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It entered a state of madness, clutching its head and roaring crazily.

It seemed to have lost its mind.

At the same time, the skin all over its body began to disintegrate and tear apart inch by inch.

Its dark and sticky body began to swell and break apart, exposing its muscles.

Evil energy instantly spilled out.

A hole appeared on the ground contaminated by the evil energy.

The outer hall of the sky prison was filled with an evil aura, and even the spiritual energy was polluted.

“What a terrifying evil aura!

“This isnt an ordinary demon! Its definitely royal!

“Its a demon! Song Wu is really a demon! How could this be Even a peak Diamond Practitioner could be possessed”

All the Diamond Practitioners were shocked.

Song Wu was one of the core members of the Song family!

He was already at the peak of Diamond Level, but he was still possessed by a demon!

How scary!

A peak Incarnation Realm Practitioner was possessed by a demon, and no one noticed it!

It was creepy.

The Practitioners looked at each other, and the head of the Song family turned pale.

There were only two peak Diamond Practitioners in the Song family.

Now that one of them was possessed, it was equivalent to him losing an arm.

Such a loss was incalculable!

“No… How could this be Why was I exposed!”

The Painted-skin Demon revealed its proper form.


A bell rang in Song Wus mind, causing the demon to sink into madness.

Its eyes flickered with deep hatred, wanting to kill Lin Qiye.

However, itdid not have the strength.

It could only kneel on the ground and struggle to get up.

“Everyone has felt it.

This demons hiding ability is much stronger than the Two-faced Demon.

Moreover, its aura is pure.

I believe that everyone does not want to leave it alive.”

As he spoke, Lin Qiyes thoughts moved, and his mental energy wrapped around the lightning particles.

It completely wiped out Song Wus physical body and soul.

“He died like that He cant withstand a single blow!”

Seeing that Song Wu had already turned into ashes, Lin Qiye immediately felt bored.

Song Wu was much weaker than the Supreme Level demon he had encountered in his previous simulation.

That was a supreme being, but Song Wuwas just a small fry.

Of course, the Immortal Eye did not mind.

Not long after Lin Qiye killed the Painted-skin Demon, invisible energy was absorbed by the Immortal Eye.

The energy level of the Eye rose rapidly, but the quality did not change much.

After all, a treasure like the Immortal Eye was refined by a Supreme Youth using his own eye.

Furthermore, Lin Qiye had absorbed a Supreme Level Painted-skin Demon.

Hence, if he wanted to continue enhancing the Eye, there was still a long way to go.

One or two average Painted-skin Demons meant nothing!

Lin Qiye still had to work hard for some time!

“What… What kind of demon is this”

“It can even parasitize a peak Diamond Practitioner”

“Furthermore, it has no flaws! How many more of such demons do we have in Star City”

“How strong.”

Everyone clicked their tongues in wonder.

Their opinions and attitudes towards Lin Qiye rose positively.

Feeling the burning gazes, Lin Qiye said to the Liu familys patriarch, “The corpses of the demons we killed today will be sent to Ideal Island.

I want to study them.

“After studying them thoroughly, we could better target the demons.

At that time, I can provide you with some information for free!”

Hearing that, the crowd nodded.

“We believe in Mr.


It turns out that Mr.

Lin can study demons.

No wonder you can catch them!”

In the hall, the big shots were all impressed.

They cupped their fists and took their leave.

Only Lin Qiye and Chen Fan were left.

“The demons are contaminated with filth and are harmful to others.

If Mr.

Lin can take them, you could study them and remove some of the hidden dangers.

It will be the best of both worlds.”

The Liu family patriarch beamed.

He was extremely grateful that Lin Qiye could help to dispose of the corpses because the evil aura of these demon corpses was too dense.

Who knew what kind of demon would grow if he left them in the sky prison

Thus, the Liu family patriarch found a vehicle and helped to transport a few corpses.

As for the rest, they were all destroyed by Lin Qiye on the spot.

At this moment, Lin Qiye, who had completed a demon extermination plan, did not immediately go to the next force to capture more demons.

Instead, he returned to his villa.

Why did he do this

Of course, it was to earn more points.

“Lin Qiye went back again.”

“Hes really not in a hurry!”

“But were in a hurry!”

“Whats the use of it Since Lin Qiye isnt willing to come, we can only wait!”

“Why dont we send some gifts”

“Yes, send gifts.

Lin Qiye is the most greedy!”

The experts from the various large factions clicked immediately.

They prepared gifts and sent them to the floating island.

They hoped Lin Qiye would come to their respective factions as soon as possible.

“This time, we must not be negligent.

We must let Lin Qiye come to use immediately!”

“Mobilize resources for me! We will get Lin Qiye to choose us next!”

In Star City, after witnessing the incident of the Liu family with their own eyes, the upper echelons of the major forces were panicking.

No one had expected that even a Diamond Practitioner would be silently possessed.

It was too scary, especially in the eyes of the higher-ups.

After all, the higher they stood, the more afraid they were of death.

No one wanted to be possessed by a demon and become a puppet.

They had not enjoyed enough of this wonderful life yet.

On the other side, Lin Qiye took a nap back at his villa.

He went into seclusion and summarized the characteristics of the Painted-skin Demon.

Chen Fan took out a notebook and handed it to him.

“Brother Ye, you are finally out! I have been receiving gifts from those guys for the past two days, and I have been holding back! I have memorized all the gifts.

Please take a look.”

“Those guys were scared.

Yesterday, they didnt want to give out too many movement points, but today, they immediately sent many treasures and resources.

They also sent dozens of boxes of spiritual food! They even said three million points wouldnt be a problem.”


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