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Lin Qiye was not afraid that those people would not give him any benefits.

After all, they would be worried about demons hiding under their roofs, especially when they know a peak Diamond Practitioner might be replaced.

Those high-level figures were even more anxious.

Therefore, Lin Qiye had nothing to fear.

His ability was a monopoly.

At the very least, in Star City, no one could compete with him.

Lin Qiye could ask for whatever price he wants.

In any case, his strength was so strong that no force dared to attack him.

Lin Qiye smiled and shook his head.

“Little Fan, watch over these resources carefully.

Whatever resources you want, you can use them.

Also, leave the weapons to Little Baishi.”

“Alright, Brother Ye, there are some resources here that I am interested in.

If I can use them directly, I can save a lot of time!

“Brother Ye, you are the best.

Next time, I have to think of a way to find some abilities to deal with demons.

“These abilities can be useful when simulating or when I want to gain a foothold in the main world.”

Chen Fans eyes were filled with envy.

This time, Lin Qiye had earned more than 1.5 billion movement points.

He had also obtained resources that were worth millions.

In three days, he had raked in around 2 billion points, which was more than the reward of ten SSS-grade ratings!

He was so jealous! 2 billion points were unimaginable!

Chen Fans eyelids twitched.

“By the way, Uncle Song, Jiang Nian, Jiang Qingxue, and the talented people of Li City should be given some resources to help them improve their strength.” Lin Qiye made the arrangements.

“Okay, I will tell them.

Dont worry, Brother Ye.”

“There are many spiritual herbs in there.

You can arrange for Uncle Song to plant them on the floating island.”

Lin Qiye pointed to a few boxes beside him.

They were filled with spiritual herbs and seeds.

“Alright, leave it to me!” Chen Fan patted his chest and promised.

After everything was settled, Chen Fan couldnt help but ask, “Brother Ye, how did you get this ability to catch demons

“I want to do it too.

When I have the same ability, I will change my profession and catch demons! I will travel around the city and earn millions of movement points at a time.

Isnt that better than simulating Not only do I have to spend time and energy, but I also have to worry about the risks involved.”

Chen Fan wavered.

Lin Qiye was speechless.

“Nice try.

Catching demons is a one-time business.

If I catch them once, I can guarantee ten years of peace.

If you want to become stronger, you have to enter a simulation.

“Besides, demons are not easy to catch.

Do you think I can catch them easily”

Chen Fan sighed.

“Brother Ye, you are right.

We can only use this as an opportunity to make a fortune.”

Lin Qiye smiled.

“Do you need more movement points I can give you a few million.”

Chen Fans smile was a bit odd.

“Brother Ye, thanks to you, those families have offered me many benefits.

Although it is not as much as a few hundred million, I still have twenty million.

I dont need more points.

“Plus, the last time I simulated, it was perfect.

I saved over a hundred million points!”

Lin Qiye nodded slightly.

“Not bad.

It seems that the Ancestral Dragon Embryo has benefited you a lot.”

“Of course.

Look at who fused me with it! I am not bragging.

Brother Ye, you helping me to fuse with the Ancestral Dragon Embryo is the greatest thing that happened in my life!”

Chen Fan complimented Lin Qiye.

Lin Qiye smiled and said, “Sure.

“Alright, lets have lunch, then I will go catch some demons.

After all, this is our territory.”

While they were talking, Lin Qiye and Chen Fan led a group of people to the hotel.

Lin Qiye treated them to two whole tables of delicious food.

After lunch, Lin Qiye went to the territory of the Seven Cities Alliance Army.

As usual, he squeezed out a few more movement points before he helped them.

This time, the remaining three groups learned from experience.

Regardless of the consequences, they handed over five million points and begged Lin Qiye to catch the demons.

After all, their higher-ups were really scared!

While Lin Qiye was busy checking out the Seven Cities Alliance Army, the Science and Technology Association held another meeting for him.

“Lin Qiye came out in the afternoon, but now hes gone to the Seven Cities Alliance Army.”

“Whats going on We also gave him gifts, but he still hasnt come to catch the demons for us”

An old man was a little angry.

The chief executive officer frowned slightly.

“It looks like he thinks we didnt give him enough gifts.”

“The Seven Cities Alliance Army is f*cking crazy.

At first, they gave him 70 million points, then Alliance Leader Wang gave an extra 10 million points, and then each family patriarch offered another five million or so.”

“Lin Qiye earned more than we did in a month!”

The chief was a little angry, while the people below were speechless.

“Then what do we do now Send more gifts But how much more should we add Everyone bowed to him and sent gifts.

Weve already sent him some, and the Light and Shadow Group is doing the same.

It has inflated Lin Qiyes appetite.”

“What else can we do Were the ones begging for help now.

Moreover, only Lin Qiye can capture demons in Star City.

He has a monopoly on this ability.

We have no choice but to beg him!”

“Its better to send more gifts at once and let Lin Qiye come and check on the demons as soon as possible! During this time, how many people have been unable to sleep and eat in peace If a few of our geniuses died, that would be a huge loss!”

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