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Lin Qiye was so fast that no one could catch him.

The afterimages of his stars moved among the cultivators one after another.

As each star moved, a thin blue saber light cut into the cultivators bodies.

The cultivators, originally high and mighty, were chopped into pieces like fruits.

Their corpses fell from the sky.

In just three minutes, their fresh blood gathered into streams and flowed among the mountains.

There were corpses and wails everywhere!

There were groans of pain before death everywhere!

The Qing Xuan Sect was like hell on Earth!

Of course, Lin Qiye did not kill everyone.

If the Deduction of Genesis told him that someone had a decent character and had never bullied the common people, Lin Qiye would let him go.

Unfortunately… There were very few good men!


From this, he could deduce that the common people around the Qing Xuan Sect were living in oppression, darkness, and suffering!

The image of the old woman begging for mercy flashed through Lin Qiyes mind, making his killing intent more determined.

“I will kill until no one dares to bully the common people in this world!”


Lin Qiye pursed his lips coldly.

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In the next moment, lightning and thunder wings flapped rapidly.

Lin Qiye turned into a bolt of lightning and charged toward the Qing Xuan Sects Seventh Peak from the stone gate!

In an instant, corpses of the Qing Xuan Sects cultivators were strewn all over the ground!

Although the journey from the stone gate to the Seventh Peak seemed long, only five minutes had passed with Lin Qiyes speed.

In five minutes, Lin Qiye had killed thousands of cultivators and landed in front of the Seventh Peak.

At this moment, the Seventh Peaks Great Elder was fleeing toward the back of the mountain with a group of cultivators.

The Seventh Peaks Great Elders genius son, Fish Mouth, was hiding behind him!

His face was full of shock and confusion.

What was going on

His Life Lantern Gem did not hint at this disaster!

What happened

Why did the plot change so drastically

Fish Mouth was puzzled.

Suddenly, his scalp went numb, and he felt a sense of danger.

The strong sense of danger shocked his heart.

“Who is it”

Fish Mouth looked up.

He saw a figure with lightning and thunder blocking the escape route of the Seventh Peak.

How could he not recognize those wings

Fish Mouth was trembling with fear.

He quietly hid in the crowd and even took out some disguises to quickly change his face.

After doing so, Lin Qiye would definitely not recognize him!

He could possibly escape!

After Fish Mouth set up his disguise, he hid in the crowd to peek at the situation.

In front of him, the Great Elder shivered subconsciously and broke out in cold sweat when he saw Lin Qiye.

Lin Qiye was the ultimate expert who killed the Supreme Elder in one shot!

He couldnt afford to offend him!

He couldnt afford to offend him at all!

The Great Elder of the Seventh Peak kneeled with a plop.

“Sir, we dont actually have a deep relationship with the Qing Xuan Sect.

Were just holding a position in the name.

“Please show mercy and spare my life.

Im willing to offer all my storage rings.

“Sir, I have a daughter.

Shes very beautiful and born charming…”

However, Lin Qiye was unmoved.

One could not tell whether he was happy or sad from his cold features.

He only looked at Fish Mouth with a sharp gaze.

Then, the corners of his mouth curled up into a smile.

At this moment, Fish Mouth had not matured to the age of fourteen.

However, his ugly face was already beginning to be rude and fierce.

Seeing this ugly face, Lin Qiye recalled the thrilling experience of being ambushed on the floating island back then.

At that time, Fish Mouth was a Gold Practitioner with a Nascent Soul Realm cultivators strength, whereas Lin Qiye was only a weak Peak Golden Core cultivator.

He could only rely on his Natal Divine Weapon to barely escape for thirteen seconds.

But now, Fish Mouths meridians did not have the slightest hint of spiritual energy.

Although he had a gold-tier Reincarnation Physique Card, which increased his strength to the First Level of the Foundation Establishment Realm, he was merely an ant in front of Lin Qiye!

Who would have thought that in a short day, their positions had reversed

Lin Qiyes lips curled up into a restrained smile as his eyes locked onto Fish Mouth.

“Long time no see, Liu Han…”

Lin Qiye exposed his true name, and Fish Mouthinstantly turned purple.

His mouth hung open.

A thick sense of shock and disbelief surfaced in his eyes.

“You… you…”

“How could you recognize me Moreover, its only been seven years.

How did you manage to step into the half-step Nascent Soul Realm”

Fish Mouth was dripping with sweat.

He hadnt broken through the limits of his life yet.

He couldnt return to the main world normally!

Even if he committed suicide and gave up on this simulation, he had to escape thirty miles away from Lin Qiye before he could do so!

However, Lin Qiye was now a half-step Nascent Soul Realm cultivator who had lit up the Four Gates of Heaven!

How could a weakling like him, only at the First Level of the Foundation Establishment Realm, escape thirty miles away

It was over!

He was as good as dead!

Fish Mouths face turned dark.

The next second, he knelt on the ground swiftly and begged for Lin Qiyes mercy like a dog wagging its tail.

“I beg you, I beg you to spare me! I shouldnt have offended you.

Ill give all my treasures to you…

“Dont kill me! It wasnt easy for me to get to my current status.

“Im willing to turn over a new leaf.

Im willing to become your underling, and Ill serve you for the rest of my life!”

Fish Mouth kept kowtowing.

The arrogant man that had attacked Lin Qiye had disappeared completely.

In the face of death, Fish Mouth could abandon his dignity.

He could give up everything!

He kept kowtowing until his forehead was cut open, and blood flowed all over his face.

The banging sound was crisp and bright.

He only hoped that Lin Qiye would spare his life.

Unfortunately, Lin Qiye was a ruthless person.

He had no intention of letting Fish Mouth go.

Thus, Lin Qiyes figure flashed.

Thirty-six stars spun above the cultivators heads, including the Great Elder.

Then, hundreds and thousands of blue blade lights as thin as a cicadas wings flashed and disappeared behind them!

In an instant, heads flew.

All the cultivators on the Seventh Peak had died in a few seconds.

Fish Mouth gritted his teeth and tried to resist.

The gold-tier Reincarnation Card,Thousand-year Dragon Phantom, broke out of his body.

A two-hundred-meter dragon circled behind Fish Mouth.

The dragons claws stepped on the air, and its whiskers flew up.

A dense draconic aura poured into Fish Mouth, making Lin Qiye somewhat speechless.

Unfortunately, Fish Mouth didnt have the slightest bit of cultivation.

A mere golden-tier Reincarnation Physique Card could not make up for the gap between him and Lin Qiye.

Lin Qiye smiled.

“An ant trying to shake a big tree.

What a joke!”

He raised his arm, simple and unadorned, and slashed down at Fish Mouth.

The Thousand-year Dragon Phantom instantly shattered!

Then, Fish Mouths ugly head spun high in the sky.

It reached the highest point of the parabola and fell heavily.

“Impossible… Im a Gold Practitioner who has been famous for many years.

How could I die under a newbie like you!”

Fish Mouths mouth opened wide.

His eyes were filled with fear and disbelief.

“Impossible! How can an S grade talent be so terrifying Impossible!”

Fish Mouth was still questioning before dying.

He did not dare to believe it, and he did not want to believe it.

However, he was already dead.


A human head fell to the ground with a clear and melodious sound.

Fish Mouth was dead!

In the galaxy world, if someone was killed by other Practitioners, his soul would dissipate, and his body could not return.

In other words, he would die for good!

If Fish Mouth broke through the limits of his life and escaped thirty miles away before he committed suicide, then he could return ahead of time.

However, Fish Mouth obviously could not do that.

Looking at his corpse, Lin Qiyes eyes were slightly cold.

“Arent you quite rampant when you attacked me that day

“Did you ever think that you would fall into my hands so quickly”

Lin Qiye stomped on his head.

Then, his cold gaze looked at the fleeing Qing Xuan Sect cultivators not far away.

Lin Qiye came to the Qing Xuan Sect for two reasons.

Firstly, he wanted to kill Fish Mouth.

Secondly, he wanted to destroy the Qing Xuan Sect.

He had achieved the first goal, so it was time for his second goal.

However, just as Lin Qiye was about to rush into the crowd for a one-sided slaughter, a series of reward notifications that made him excited rang out in his mind!


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