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“Pfft, what are you talking about I just got some inside information.

Lin Qiye killed three horrifying demons at the peak of the Incarnation Realm in the blink of an eye! I have a video here!”

“Wow! Thats awesome! Show it to me!”

Under the propaganda of the major forces, the people in Star City were boiling with excitement soon.

Everyones fear of the demons quickly disappeared at this moment.

In one night, Lin Qiye had become the object of admiration for Star Citys Practitioners.

Although most people were skeptical, nearly half of them were full of admiration for Lin Qiye.

Two days later, the discussion about Lin Qiye peaked amongst the people.

At this moment, the outer citys defense area suddenly rang with rapid alarms.

“Demons! Demons are invading!”

“The density of the black fog has exceeded the limit! Its the demons army! The demon army is here!”


The messengers quickly reported the situation outside the city.

The various factions were already prepared.

The moment they received the news, they immediately organized their men to head to the outer city defense.

“Quickly pass the news to all the Diamond Practitioners! We need to go all out in this battle!”

“Yes, Sir!”

As the men made their way to the outer city, they didnt forget to send the message to Lin Qiye.

However, Lin Qiye also had a feeling before the demons attacked.

Before the message reached him, he had already arrived at the city wall with Chen Fan.


Lin, I didnt expect you to arrive so soon.”

The Diamond Practitioners were surprised to see Lin Qiye.

Lin Qiye did not exchange pleasantries with them.

He only glanced at the endless black clouds outside the city and asked, “Hows the situation now”

“It isnt too good.

The black fogs density has already exceeded the detection limit.

This time, its not eighteen peak Diamond Level demons.

There are even more of them, and their auras are terrifying!”

The Diamond Practitioners who had arrived earlier had ugly expressions on their faces.

They had thought that by eliminating the demons lurking in the city, they would be able to intimidate the other party for some time.

They had not expected the demons to launch a general attack directly.


“Oh no, Sir! A large number of demons have suddenly appeared at the North Gate!”

“A large number of demons have also appeared at the West Gate!”

“Eleven peak Diamond Level demons have appeared at the East Gate! We need reinforcements!”

Many demons appeared at the four defensive lines of Star City simultaneously.

The South Gate, where Lin Qiye and the others were at, faced the demons main forces.

There were twenty peak Diamond Level demons among them.

Because of this, Star Citys main combat power had all gathered at the South Gate area.

The other defensive areas lacked the strength to defend themselves and fell into a bitter battle.

However, the sky was filled with black fog, and the sun was no longer visible.

The wails of the demons and the despair that could not be dispelled enveloped Star City.

“What a terrifying siege! Are the demons planning to exterminate us, humans Are we going to be defeated once again”

“Can one of us go and support the other regions”


Lin, can you go and support them You are the strongest.

How about you go and kill a few peak Diamond Level demons”

Lin Qiye nodded.

“Can you hold them off”

“Yes, we will defend to the death.

There wont be any problems.”

“Since thats the case, I will go and help them.”

Lin Qiye was straightforward.

Previously, these few factions had offended him, and he had ruthlessly ripped them off.

Now, Lin Qiye did not hold any grudges.

After all, he had earned a huge fortune.

Lin Qiye floated up.

“However, Ill warn these demons before I put out the fire.”

As he said so, Lin Qiyes Thunder God Domain spread out.

Under the acceleration of his Immortal Consciousness Soul, the thunder particles rapidly surged toward the demons.

The peak Diamond Level demons sensed something was wrong and immediately retreated thousands of meters.

However, the destructive power of the thunder particles was still there.

The thunder particles annihilated three peak Incarnation Realm demons, reducing them to ruins.

“A sneak attack!”

“Be careful of those thunder particles.

Block them with the black mist nest!”

A peak Diamond Level demon turned pale with fright.

A vast evil eyeball shattered the sky and shone around them.

The thick evil black gas tangled with the lightning particles.

Although the lightning particles were effective against the evil black gas, the gas was too much.

A thousand wisps of black gas extinguished a lightning particle, making it impossible for Lin Qiyes Thunder God Domain to launch a sneak attack.

Lin Qiye frowned and snorted.

“They have many treasures!

“However, killing three demons and intimidating them is enough.”

He shook his head.

However, the human experts behind him felt their scalps go numb.

“Damn, as expected of the big boss.

He is so strong!”

“He killed three peak Diamond Level demons in an instant.

Did you get the video”

“If we release this video, it will definitely stabilize the armys morale!”

The experts were excited, while Lin Qiye was expressionless.

He turned around and headed towards the other regions.

“Brother Ye, Ill go with you.

My combat strength isnt bad.

The earlier we settle the other regions, the sooner we can free up our hands to return to the South Gate.

Other than that Immortal Level demon, theres nothing else to be afraid of!”

Chen Fan was full of heroic spirits.

His fighting spirit was high, and his aura suddenly became fierce.

This time, he wanted to fight side by side with Brother Ye.

He wanted to kill the enemy!

The two flew toward other areas side by side.

While they were on their way…


A ball of black flame suddenly hit Star Citys protective shield.

The protective shield suddenly trembled.

“Dont worry.

The Half-Immortal demon cant come in for now.”

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