice ourselves for the future of our clan.

But you promised us that you wouldnt sacrifice our wife and children! Moreover, you would give them special care!”

“But why did you not keep your word! Why”

“Back then, when you passed through the Black Fog Swamp, wasnt it us who cooperated with you”

At the mention of the Black Fog Swamp, the expressions of everyone present changed once again.

Many doubtful points surfaced in their minds.

Back then, when Lin Qiye first arrived at Star City, his strength was only that of a mere Platinum Practitioner.

Could a Platinum Practitioner really pass through the Black Fog Swamp guarded by the Temple Demon

The Temple Demon was extremely difficult to kill!

Why did it suddenly disappear without a trace

Was it cooperating with some key figure

Furthermore, was the Hydra Demon just a decoration

That was a peak Incarnation Realm demon.

Wouldnt it be easy to kill a Platinum Practitioner

But in the end, Lin Qiye escaped with his life.

Was it really possible

Such deeds were full of suspicion! One couldnt help but let their imagination run wild!

The people looked at each other.

Suspicion spread like a plague in their hearts.

Without a doubt, even Wen Shuhong, who was speaking up for Lin Qiye just now, couldnt help but fall silent.

It didnt seem right!

Wen Shuhong didnt want to believe it.

However, the chief executive officer of the Science and Technology Association spoke first.

“Ive always felt that something is wrong.

First, this kids progress is so fast that it makes my hair stand on end.

Secondly, it is suspicious that he could escape from the Temple Demon, the Hydra Demon, and the Black Fog Swamp!

“Most importantly, only Lin Qiye could find the Two-faced Demon.

Why couldnt the peak Incarnation Realm Practitioners do it Whats the reason

“Also, why are the Two-faced Demons only found in Star City Why arent they spreading to other cities”

The words of the Science and Technology Associations chiefhit the nail on the head, dragging Lin Qiye into the vortex of suspicion.

People could not help but start to suspect.

Was Lin Qiye a demon

The demon race collaborated with Lin Qiye and planned this incident to let Lin Qiye earn their trust by catching the Two-faced Demons.

They wanted Lin Qiye to rise to the top and infiltrate the human race.

If that was not the case, why did the Two-faced Demon imitate Lin Qiyes face and the people close to him

Why did he have to be the only one who could catch the Two-faced Demon

Besides, Lin Qiye came from Li City.

On the way, he had to pass through the Temple Demon and the Hydra Demons territory.

Would two demons in the Incarnation Realm let Lin Qiye pass easily

That was impossible! No one could have such luck!

It couldnt be a coincidence either.

It must have been planned long ago!

The people present had already determined Lin Qiye guilty.

In this regard, Lin Qiye smiled.

It had to be said that the demons move was cunning.

It was a simple trick to sow discord that seemed immature, but it left enough room for imagination.

All the Incarnation Realm Practitioners in Star City couldnt help but imagine a fact.

Imagination was the scariest andalso the most convincing thing.

After all, people deeply believe in the fact that they imagined.

“Captain Wen, what do you think”

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