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Lin Qiyes gaze was fixed on the old Two-faced Demon.

Its status wasnt low, and its strength had reached the peak of Platinum.


“Are you surprised I have this Eye that specifically targets demons”

As he said this, Lin Qiye emphasized the wordtargets.

The Two-faced Demons expression froze.

“What… What are you saying I dont understand at all!”

It pretended to be calm.

To outsiders, its reaction might not be special, but Lin Qiye knew better.

Lin Qiye knew what the demon was shocked about.

It must be the Painted-skin Demon.

This old demon definitely knew about the existence of the Painted-skin Demon.

It was even possible to say that it was the executor of the plan and was responsible for communicating with the Painted-skin Demon.

Therefore, it was shocked by Lin Qiyes Eye.

While everyone else was at a loss, Lin Qiyes burning gaze stared at the old demon.

He suddenly smiled.

At this moment, the Two-faced Demon felt its scalp tingle.

Then, it saw Lin Qiyes gaze turn toward a figure it was familiar with.

The old Two-faced Demons pupils suddenly constricted.

It was over!

Did Lin Qiye really discover something Or was it an unintentional glance

The old demon was at a loss, and its heart beat wildly.

At the same time, the figure Lin Qiye glanced at had a subtle look in his eyes.

He thought,Whats going on

‘Why is he suddenly looking at me

‘Am I discovered

‘How is that possible!

The hiding ability of the Painted-skin Demon is peerless, and even Immortals or supreme-beings couldnt detect it.

‘How could the human in front of me detect it

But Lin Qiye seemed to have a goal.

Step by step, he walked towards the peak Diamond Practitioner.

As Lin Qiye was taller than him, he looked down at the man.

“May I know your name”

“I am Song Wu from the Song family of the Seven Cities Alliance Army.”

“Oh-” Lin Qiye let out a long sigh.


Song Wu, you were filled with righteous indignation when you questioned me just now.

Do you hate evil so much Should you apologize to me”

The moment these words fell, the surrounding Diamond Practitioners were all stunned.

“Is he so vengeful Quite a several people questioned him just now.

Does he want everyone to apologize”

“Does he want to blackmail more movement points”

“With his personality, Im afraid its indeed his motive!”

“But it feels strange…”

“I have a vague feeling that Lin Qiye is planning something big.”

The experts discussed animatedly.

Song Wu frowned, then his expression returned to normal as he said righteously, “I was thinking for the greater good just now.

There are too many mysterious points on you.

How can I not be suspicious”

Lin Qiye nodded with a smile.

“Youre right.

If it were someone else, it wouldnt be a problem.

But you…”

He paused deliberately, and his face turned cold.

“You are at the peak Diamond Level, the upper echelon of the Seven Cities Alliance Army.

Song Wu, you are a unique type of demon, arent you I didnt frame you, did I”

Hearing Lin Qiyes words out of the blue, Song Wus heart fell into the abyss.

Around him, the Seven Cities Alliance Army, the Light and Shadow Group, the Science and Technology Association, and the Incarnation Realm Practitioners of the Ideal Island looked at Song Wu.

Song Wus face was red as if he had been desecrated.

“How can you accuse me of my innocence Do you want to take revenge because I questioned you”

“Revenge” Lin Qiye sneered.

“I know your background.

Do you want to reveal yourself, or do you want me to forcefully do it for you”

Song Wu said, “What are you talking about I dont understand at all.

“Everyone, please be reasonable.

What did I do wrong”

“Isnt it normal to question Lin Qiye

“Why is it wrong Why do you insist that Im a demon How am I a demon If I am a demon, why didnt you put me on the list in the first place

“I wasnt on the list, but you said I am a demon.

Could it be that you didnt catch all the demons Do you still have many demons left unfound How can we trust you if you do this”

Song Wu was also a sharp-tongued person.

He gave Lin Qiye a challenging problem in two or three sentences, but Lin Qiyes expression was calm.

“Who said theres only one kind of demon The Two-faced Demons are not the same breed as you.

Your breed is more sophisticated and harder to detect, but you are also rarer.

“I may not be able to detect your kind, but you must be a demon!”

As he spoke, lightning threads surged out andformed a fine mesh to a cage.

At the same time, the Immortal Consciousness Soul carried the power of resentment in the Immortal Eye and spread out.


Song Wu only felt a bell ring in his mind.

Then, his head exploded as if trillions of corpses were tearing at his willpower and mental strength.

“You…” Song Wu turned pale with fright.

He hurriedly used all his strength to resist.

However, he only uttered one word before his mentality completely fell into the dark abyss.

Endless resentful spirits rushed toward Song Wu.

The resentful power carried the thunder particles and instantly drowned Song Wus mental power.

“This is impossible! How can you see through my disguise!”


A cracking sound rang out.

Song Wu could no longer hold on, and his mind completely collapsed.

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